hey guys welcome back to my channel in
today’s video I’m gonna show you this back to school makeup look it’s super
quick it’s super simple and I used all drugstore products
well except for 2 products but other than that
all drugstore so you guys want to know how I got this makeup look please
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gram and that is it lets get on with the video feet they are prime my skin as usual so
I’m gonna get the soap & Glory one heck of a buck primer this is giant block and
pour shrink honestly I love this primer I have a lot of primers and I always
grab it tasters this one because I feel like it does like mattify my skin a
little bit and it just like blew out my imperfections a little bit and this is a
joke sort of primer so you can get this Ulta and or at Target I think they have
this brand that target to zone this primer does the trick for me a little
bit there’s the lip balm that you guys need
in your life is this one this is the Burt’s Bees overnight into intensive lip
treatment that works so good and keeping your lips nice and moisturize
so I’m gonna go in my frontier and the reason why I call it fun sealer is
because I use a phone I use a concealer as my foundation
this is the Maybelline instant age rewind concealer this concealer worth a
bomb it covers my acne really good my hyperpigmentation I do that I do have
some like really dark – limitation to to bottle picking do not pick a your skin
it’s really lightweight and makes my skin look bomb and it asked me a really
long time I trust me if you’re setting it with
powder and you’re setting it sprays and then last year a really long time and I
really like it because I use foundation every single day I find that my skin
breaks out a little bit more than usual I don’t know why it is just so that’s
what I use for like an everyday makeup look if I’m trying to look more snatched
and more glam I do use foundation boom for the most
part I use this I take out a little sponge applicator because I feel like
it’s a little unsanitary just cuz I do have acne and I feel like
if I were to put it all over my skin I’m just spreading bacteria all over my skin
plus the sponge gathers too much bacteria so you take a little sponge put
it in the back of my hand and just spot and just put it all over my gutter so
when I first started to break out I was in high school let me tell you because
at that time when I was in high school we had known YouTube we had no makeup
tutorials where I literally knew nothing about makeup the only makeup I would
wear is mascara and the black eyeliner like that’s it like think in the morning
like why did anybody let me leave the house like that you know but whatever
living your learn I guess but yeah it was like really bad and I just didn’t
know what to used to cover up my acne at one points are using like I think was
like a BB cream we all know that she don’t cover nothing and then I won’t pry
start wearing foundation but we’re foundation look at this I would never
set it with powder because I don’t know I would just put my foundation on and I
would go and I would come back home school like half of my foundation would
be off and there’d be like better we’re like why and now I realize well bitch
you want anything you’re with your powder like what you mean why you know I
guess you just have to go through the learning process put on the concealer I
let it dry for like a minute just cuz I feel like if you let the concealer dry a
little bit gives you more of that full coverage of that let it dry for a minute
balm and blend everything with my favorite brushes that ultimate blending
brush again drugstore really affordable I feel like this is like six dollars
which is really good you I’m tell you guys about my high school
days like in high school your girl did not like doing her hair I still don’t
like to my hair I still do it but before like how were like just were like a
really tight tight assed ponytail like that was like my signature look a tight
ass like ass ponytail like I would always wear a
ponytail no matter the occasion I would always wear a ponytail
it wasn’t until like maybe Linux off morir even even junior that’s when I
started doing my hair like actually curl me my hair buzzer and now like I would
always wear my hair up like I feel like that was my comfort zone I love putting
my hair up just cuz it was easier faster and if I wanted to do my hair like I
would have to get up earlier and let me tell you I’m not a fan of waking up
early I was like I either see for five more minutes or I get up now into my
hair I chose to sleep five more minutes I have no regrets I have such a big boss
bar right here let’s see it is because from slinky my hair back all the time
and I’m trying to grow it back and it’s like girl nine you’re really damaged a
motto we’re looking next we hid our imperfections now it’s time to hide
these dark circles so I’m gonna use the same concealer just in a different shade
this is a shade of sand and what it used to cover up all of my imperfections I
used the shade medium I’m gonna add it just a little bit just put a little bit
in the back of my hand and I blend it in with my finger one of the products
that’s not drugstore this is a shoulder Tilbury powder this is the airbrush
flawless finish powder I’ve used a lot of drugstore powders and I haven’t found
one that I’m like fallen and the width and I really like this one for like
under my eye since I mean the rest of my got on just cuz it works really good I’ll let I set my makeup with my powder
I’m gonna go in with my setting spray this is the Milani make it last setting
spray this time is pretty slow bomb it looks really good I like to use the cine
spray after I powder my face just cut something
I get a little crazy with the powder at my skin looks a little powdery and this
is gonna make the powder sit in place and make it look a little less powdery shock work yourself insane it’s brain so
now I’m gonna fill in my brows and this is the other non drugstore product and
this is the ebh brow powder i abused the next brow pencil and i really liked that
one if you’re looking for like an eye pencil the one my Knicks I think I use
the NYX brow powder 2 and I really liked that one too so NYX brow powder and the
