11 Fun Yet Smart Beauty Hacks ! Last Minute Make Up Tips and Tricks for Busy Girls

Jessica is heading off for yet another girls’
night out, but she can’t possibly do it without announcing it on Instagram with yet
another selfie! Great, that one will do. Ah, Emily just saw her sis’s new pic. Wait a second there! She can’t possibly go out with a nose like
that… This is a job for our Panda Makeup Emergency
Services! Take some activated charcoal. Add gelatin and some hot water. Mix it all together until you get a jelly-like,
black substance. The mixture is done. Jess! Thank goodness Emily still caught you. Look! Yes, that’s really your nose. Calm down now, the night isn’t ruined just
yet. Take this. Take a paint brush and cover the whole affected
area with a thick layer of charcoal jelly. Let it dry. It might take a while. Now just pull it off… and look at all that
dirt, YUCK! Your nose is shiny as new. Once again, your sister has saved the day. High five! Look at Rachel, filing her nails away while
talking to a friend on the phone. Oh, but those cuticles are long due for some
tender, loving care. Ah, come on now… that’d be too simple! Oil… flowers… let’s see what happens
if we combine these things together. Take an empty bottle with a pipette. Throw in some dry flowers. Use a funnel to avoid a mess. Once that’s done, pour in some olive oil,
almond oil… and top it off with a couple of drops of lavender oil. Look at that beautiful mixture… back in
the day, Rachel, you’d be called a witch! Luckily, today, such sorcery isn’t looked
down on anymore. Put a single drop of this liquid on each of
your nails and gently rub it in. Your hands will thank you for that magic. Rachel just came back from a photoshoot and
is desperate to tell Helen all about it. Just look at those pics, girl! She felt like a little mermaid in a very big,
sunny city. They went to the park and took pictures with
some murals and the people were so friendly… But we can’t go on feeling fishy all day,
so it’s time to remove that glitter. Oh. Well, hun, what did you expect? After all, it’s plastic. Helen has an idea how to fight fire with fire. Scotch tape? Huh… well, now that you think about it. Wrap some Scotch tape around your hand…
sticky side out, of course! Dab your cheeks gently. Don’t go too near your hairline, either. Look at that, Rachel, all gone! Clever thinking, Helen. Now let’s get back to watching that new
show… Haha, so funny! Steady, Jess, steady… Gotta get a straight line… Darn it! This is so frustrating. Come on now, your little sis is right here
to help you with your manicure problems. Just wipe that blob off as quick as you can. We need to come up with a cleaner method. Maybe this will help? Why don’t you try this, sister? Think about it! Take a bowl of water and some nail polish. Put a single drop in the bowl. Move it around with a toothpick. Make it a bit wrinkly. Now dip the nail into that drop and pull it
out. Remove the excess with a q-tip dipped in nail
polish remover. Clean it all up and repeat the process until
you have a whole hand of fantastic nail art. Every finger tells a story, every nail’s
an artwork of its own. And you can also experiment with colors! Matching nails, girl! Looking for some inspiration for your next
hairdo, Emily? Well, TikTok is full of clever ideas. Do you already know what you want to try? Set your phone up and let’s get started! 3…2…1… ACHOO! Wow, our violet mermaid turned into a fiery
lioness! That is definitely something. Would you mind showing us how it’s done? Well, you need to take a strand of hair from
the top of your head and braid some extensions into it. Do about 3 inches, secure with a transparent
rubber band, and add more extensions. Repeat… repeat… and repeat! Use different colors, too. Once you do the French braids all the way
to the back of your hair, make one smaller braid and wrap it around the base. Make multiple such braids, secure them with
rubber bands, and pull them upwards to tease your hair into small puffs. Do all of your hair like that, or until you
are happy with the result. We’re not saying that this is a fast look,
or that you would be able to do it on your own, but should you fancy a definite head-turner
done with only the most basic of hairdressing skills, then… Well, let the visuals speak for themselves. Emily, you look absolutely electrifying! Good morning, Rachel! Had a good night’s sleep? Oh, probably not, after so much partying yesterday! Well, let’s not get up on the wrong foot,
