Hey guys, it’s . . . Oh my god. My camera is really high up. Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my channika. So today, I’m going to be doing a lip declutter video. First, before we get started into anything, I just want to preface this by saying I’m really sorry, because in the video, I was just doing a really sh– job of knowing where my camera was, I guess. So I just wasn’t holding anything in front of the camera. But, it’s okay. I hope you enjoy the video, anyways. I feel like I made some really good progress, and . . . Yeah. Okay. So, sorry for the kind of sh–y lighting over here. I’m about to move over there in a quick sec. But this is what my lip drawer looks like. As you can see, it’s kind of a disaster. I have some lip glosses, bullets, stuff that wouldn’t fit. And I’m not really the kind of person that wears lip gloss so I’m kind of shook that I have this much. So I think what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna lay them all out, organize them by color, and then figure it out. So I’ll be right back. Okay. So, I’ve made five different piles. I have a pile of red, random funky colors, a pile of purples, a pile of pinks, and a pile of nudes. And I’m surprised that my pile of pinks is larger than my pile of nudes. I love all my nudes. So . . . We’re gonna start with the pink ones. I just kind of . . . I need better lighting. Does this help or make it worse? Okay. So there are some of these that I can just tell you right now, I don’t need. This Revlon one, I don’t need. I don’t even think I’ve used it. Same with this Revlon one. Sam Marcel sent me a bunch of their lipsticks. I don’t think I need that. It is pretty, but it’s shiny. And so, I don’t think I would use a lipstick with a sheen. I don’t know. It’s kind of annoying. This Sigma Lip Eclipse? It’s a lip gloss. So like . . . I guess I don’t really have . . . What if I, one day . . . I’m gonna keep it. Because what if one day, I need a lip gloss? This Stila one, I love. In “Patina.” The Urban Decay “Vice” Liquid Lipstick is like the same exact thing. Yeah. So I don’t think I need that. I definitely do not need the Milani lipstick in “Flirty Fuschia.” This is one of my first lipsticks, I think. It smells like watermelon. Still does! Damn. I’ve had this for years! Same with these three lipsticks. Wait. One of these is newer. This lipstick used to be my sh–. I used to be obsessive . . . I’m never gonna wear that! Also, Maybelline isn’t cruelty free, so I might as well just get rid of it. And then, there’s also this L’Oreal one. I hoard makeup. I literally still have my first makeup product. Really gross. Also this Rimmel one in “Berry Rose.” They’re all metallic. I don’t know what I was doing. I got this Revlon lipstick in “Peony Pink.” I literally have not used it. So I might keep it, and throw it in a giveaway. Because it’s pristine. She’s a virgin. She’s never been touched. She still has the “L’Oreal” engraved. So I might give that away. My piles are completely messed up. Okay. Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Glosses. I don’t think I need this mini one, but I think I’m gonna keep the large one in the shade “Peachsicle” Definitely gonna keep this Cailyn Liquid Lipstick. I got this in my Ipsy, and I love Cailyn liquid lipsticks, because they stay on for so f-ing long. Definitely gonna keep this Essence Lipgloss. Actually, wait. These two are kind of similar. Same with this one. We have Huda Beauty, Essence, and Revlon. I’m gonna get rid of the Revlon one. And I think I’m gonna keep both of these, because I feel like this one’s a little bit more warm tone, this one’s a little bit more cool tone. What can I say? Okay. But we’re doing well. We’ve kept six and decluttered twelve. We’ve decluttered twelve! Okay. MAC “Velvet Teddy.” I know MAC is so bad, but I’m gonna have to keep it, because . . . you know what? What if I . . . I don’t know. This Maybelline one, “Orchid Ecstasy.” That’s a purple. I didn’t even bother to check. But I’ll just declutter it now, anyway. e.l.f. one? Pretty. But I’m probably not going to use it. This Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster? I love! It plumps your lips a little bit, I mean, obviously. It’s not gonna, because it’s Catrice. It does a little bit, but it doesn’t hurt as much as the Too Faced. And it looks good. It has some pigment to it. So I’m gonna keep that. I think I’m gonna get rid of the Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipstick in “Nudist Peach.” I just don’t like the color on my face. It’s a little bit too peach for me. This mini? I’m gonna keep this, just because it’s cute. It’s really adorable. Really f-ing cute. I got it as a birthday gift a few years ago. From Sephora. Okay. I have two of these Baby Lips Lip Glosses. I literally have no attachment to either of these, so I’m just gonna get rid of them. A more matte lip cream. I’m gonna keep this, just because it’s a drugstore liquid lipstick and . . . Okay. Then we have this Pretty Vulgar one that I got in my BoxyCharm. I just . . . I’m not a huge fan of the metallic . . . I never really got the metallic liquid lipstick thing. But at the same time, I feel like I should keep it, because . . . Ugh. It’s really pretty. Do you see how reflective