100 thoughts on “Ashley Graham’s Guide to Eye Masks and Hydrated Skin | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  1. She has such a beautiful face, very lovely features and great skin. She's easy going, nice and approachable and definitely a lot more beautiful then those "top models" like Bella Hadid who had so many things done to her face to change her features (otherwise, without rhinoplasty, permanent lip filler, eye/brow lift and jawline definition plus other things, she would've looked like her father and brother Anwar… originally she wasn't that pretty or model material) or Kendall Jenner and so on. She's a true beauty and also very self loving and brave to have changed (together with Candice Huffine and others) the way fashion sees and dresses curvy girls (curvy not obese, because out there there are extremes that are not ok neither healthy). I like her very much and she deserves what she got.

  2. yall I use the same hair gel for my eyebrows and the rule of thumb is to MOISTURIZE especially your brow area bc if you don't it will flake and that's gross love

  3. You are absolutely gorgoues and I love your skin care routine! It's the foundation to a great make up application! If your skin is right your make up will be tight <3 <3 <3

  4. I’m so tempted to try the brow pencil around my lips, but I’m so fair skinned that I think it’ll look like I drank chocolate milk 😂

  5. I love her so much even before her pregnancy she was just such a badass woman! She’s just so amazing lmfao I aspire to be like her 😂

  6. Love ashley❤️ she has the best positive personality ever!!
    Does anyone know the name of the tea she’s drinking — iron tea ?? I’m anemic and this would be helpful – I don’t like taking iron pills.🙁

  7. Just make sure to check with doc before taking iron, during my pregnancy my iron levels were too high which could harm baby. Prenatal gummies do not have iron ❤️

  8. Can we please have ZENDAYA do a video like this and ZENDAYA keeps getting capitalized and I can’t change it sooooooooooo

  9. Pretty please can she have her own TV show/yt channel/podcast/anything because I can't get enough of her energy and fun. Love her!

  10. I wish I was naturally gorgeous lol 🙁 the amount of foundation she used all over her face is the amount I use for just my chin alone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Learn kids: all you need to become a celebrity now days is to be trash, vulgar, unbearable , narcissistic , uneducated , preferably fat, but any abnormalities will do, as long, as it’s not the classic Beaty . You would definitely need to twerk excessively, talk like you v dropped out of school after third grade and absolutely essential – have no taste or style… all the while the editors of Vogue’ s will still be the size 2-4, have great upbringing and manners and look impeccable. So, cheers to the New World!, where size 14- is a new small, women don’t shave, men have no balls, a world, where Cardie ‘B’s “kulture” doesn’t even sound ironic ..!

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