we have a whole day ahead! A warm cup of green tea is definitely a good
start. Oh, Rachel, look at your eyes! You look like a panda, but not in the cool
way! Your eye patches are right there to help you
out… or are they, really? This is so typical! Just when you need them the most… In that case, you have to improvise. Take your blender or a smoothie maker. Pour in some green tea. Add a fresh cucumber. Now… blend! Cut some cotton pads in half and drop them
into the mixture. Set them in rows on an ice tray and leave
them in the freezer. Are you ready for your treatment, Rachel? Put those pads under your eyes and leave them
for fifteen minutes. Would you look at that! Fresh as a daisy. It’s really easy to see the difference. Now you’re ready to conquer yet another
day. Sugar, spice, and everything… nice? All these ingredients plus Chemical X were
chosen, to create the perfect… Thumbs Up!!! So don’t forget to smash that Like button,
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down below! Mmmm sushi! Who doesn’t love this Japanese delicacy? Absolutely delicious, isn’t it, Emily? All that tasty eating can get you sleepy and
tired, and still, you need to get ready for the cinema. Just a little nose powdering… Ooh, look at those lips, yikes! [awkward]
So much dry skin you could almost shed it like a snake! Are you out of lip scrub already? Wasabi? You think you might just… spice up your
life? Take some wasabi. A spoonful is more than enough. Add a big spoon of yogurt. It will soften the spice and provide extra
hydration to your lips. Mix it all together and apply to your lips
in a nice, thick layer. The enzymes from the wasabi paste will soften
the old skin. While yogurt will be your perfect moisturizer. Keep it on for about 3 minutes, then wipe
it off with a wet wipe or a napkin. Would you look at that! [surprised and impressed]
Jacob thinks Angelina Jolie has nothing on your smile! These lips are made for kissing, and that
is what they’ll do. Sorry, girl, for taking so long! I just saw the cutest puppy ever and it was
just so adorable! I just can’t even! And it was not like one of those dogs that
you normally see on the street. Hahaha! Are you even listening? What? Take a look! Those are some sad-lookin’ brows! Holy fudge muffin!
Better run before Madison falls off the chair from laughter! Okay… Let’s do something about those brows! First, the power of transition! And now take an eyebrow pencil and some gentle
floss. So that the eyebrows won’t be ruff on the
edges! Take one long string of floss. Color part of it using an eyebrow pencil. And use it to mark the guidelines like this. Now, simply fill in your eyebrows! Let’s erase those lines. We don’t want anyone to know our secret,
now, do we? Browtastic! Symmetry at it’s finest! I’m baaaack! Now, what do you think? Oh, now we are talkin’. They look awesome! I know, right?! Take a pic! I’m sure there won’t be any more raised
brows, looking at hers! When the warm season finally comes, it’s
time to show off those pretty… white legs. Emily already regrets not sunbathing enough, but there’s always a solution. The almighty self-tanning lotion! Squeeze and rub this magic cream between your
palms, and make your legs bronze again! Alright, that sure raises your spirits, doesn’t
it? Ready to go out, girl? Meeting Madison at lunch with confidence. But it fades away as soon as the girl notices
the tan on Emily’s palms. Uh-oh… I suppose this is not where you wanted your
tan, right, Emily? A bit bothered by the sight, Madison knows
a good way to use those unwanted citruses. When life gives you lemons, rub them against
your palm! Why would she rub it… Oh, now you get it, Emily! Add some baking soda on the juicy part of
the lemon and rub it gently against the tanned part you want to erase. The lemon and baking soda combo is the perfect
way to remove that unwanted cream. Now, rinse that bronze off your hands! Seems like it was never there in the first place! Emily’s palms are squeaky clean once again! See? Better keep sunbathing the usual way, ladies! Hey, Gorgeous Pandas,
I hope you enjoyed these Beauty Hacks. Let us know which of them you’re gonna use
next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more, feel free to check
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