Hello Cats! Welcome to a new video! As you can see I’m in the store Genesis Lab and thanks to a beautiful person who helped me join the group is that I will be able to get the head, here you come, this is the head and how you can see, right click on the bag and if you don’t have the group you can get the head for 2,000 lindens, but with the group cost 20 lindens, so if you have the group you click on the 20 and the head will come to you, click on save and done. And I remind you that also in the store are other gifts, there are three mesh heads and skins and makeup that you can even use on this new head, which is the Eva head. Inside the folder come two heads, one that is the normal head and another that is the one that already comes with Bakes on Mesh and with omega, in itself the two heads are compatible with omega but what I read it is only for makeup and hair bases and skin marks, not for the skin, only for marks and makeup and you also need the omega applicator, so I saw that the head does not comes with any skin, so I tried it with one of the skins that are in the group gifts that are right there in the store, as you can see here I am trying it, I liked this skin, I think it is the one that fits better. And we have here the HUD that comes with the head, which is the universal HUD, there you can choose the base of the hair. color. you can also choose the eye color, eyelashes and all of these options that the HUD brings to be able to modify the head to your liking, also bring this part where you can modify it if you want your teeth or the tongue with blood, like vampire type, and here it comes to change the color of the skin of the ears. Another part is this which is where you can change the blush on your face, you can apply eyeshadow, outlined and lipstick, the truth is that I don’t like the makeup, see how It looks, the truth is not to my liking, so if you do not like it or you want to try others, you will just click the button that says Clear and it will remove. And in the last part of the HUD comes to change the size of the neck, change the colors of the braces or piercings if you are wearing them, and also to shine the head, here I changed the lighting so you can see what it looks like with the gloss on the face, it looks very pretty too and you can change the intensity. And on the left side is the HUD of basic animations, they are very nice animations, I like how they look and also below comes where you can change the position of the eyes and lips, and below brings the option if you just want blinking your eyes or if you want to activate the animation when you speak or when you write in the general chat to get your mouth moving it also brings those options. And inside the gifts come other skins that you also can try on the head, the truth is that I liked the first, and for the body, you have to buy the body applicator that you use or you can use Bakes on Mesh, which in this case is what I am using. Now let’s try the head that Bakes on Mesh already brings, as you can see here I already put everything necessary and the head is red because you already know that we have to remove the alpha, but in case your head doesn’t get like this, bring a HUD with which you can activate Bakes on Mesh, in case it’s not activated yet, then, as I already mentioned, the next step is to remove the alpha, if you haven’t already removed it, so it will be applied automatically the skin of the classic system you have on, this is the one that I had and as you can see it was put automatically, the Animations HUD and the universal HUD is the same and It works the same way, as you can see, although we are using the head with Bakes on Mesh, we can continue using the options that come in the universal HUD for eyes, makeup, the hairbase and if you want to change the teeth, because in this case it comes like a vampire, you can change it here in this option that I’m showing you. Inside the folder comes an AO for the face, that when you put it on it makes different animations, different gestures, but if you don’t like it just remove it and keep using the basic animations that already come in the other HUD. And now I’ll be showing you how is applying the different classic skins I have to test As you can see, as I already mentioned, in the body that I am using which is Legacy, also activate Bakes on Mesh, and that is why it applies to the head and the body, and among the gifts also comes this skin that It is applied in a classic way, so it is very useful, and well, you can play with lighting, with the environment so that you see the head to your liking and of course it is a bento head, so you can change the shape and leave it as you like, really is a beautiful head and those who have an opportunity, take advantage of it. I hope This review has been useful, do not forget to share it, and I will see you in a next video! Kisses!!

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