100 thoughts on “$20 Makeup Challenge Tutorial

  1. thank you so much for doing this tutorial. I am the mom of a 14 yr old and my teenager is always blowing her money on expensive makeup and then complaining that she needs more money. I am going to sned her this video and show her if Michelle Phan can do her face for under $20 so can she. she just has to find makeup items that do dual duty. Thank you thank you from a VERY GRATEFUL MOM:)

  2. Hi Michelle,I'm Vietnamese.I'm a student and a beginner in making up as well.Could you give me some advice about basic and inexpensive products because my budget is not much and i have no experience about making up.Thank you so much

  3. Yes! I would totally love another one of these! I love these types of videos! Do the dramatic one, do as many possible!

  4. Is Someone wacting This in 2016 i am make This emoji 😜 if you are wacting This in 2016

  5. Wow She looks amazing even with the cheapest of makeup. I did this challenge and my foundation was orange, my mascara was GREY,my eyebrows looked like dead caterpillars and my lipstick came off when i took a sip of my drink. wHYyYYYy

  6. I'm obsessed with Michelle. All I said in school was, "Michelle" because she's such an inspiration and there's something in her that other beauty gurus do not have. I bought her book, drew stars and moons and lotus flowers and infinity signs. But, until now, I do not know why her old videos have subtitles (or whatever you call it). Some people say that's because she's sued. Is it true?

  7. I love how you didnt make fun of drugstore makeup like other youtubers and like me 20$ is a lot of money for me for my birthday I got 50$ and I went to Sephora and spent 14$ on a liquid lipstick because it made me happy and I found this tutorial really helpful Thanks😀

  8. God I miss michelle's videos. This is one of my favourites bc it just shows how creative and talented she is. I remember when I was in high school and I'd watch her, these videos were like magic to me.

  9. Michelle, I love your videos. This is my first time I'm gonna wear makeup and I went straight to your tutorials. I'm also from Vietnam and my skin tone is very similar to yours.😀 I respect the decision you made even though a bit sad but I wish you the best of luck.
    One day, I'll change my first name to Michelle. Hope you read my message.❤

  10. Before you guys comment about her eyeliner being green not brown it’s because of the lighting Michelle is smarter than that

  11. If that $20 challenge I were do today, I would the wet n wild photo focus foundation-$6, The wet n wild photo focus pressed powder-$5, the wet n wild color icon 10 pan eyeshadow palette in a not a basic peach-$5, wet n wild silk finish lipstick in sunset peach-$1,=total cost$17. foundation double up as foundation and concealer, powder as only powder, the eyeshadow palette used as brows, liner, eyeshadow, highlighter, bronzer, and contour. Lipstick as lipstick and blush. full face done.

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