Матовые помады Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor | Обзор Daria Gordeichik

Hello everyone, you are on my channel today
I have in my hands this box here as much as 11 lipsticks this is a new collection from revlon where are collected one of the most fashionable
trendy shades of this summer and I want show them on yourself and show how they look start i will with nude shades they are always with us popular and be sure to show bright and and juicy shades just the same for years so what stay with me and watch for myself, I chose the three most top
lipsticks that i really liked both they look on my lips this is 630 hd seduction 645 hd forever in and 625 hd love which is now on my lips. girls,
what shades of lipstick did you like on my lips write in the comments I would be interested to read.
Also like my release. subscribe. see you soon. bye Bye

3 thoughts on “Матовые помады Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor | Обзор Daria Gordeichik

  1. С такими-то губками только помадки и рекламировать 😍😍😍мне понравился первый самый нюдовый вариант!!!Даша,класс!!!Столько оттенков- на вкус и цвет,как говорится 😝

  2. Просто. Отличный Выпуск. У Вас губы впрямь как у Анджелины Джоли!!! Огонь! ОЧень понравилась помада Revlon HD Forever (645) – matte dusty brown-rose и Revlon HD Love (625) – matte fire engine red!

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