Pens are really good if you’re looking for like an affordable one but I’ve been
using this one I’ve been using this one forever I’ve been into the powder lately
just because my eyebrows are pretty thick so I feel like if I use a pencil
sometimes I can’t overdo it and make them look thicker and it’s not a great
look let me tell you it’s not a great look so I’ve been doing the powder and
every once in a while I’m going with the pan I’m going with my
eye shadow and I’m gonna keep my eye shut off quick and simple just to make
me look like I’m put together made me look like I spent a little bit more time
with my makeup didn’t actually did I’m gonna use the color pop palette this is
that I think I love you palette as you can see this is my favorite shade right
here I’m here for it I think I saw this palette I woke up I’m not sure but I’ll
double check and then they do I’m gonna link it down below for you so I’m gonna
use the shape this shade right here this is shade fancy face and now I’m gonna add the same shadow up
just by my bottom lash line not to hide on my brow bone in my inner corner I’m
gonna use this shade right here this is the shade of my treat this is a matte
white color with a little bit of shimmer just a little bit you can barely see it now I’m gonna go in with my mascara and
I have two favorite mascaras I’m gonna show you the first one which is this one
this is this was my go-to mascara in high school like I would always get
compliments on my eyelashes with this mascara this is the wet and wild makeup
protein mascara this mascara I think it’s only two dollars yes to $15 and
that works really good and my other penny red you go seen in to my channel
if they all mate thickening mascara this is also really good this is only four
dollars to if you’re gonna go for this mascara I recommend buying it at Target
or Walmart did not go to auto because I altered this so this mascara for eight
dollars at Target it’s only four dollars save those four dollars and get you this
one and go to Target so that’s good just for you guys I’m gonna try each mascara
on both eyes like I’m gonna try this mascara on this eye and this mascara so
you guys can see so now I’m gonna highlight and I’m gonna show you guys my
two favorite drugstore highlighters so first one is this one this is the
essence pure new and highlighter in the shape be my highlight this is what it
looks like it’s a really nice subtle highlighter it so it gives you a nice
glow like if you’re going for like the lazy day makeup look like I go for this
highlighter it gives you a nice blue battle if you want to shiny bright I got
a diamond you wanna be like boom baby weight and wow this is a precious pedal
with highlighter like this is a really good hider ever you like this one hey
you recommended today I’ve been a little extra on my mix both of these hires
together like if you’re a beginner and makeup and her beginner like
hi later I recommend using like a small like eyeshadow brush like this is the
brush that comes in the a BH palette I would you like it to put on my eyes I
don’t like any blending brush that you have because until I used to use the fan
brush even though it was really big fluffy person I feel like using those
like my highlight will look all kinds of crazy and I feel like this gives you a
nice precise highlight nothing too crazy like all over the place on this music
into that so this is the higher it gives you a nice glow like you can see like it
makes a little low so now I’m gonna go in with the white wild highlighter the
precious petals and I’m gonna use this in the center I’m gonna use the other
end of the brush cuz we just want you don’t know if your highlight it’s
looking a little crazy it looks like you didn’t blend it right or whatever might
be get like your foundation brush or if you use a sponge to blend out your
concealer foundation use it and go over it your highlight you find like this
works makes a big difference it just blends everything in and makes like a
melted into the skin too you know so this is my next super powdering I’m
going with blush I’m use this blush time and time again and my videos this is the
Milani blush this is a shade romantic rose this is the blush that has the
little flower this is a really great blush I really love this color like I’m
really into like these pale pink colors like nothing too bright like those hot
pinks those are not for me like this is a shade that’s right up my alley I
really love this and it’s really pigmented it blends really nicely I feel like by doing your highlight
person your blush that you convinced those two together really nicely and
then the highlight acts as a guide for your blush so you can place your blush
really nicely and precise because before I used to put blush and then highlight
and then my blush will look all kinds of crazy and by doing this it just like
places it acts as a guide for your blush and your blush doesn’t look crazy you
guys spot the difference this is that all me mascara and this is a wet and
wild mascara I feel like I like them both
I like this mascara for like those Lizzie day makeup looks and I like this
mascara for like this more glam I want my eyes just to be snatch type of looks
but yeah these are my favorite mascara like they work really good like I don’t
know if you guys can see the difference I feel like in camera it doesn’t look
that different but I feel like in the mirror you can tell the difference so
I’m gonna show you guys my favorite lip combo that I’ve been doing like this lip
combo makes me feel like a bad bitch so first I’m gonna in line my lips with the
NYX lip pencil in the shade brown so I just like my lips you know give me a
little bit of chola lives right now and then I going with this lip color this is
the NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade London now the left step is step my makeup one
more last time with my sunny spring well this is the final makeup look I really
loved how it turned out it’s super quick super easy can you see this highlight
though this lip combo I’m here for it so thank you guys for watching and I’ll see
you guys all in my next video


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