that is? Even in my sh–y lighting? That would be gorgeous as an eyeshadow. Ughhhh. Okay. I’m gonna get rid of it. And then, I think I’m gonna keep both of these. This is the Sephora Lip Stain, and this Revlon lip gloss, just because I do really like both of these. I don’t use them on camera because they’re not cruelty free. But . . . Okay. So now, we’re gonna move on to the nude pile. My pile of nudes, which is my second biggest pile. First, we have the Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick in “Lovely.” This should have been in the pink section, but I’m definitely gonna keep this. I love Anastasia liquid lipstick. Like I said, I’m gonna keep my Cailyn liquid lipsticks, I had a few of those. Okay, one of them is over there. I have the shades 32 and 5 right here. I’m gonna keep both of those. I’m gonna get rid of this. Oh wait, I didn’t even know I had this. Oh. This is brand new, too. Okay. I have two brand new L’Oreal lipsticks that I’m probably just gonna throw in a giveaway, because . . . if they’re brand f-king new. Wait. Where . . . Guys, I’m losing all my sh–. Okay. Yeah. So we have “Peony Pink” and “Sugarplum,” which I’m gonna throw in a giveaway. Okay. I have the “Aquarius” lip gloss from ColourPop, which is their KathleenLights collab. Definitely gonna keep that. Such a f-ing nut. “Nudie Patootie” Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipstick. Also gonna declutter. Just don’t really like the shade. I have a few OFRA Liquid Lipsticks, but, to be quite honest, two of them are the metallic finishes, and I don’t really love them. I think these ones are from the . . . Oh, no. This is “Aruba,” and then the other one is “Coven” from the NikkieTutorials collection. I just . . . I don’t get the foil liquid lipstick thing. I might actually keep the foil brown, because I did actually use that one time, and I think that that might be cool. So I’m gonna keep the brown one. I’m gonna get rid of “Aruba.” Then we have two Kylie lipsticks. I think. Wasn’t there a third one? Okay, yeah. The third one’s over there. We have Dolce K and Posie K. Definitely gonna keep these . . . just for the clout. Okay. I have a bunch of these Essence lipsticks. Where’s the other one? I think I’m just gonna declutter all of these, because I got them in a dumpster a really long time ago. Not really into that. This is a gloss. Eck. I got this in a dumpster, too. I used to dumpster dive, because I’m trash. But I don’t really anymore. I feel like I should start getting back into it, but it’s kind of f-ing gross. Oh, this one I got in my Korean makeup haul. I’m gonna keep this. It’s a really pretty color. Okay. OFRA “Nude Potion,” also in the NikkieTutorials collab. I think I’m gonna declutter this, as well. It’s a little bit too nude for my liking. Urban Decay “Backtalk” Comfort Matte. I can live without her. Adios chica! Okay. We have a few more Revlon lip glosses. Only two. I think I’m gonna keep this shimmery one. Wait. Actually, I did keep another shimmery one by them. So which one . . . they’re different. They’re totally different. One of them is lighter. One of them is dark. I have to keep both of them. Jeffree Star “Posh Spice.” Gonna keep.
[dog barking in background] Sorry, my dog is going crazy. B–! She literally is a b–, though. [dog wailing in the background] Oh my god. Ugh! Okay. Sam Marcel Liquid Lipstick. I’m gonna keep this, because that’s a really pretty color, and I really want to try out Sam Marcel’s liquid lipstick. Unfortunately, I’m just not super into the bullet lipsticks, which they sent me a lot of. Actually, do I like that color? Yeah. That’s a pretty color. I’m gonna keep that one in . . . “Omber”? Ombre? It’s not spelled like ombre, though. It’s spelled like Omber . . . Amber. But it’s switched. Oh, that one’s cute, too. “Angeline.” Did I say, “That one’s cute?” Actually, no. That’s a little bit too nude. Gonna declutter that. Definitely gonna keep Wet n Wild “Velvet Teddy,” because it’s very similar to the MAC one. Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte. I don’t even need that. Stila “Citrine,” of course. I have this Burberry lip gloss that I got from Nordstrom Rack that I never use. A NARS lip gloss in “Soleil de Orient.” Uh . . . I think I got this at an outlet mall. Oh, that’s really pretty. It would be prettier as a highlighter, though, so I think I’m gonna declutter it. I’m gonna keep the Milani “Matte Beauty” . . . Yeah, “Matte Beauty” lipstick. Such a gorgeous color. I’m gonna keep this NYX lip plumper. I didn’t know where to put this, because it was clear. But I love this. I love lip plumpers, honestly. This mini Tarte one, which I think I’m gonna give away just because I don’t think I need it. I’m gonna keep this Baby Lips, actually, because I do actually really like this color. And I’m gonna keep this soft matte lip cream in “London.” Guys, we’re making so much progress. I am so proud of myself! Okay. Now we’re gonna move on to reds, which, to be honest, I didn’t have a lot of up until a couple of months ago. I’ve just recently realized that I was in lack of a bunch of red lipsticks, and I needed some. So I just got a bunch. I’d say that my favorite one is the Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick by Too