A MOSTLY DRUGSTORE GRWM ✨(in cantonese lol)

hi hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I last filmed a Cantonese….video my Cantonese is definitely getting worse I’m gonna try my best to only speak in Cantonese in this video Ok? first of all i wanna thank vitasoy for sponsoring this video i’m just kidding don’t sue me this look is really easy and most products I’m gonna use can be found in US/Canadian drugstores anyway primer is “隔離霜” in Cantonese this primer is really moisturizing and doesn’t have that powdery feel it also has SPF 30 it’s not enough to only rely on the spf on your foundation spf is a must today I wanna use the Maybelline Fit me foundation the dewy & smooth version you can get this in Hong Kong I like using hydrating foundations in winter I like that it’s not too heavy even though it’s hydrating breathable btw i’m wearing a wig rn I showed ya’ll how I installed this wig on Instagram I wonder how many of ya’ll can actually understand me lol if you can understand me please leave a comment next is concealer! first I’m gonna use the NYX HD photogenic concealer in 3.5 you can buy NYX in Hong Kong too hmm…it’s a little dark this concealer is very thin so I’m applying a bit more I have sensitive skin so I usually conceal the center of my face where I get red maybe it’s because I’ve been living in North America for a while but I feel like I’ve gotten more heavy handed with my makeup application for powder I’m gonna use the Coty airspun powder You can get this at walmart in Hong Kong…!!! You can get this at a store in Causeway Bay this powder is famous for being super inexpensive the powder is very smooth but it smells like baby powder I like applying this with a beauty sponge and slowly press this on but this is different from the baking that you see a lot of artists do because my skin is dry and if I bake too much or for too long all my fine lines come out and my skin looks patchy it all comes out after i pick up some powder i like to wipe it in my palm of my hand so you’re left with a thin layer that applies smoothly for my 5 head i like applying powder by rolling it on because i have a big 5 head for brows I unfortunately don’t have any drugstore brow products so I’m gonna use the sigma fill and blend brow pencil it’s not drugstore but also not crazy expensive and it’s good this is good for drawing small hairs cause it has a small tip because i have no brows naturally I’m roughly done with my brows, I’ll finish up after I do my eye makeup ok today I wanna do a blue look I’m gonna use this milani palette because I love blue eyeshadows but I haven’t used this since I bought it if I don’t use it now I’ll never use it first I’m gonna use the light shade on the brow bone its so pretty…looks like i got botox Milani’s eyeshadows usually are pretty good in quality if you don’t have a lot of lid space like me just start a bit higher up next I’m picking up the black shade gonna use a smaller brush with black eyeshadows it’s important to layer slowly otherwise if you mess up you’ll have to start over now I’m slowly building up this black up to the crease the most annoying thing about applying eyeshadows for me is my eyes aren’t symmetrical so i need to use different techniques to adjust to my eye shape now I’m picking up the grey again blending this in the crease fuck what’s blend in cantonese… now let’s pick up some blue i love this blue k now I’m gonna pick up the lighter blue and blending up pulling it out in a wing shape when you have a very blue/cool toned look it’s so nice to clash it with a warm shade as a transiton color now for eyeliner..I’m gonna use this milani stay put eyeliner this is gret for tightlining at the outer corner, i like to put the liner out into a wing lining my inner corners too…how do you say that in cantonese ??? blending this out with a clean brush a bit more i’m gonna apply some falsies real quick just applied them off camera for bronzer I’m gonna use the milani silky matte bronzing powder remember to not use a shimmery bronzer for your contour WOAH too dark sorry i’m a lil heavy handed today it’s ok it’s ok we can save it we can save it for highlighter I’m gonna use the elf x nabela loose highlighter this has a beautiful gold shimmer intense a lil on the chin a lil on the nose bridge ok done for blush i’m usnig the physician’s formula butter blush in vintage rouge smells so good tbh my face is already a bit red cause it’s hot in here for lips I’m gonna use the NYX lip pencil in peekaboo neutral if you like nude lips you should try this it’s cheap too for lipstick I’m using the NYX soft matte lip creme in Cairo we’re almost done but i want to add some inner corner feline eyeliner I’m using the physician’s formula eye booster pulling it in when you’re doing this type of eyeliner you NEED the help of a Q tip fluffing up the brows a bit more I do eyeshadow before brows sometimes because I need my brows to match the drama of the eyes and we’re done with this kinda scary look i was looking at my face and realized something was missing two dots! ok NOW we’re done! anyway thank you for watching! especially if you’re watching from Hong Kong and if you don’t understand cantonese but have made it this far in the video I LOVE YOU I’ll see you next time! bye! *kisses*

100 thoughts on “A MOSTLY DRUGSTORE GRWM ✨(in cantonese lol)

  1. Omggg you kind of look like Kate Tsui imo, she’s a TVB actress!!!!
    I used to always watch tvb dramas w my parents when I was younger (‘:

  2. I am actually Ukrainian and speak Ukrainian, Russian and English but I did watch this video to the end cause I missed you 😭💔

  3. this is such an enjoyable video! im hokkien and been learning cantonese through watching hk drama. just think canto sounds good tbh but it also helps my job as well. glad to have understood what youve said but that means you dont love me LOL ♡

  4. I grew up in Guangzhou (where people also speak Cantonese) but both my parents are from other provinces so I can't speak it, but over the years I taught myself to understand it on 80s/90s HK films, which I'm a big fan of. Now I'm trying to learn how to speak Canto. Also, love your videos and I'm glad we're living in the same city now. Please do a Toronto vlog sometime in the future, would love to see which places you find interesting here!

  5. I'm an ABC and I can't read or write, only speak (thanks TVB dramas) but I understood everything without captions and I love this! I hope you will continue to make more canto videos because it helps me keep up with my canto.

  6. omg i didn’t know you could’ve speak cantonese ! I love this video so much !!! I really enjoyed watching you speak canton cause now i’ve forgotten most of my cantonese hahahaa but thank u for teaching me how to say some make up in canton, hope you do more of these vids in the future x love from new zealand

  7. Omg didnt know ur cantonese till now!!! GO SISSSS!! Need more cantonese relatable makeup guru that are knowledgeable like u 💛💚💙

  8. I grew up in a Cantonese speaking household and I can understand just fine but I'm HORRENDOUS when it comes to speaking it, so I found myself practising speaking Canto while watching this video. Hopefully, my Canto skills improve before I visit Hong Kong again soon.

  9. I click into this video because I want to hear you speak in Cantonese!!! Your English is so smooth I couldn't picture you speak in Cantonese

  10. YES!! Love the canto vids, my canto is so bad now that I don’t speak it much and I never learn anything new beyond conversational Chinese or answering basic questions 😩

    PLEASE DO MORE 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
    Loved this and love youuuu 🥰

  11. Pls do more canto videos, makes me feel like I’m speaking to my friends when I’m overseas for school and missing hk <3

  12. 完全聽得明🥰🥰

  13. I’m a Latina but omg this video makes me so happy to see a gorgeous woman representing her background and so beautifully.

  14. Been waiting for this for so long! Really appreciate that I can watch you speak my native language plus you sound great, so please make more vids speaking Cantonese :)))

  15. I had to turn on the subtitles because I'm from Poland and I don't understand Cantonese but I loved listening to it! It sounds so nice😊

  16. Yessss as a fellow Hong Kong girl I love listening to Cantonese 🤘🏻🤘🏻 but like I am so used to you saying English 😂😂😂

  17. I love this soooo muchhhh I didn’t grow up with Canto speakers when I was young (except for family) so I’m loving this! Learned new words too 😂😂😂

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