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the hundred and fifty acres of bulow plantation ruins stands as a monument to the rise and fall of sugar plantations and each florida in 1836 the Second Seminole War swept away the prosperous bulow plantation where the bulow family grew sugarcane cotton rice and indigo ruins of the former plantation a sugar mill a unique springhouse several wells and the crumbling foundation of the plantation house and slave cabins show how volatile the Florida frontier was in the early 19th century today a scenic walking trail leads visitors to the sugar mills listed on the national register of historic sites the park has picnic facilities and an interpretive center that tells the plantations history ok so that is that that is interesting right there so we’re going to go back here to the ruins and so I call this the ruins because i’m assuming that ok oh there’s there was a ton of interesting stuff if I had all day but look at this this just reminds me of of intelligent design you see that canals dugout intelligent design right there and look at this you know something that the settlers the early settlers might have made and you can even see some of it that some of this over here was probably part of it as well on these little things right here possibly you know that now the developers have gotten ahold of it but you can see actually you can see how Oh like roads pathways roads and so if they are all they had was dirt then you know like look right here okay and so I have things some things marked out i wanted to c 00 that this with this one was interesting because ok so let’s zoom in right here and we can see this looks like something straight right there do you see that it looks like something straight right there and I don’t know and see then it crosses over here yeah so like almost like maybe there’s something under there I don’t know and look this is this foundations I don’t know what this is or if that’s a big glare from from google from these houses possible not google but anyway this these look like foundations right here to me that was like foundations you see how the trees are planted around here so like something was there one time that’s that’s what that looks like or was a yeah or where those trees planted there i don’t know they look like they’re planted there well okay i can agree that nature does things something’s naturally on earth but how does it just plop plop plop plop in this design and then how does it do out here it is here’s the google one that says Bulow East Oaks and so how does it put how does nature do this plop plop-plop-plop-plop every visit the these are actual shapes in here and so it said it was a plantation they planted sugarcane so possibly is this the remnants of well it said there was a slave quarters around as well so possibly these little rocks are the remnants of slave quarters i don’t know but it would be curious because this isn’t that far from where i live i don’t know how i would get out here but oh this is interesting too now when we look at this like these look intelligently dugout right through here right through here like something dug through here and dug these areas out what would do that what and why would that happen and so there’s like the river goes through here and so and we can clearly see there’s a plop here here here and there’s houses built here so is that like man-made or oh interesting so let’s zoom in here a little bit now you can see here okay i don’t know what what what’s with the coloration of this stuff right here is that water between all of the or are these houses like on their way out because there’s too much flooding I don’t know but it looks like city blocks right here do you see that it looks like city blocks so are they going to be building on this in the future I don’t know but but see look at that is like why is their houses here and so there’s this big stone cut out area here so is this developers building and or is that neighborhoods are going underwater that’s what I’m curious about and so there’s all these little um little white spots right here like plop plop plop plop plop plop-plop-plop-plop so I don’t know what that is i’m curious about it though and he’s see here we have more we even have more up here and yeah it it is the that healthy for fish if man is doing something right there like i don’t know i mean and then here of course this is it kind of looks like a hyphen mark right there so there’s something right there may be a fish factory or something i don’t know i don’t know what that is but this I find strange very very strange and so and yeah I call i called the slave quarters because I don’t know what else to call it then okay if we look right here it looks as though the water has receded so there’s well the people can actually get at their boats from here to here so they gotta walk all the way out here to access the canal right there because they’ve been digging so I’m wondering like okay if they hadn’t been got a hair down my shirt if they had been digging it just kind of makes me wonder like what this would be like is this grassland or would it all be water that’s what I’m curious about what it all be water and so okay so now we need to go let’s go down here so you can still I mean this is huge whatever this is in here is huge oh that looks like some mining going on maybe I don’t know where are they building a new development it could be a new development in it and is that oh good grief a new development so is does that mean then they’re getting ready to put new houses on there is that what they’re doing or are they mining something i don’t know they could be mining something maybe for wall board or are they building the island up or you know I don’t know but through here this looks like to me it looks like a mixture of water and water I like this looks like little islands and this looks like water sort of muddy like looking water with what i thought would be the Indian River so i don’t know if that is all it just looks like a combination of like this looks and dugout here and this looks like the water has possibly reclaimed it or developing is going on and so yeah I mean it’s all very very interesting now you can see all of this all through ormond beach here all of this is filled in and there’s a bunch of people living in here in Daytona Beach pelican beach and yeah all of this is really really interesting and let’s zoom in here and see if we can see anything that looks like the remnants of something and these this is ok so this does look like a waterway through here there’s something round that was here at one time do you see this there’s r something around through here so possibly something people were living here at one time so i don’t know if this is some with all this is being dug out so i don’t know if they’re trying to create more land which that’s a possibility I think that’s a possibility but I’m you know so you guys will have to let me know what you think watch 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