12 Fun Back To School Hacks and Useful DIY School Supply Ideas !

Wow, you really put everything you’ve got
into this drawing, Emily! Wanna check it out, Madison? It looks WAY better than yours! Would be a shame if someone were to… Draw a pair of horns there…. Or a long, twisted tail… That will definitely draw Emily’s attention! Oh no no no! Don’t look at Madison. She’s got ABSOLUTELY no clue who did it. What a hooligan she is! You’ve got a point there… Emily’s pencil case is full of them, but
still… no eraser when you need it most… But maybe… Just maybe… The same rebellious girl might just save you
this time… Take a pencil of your choice. And upgrade it by throwing a drop of hot glue
onto the end of it. A small blob should be enough. Yep, that’s it! For emergency situations like this, hot glue
is a good alternative to erase those accidental devilish deeds. See? Okay, Madison, you can have your karma points
back. Friendship restored! Madison can already feel the breeze of freedom! Almost. Guess who forgot her geometry homework~ Guess who’s having detention time after class~ Oh, no way, emergency homework session it is! Only one circle to draw? Easy! Who needs those compasses, anyway! Meanwhile, on the other side of this very
wall, Adam is about to screw up her plans. Wow, well, this came out of the blue. Who’s the ruler now, hon? After-school plans, totally screwed. But, girl, try to peek through the hole, I
bet there must be something that can be done! Take that ruler and drill some more holes
in it. Arrange the spacing according to the measurements
on it. This way, you will be able to use your ruler
as a compass alternative. Its accuracy may be limited to the amount
and location of the holes. But it’s perfect as an emergency solution! Whew, you barely made it, Madison! Now act as the ruler of the class, girl! The girls are getting ready for class. One is slightly more organized than the other… I don’t think Helen will be done gathering
her pens even when class is over. So much for time efficiency… No need to bottle up your frustration and
jealousy, Helen! Relax and take a sip of soda! In fact, we will need the bottle! Cover the neck part with masking tape. We need to securely mask it in order to paint
it black! Cut the bottle in half just like that. We will need to add a zipper. With enough hot glue, you will be able to
roll it up on both sides, like this. Who needs those soda bottles anyway? Yep, instead of your frustration, try bottling
up those unorganized pens of yours! This case may not contain sweet soda, but
it will surely sweeten your daily school routine! Argh, the heat is unbearable! People shouldn’t be sitting in class when
it’s THIS HOT outside! At least you’ve got extra moisture on your watercolor work. Not that anyone was asking for it… The other hand is always busy fanning nonstop. Oh, it seems someone got blown away by an
idea for a craft! Take out a plastic ruler and heat up the end
of scissors using a lighter. We need to pierce a hole at the end of it. Take out a thread and push it through the
hole. There we go! And tie its ends together. Now take a couple of sheets of paper and cut
them into equal shapes like this. Use a glue stick to cover the piece. Attach the sheets to one another. The ruler goes in between. That’s it! Just tape the ruler to the end of your desk. Be sure that it’s tightly secured. Meanwhile, the thread goes under the table. Step it up a notch and get blown away by this
anti-heat device! Jessica is already a fan of this hands-free
fan! Keep it cool, girls, and make some art without
a sweat! Adam has finally brought Jacob to basketball
practice! What tension! [chuckle]
And… Score!!!!! Score again! And again… Get the ball first and cut the net! I meant cut, not tear. It may be orange, but that definitely isn’t
the ball that you’ve got there. Game over, pal. Good job. Don’t worry, Adam, you’re still wearing your warm-up! So use it to your advantage! I mean, who needs those sleeves, anyway! Sweat is no perfume, after all! And a ripped shirt is definitely no game ender. Smile while you can, buddy. Adam’s shirt is more ready than ever for
a payback match. So that is why basketball players wear sleeveless
shirts… Literature… Chemistry… There it is! Jessica will always find a way to keep her
notebooks decorated and easily recognizable. Time to do homework, buddy! Argh, fine, fine. One of these notebooks must be your chemistry notes… This one’s too blue. Must be math. This one’s not blue enough… I think… Okay, now, one of these two… Blue… or blue… That does not help with doing homework. You obviously need some more colors in your
life. Um, sure, good luck drawing something on the
covers. Well, Jessica knows that you gotta be bold with Adam. Markings on the pages using different colors
are more than enough. You think this doesn’t help at all? Try making a color legend. This will surely help Adam memorize which
marking color belongs to which class. So, Adam, I hope you brought the right notebook
this time. This guy ain’t just blue. He’s more than that! Chemistry. Oh, so basically green, right? Alright, ready to rock that class! Excuse me, lady, would you take some time
to appreciate these amazing organizational skills? Who’s ready to rock? Adam’s. Awesomeness. Activated Well, I hope you’ve got your homework ready,
Emma. Of course, somewhere in this pile of papers… Literature… You surely believe in magic if you thought
that this would cover your chemistry assignments, lady. Oh… right… chemistry… it’s here… somewhere… Paperwork aside, there must be something that can be done in order to organize this mess! Fold a sheet of paper in a harmonica pattern. Make a couple so you can connect them with
a straight sheet using hot glue. Now we will attach more paper this way. You see where this is going, folks? This way, you should be able to form sections
for your paper folder. Just be sure to match the spacings on both
sides. You got this! Set that aside. We will need a sheet of cardboard, just be
sure to decorate it! Add glue and attach a piece of paper to connect
them. Bring out the finished paper section part
and glue it to the cardboard. Last lines of glue and we have it done! Our folder is ready to organize your messy
homework! Just be sure to add section marks. Last step—rubber band. Attach it to the backside just like that. This will help you to keep everything intact. Another day, another batch of homework. Oh, don’t worry, Ms. Dubie, Emma is more
than prepared, you’ve got my word! Since it didn’t get lost in a messy pile
of other paperwork this time! Madison has been left after class. Apparently, she didn’t press the subscribe
button on her phone. Always Subscribe to Crafty Panda! Class is finished! I hope you learned your lesson! Ready for class? Looking good, Nicole! Would be nice if your notebook pages looked
as neat as your hair today… Straighten up, girl, those are the last curly
pages you’ll see! Grab a sheet of baking paper and add a small
puddle of hot glue. Use a funkier shade while you’re at it! Fold the paper in half and smooth it out using
a ruler. Let it dry and we’ve got a strap ready! You don’t see where this is going? Grab the strap and stick it on the backside
of the notebook. Add another drop to attach a clip button and
stick the other part on the strap. For a sparkling twist, add a cute little starfish
there. And we’re all done! So, Helen, what do you think? This notebook clip will sure keep your notes
neat and organized! There’s a whole sea that needs to be filled
with notes over there! What are you staring at, Nicole? Definitely not the sharpener… Oh dear, look at this mess! Daydreaming and sharpening isn’t a good
match. What about a box of matches? Empty it and cut a tiny square out. Stick a sharpener there, using a hot glue
gun Insert the box back as it was and head to
class! Save the stress, Nicole, Helen will save you
from the mess! This way all the shavings will stay inside
the matchbox where they belong! This craft sure matches Nicole well! Hey, Crafty Pandas,
I hope you enjoyed these School Supply Ideas. Let us know which of these accessories you’re
going to customize first in the comments down below! If you want to learn more, feel free to check
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