Faced in the shade “Lady Balls.” I also love the Fenty one and the Lime Crime. Those ones are my favorite. I don’t really love the Revlon one, just because it doesn’t dry down completely matte. I love this Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick, too. This is . . . Actually, I haven’t really tried this. I think I probably should, because I have this Clarins one that I really like, and I want to see if this is similar. Okay. This Colourpop lip gloss, they sent me because my order was late or something. So they were like, “Oh, sorry it took so long.” It’s just, I hate red glosses. I just don’t get it. It’s a Hello Kitty collab. It’s in the shade “Trinkets.” Then I have two of these Sam Marcel lipsticks. They look exactly the same, but they’re different. I think I like the shade “Rouge” more than the shade “Roux.” So, I’m gonna keep “Rouge.” Sam Marcel lip. Oh, this is a dark shade, in the shade “Coco.” Um . . . I don’t need that. I’ll declutter. Oh, an e.l.f. “Ruby Red.” That’s really pretty. I’m gonna keep that. I have this Clinique one, which I don’t really need. I have this one by Sigma, which I think I want to keep, just for reference. Actually, I don’t really love that color. Oh wait. The formula is really good, though. I’m going to keep it, just because I haven’t tried it out yet. Okay. Then I have three more. I have this one by Cailyn that I’m definitely gonna keep. Colourpop x KathleenLights Dream Street in the shade “Revere.” I f-king love this. It’s more of an orange, but it’s gorgeous. And . . . Should I keep? I don’t think I have any colors this deep in a liquid lipstick. Oh, no. That’s gorgeous. I’m gonna keep this Sam Marcel in “Colette.” It’s really pretty. “I’m really pretty.” Okay. Purple. Second-to-last category. Oh my god. This has only been 14 minutes! Okay I’ve had this for way too long, and it is trash. It always has been trash, and it always will be trash. I don’t think they even sell Nic . . . “Nic”? NYC anymore, but . . . Okay. I have a bunch of bright purple lipsticks that I just don’t wear. Like this Sam Marcel one in “Gillette.” But it’s actually the only one of this shade, so should I keep it? Or should I keep the one in “Chloe”? Swatch them next to each other. Oh girl. I’m gonna have some fun taking off all these swatches. I definitely think I like the one in “Chloe” more. It’s a little bit darker, a little bit more grey, a little bit more wearable. So I’m gonna keep that one, and give away the “Juliette” one. Oh, then we have another one in “Bijou.” I don’t need it. I’m just gonna . . . Okay. Copenhagen Soft Matte Lip Cream. Don’t really need it. It’s a little bit patchy. I’m not gonna lie. “Pandamonium” Urban Decay lipstick. She has seen some better days. I don’t even . . . I think I got this in a dumpster. That’s why it’s so worn down. I was like, “What the f–?” Oh. I’ve got this OFRA Liquid Lipstick set, which I am actually gonna keep, just because I want to buy more OFRA stuff, and I haven’t really given those the proper shot. Kylie Posie K. Definitely gonna keep. Okay. Anastasia “Craft.” It wasn’t that good. I got it at Macy’s, and it feels like a different formula than the other one that I have. So I think I’m gonna get rid of it. This OFRA “Ipsy Unzipped” Lipstick? I can’t use it in videos, so I don’t think I’m gonna keep it. Because I don’t really wear lipstick, other than in videos, and I think it would be kind of obnoxious for me to use a lipstick that you can’t get. MAC “Stone.” This was my first MAC lipstick. I would just never wear that color. Okay, yeah. Bye. “Angelique.” Eh. I’m not gonna wear that. Okay, this is so . . . I don’t get it. I don’t get why people wear dark colors in glosses. I just don’t understand the appeal. So no. And no to this Tarteist one in “Birthday Suit,” I’m pretty sure. Yeah. Oh my god! We have such big piles! I’m so proud of myself! Okay. Last little pile. We have my bright colors. I think I’m gonna keep my orange, my gray, and my blue. And everything else, I don’t really feel an attachment to. So . . . Hasta la vista! Okay. So I’m gonna bring out the piles and I’m going to show you. Okay. So this is the pile of sh– that I am decluttering. I’ll put the number on the screen of how many were in this pile. And then, this is the pile that I’m keeping. As you can see, that is significantly smaller. And all together, that was way too much lipstick for somebody that never wears lipstick. And I’m so happy, because now I think that it might fit into my drawers. The thing is, I don’t really know what to do, because I can’t sell these. So I think I’ll just have to donate them, and give them to friends and stuff. But that’s fine. That’s lit. So yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching this video I’m really happy and really, really pleased with the progress that I made. I ended up giving a bunch of the lipsticks to Rhianna and my other friends. And I donated some as well, so I think that they went to good homes. So they will be used. And then I also have a few . . . or those two lipsticks that I’m going to be throwing into a giveaway, which is coming soon. So, yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and keep on decluttering!

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