100 thoughts on “40 Things to do When Bored | Quarantined

  1. Can you think of more things to do in the house while you’re bored?? Comment below! ✅Check out all of our NEW APPAREL, mascara, jewelry, hair accessories, and MORE! https://brooklynandbaileyshop.com/ 💋's – Bailey

  2. I LOVE BLANKET FORTS!!! I LOVED this video!! It was super sweet that you all thought
    to do this!! I am really bored because my school is out for good!! Love you guys!! Bye the way, I LOVE YOUR SCRUNCHIES!!

  3. At first I thought those hands were her's when she was eating the Chesitz and I was like ummmm are you ok.

  4. Does anyone know what baileys book is called I have Wattpad and I really want to read also I love you Brooklyn and Bailey

  5. 4:50
    Did anyone notice that they put “Hitch” TWO times?

    No..just me?

    Btw, all of the “wash your hands… AGAIN!” Stuff is just the same video clip that they played throughout the video.

  6. OH MY GOSH THEY ARE READING SARAH J MASS!!!!! LITERALLY MY FAVOURITE AUTHOR EVER THIS JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!! Edit- I just looked back on the book list and maze runner, throne of glass, and six of crows were all on there!!! You guys have the best taste in books I do have to say🤪

  7. OK i hounestley hate this i thought i would love it nope yall are my faves and lifesaves also i am on world 5 of mario and boy is it hard

  8. I live in nz and our teachers do online school for us and we have face time mettings you guys are lucky you dont have to do school work

  9. Hi guys ! With all of this boredom . I say we celebrate the boredom !
    Lets be thankful our job is to stay home and be safe while other go outside for work and fight the virus.
    Godbless everyone and pray!

  10. Omg I don’t have any stuff cuz we were just about to move houses so all the stuff I want to entertain myself is in storage and I’m so sad cuz ofc the sale is off 😞

  11. Greenhouse Academy wasn't on the list of Netflix recommended shows, so I will say right here, ITS THE BEST SHOW EVER 😂.
    Also if you guys love music and vlogs please subscribe to my YouTube channel 😊

  12. My parents are annoyed of me being bored in the house

    But if I do something like build a fort there gonna get even more annoyed

  13. I was so excited for this extra holiday but when the holiday started I was so bored and would rather be at school

  14. 4:20 I love watching brooklyn 99 I have watched every episode even the one not on netflix because i download the i love that show i can resite scenes from it

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