Beauty Looks for Valentine’s Day Hair and Makeup Ideas

Hello… Welcome Back to Sheryl TV. Today our video about: Beauty Looks for Valentine’s
Day Hair and Makeup Ideas. Are you going out on a date with your man
on Valentine’s Day? Is your flirty outfit ready for this romantic
day? If so, then you really need to focus on your
Valentine’s Day hair and makeup now! Are you ready with that easiest , trendiest
hairdo and makeup, which will help you look your best in the eyes of your Mr. Perfect? Not yet? Just gear up girls! There is no dearth of options. If you choose to look spectacular, worry not,
we have come up with a guide to help you out on the big day! 1. Romantic Flushed Cheeks. The key to achieving the rosy glow here? Pick a pink blush with a hint of warmth. And don’t forget to dab a shimmery highlighter
above the cheekbones. 2. Romantic Pastel Blue Eyelids. Pale blue eyeshadow is girly yet sophisticated. Make this look fresh by keeping the rest of
the face and lips natural. 3. Fishtail Braid With Puff. When it comes to choosing a chic hairstyle
to impress your Valentine, how can you miss the simple and sexy fishtail braid? Let’s spice it up even more with a perfect
puff on the top. 4. A Romantic Embellished Headband. Polish off a pulled-back style with a pretty
headband like the models at Dolce and Gabbana’s spring 2014 show. It’s an easy way to take your ponytail from
day to night. 5. Smooth Tight Braid With Hair Wraps. If you are planning to wear backless on that
very special day, opt for this tight braid to enhance the beauty of your toned back. Those two hair wraps will make the style even
more beautiful. 6. Cute Heart-Shaped Nail Art. Wear your heart on your sleeve—or nails! To try this idea at home, start with the lightest
polish color. Then let each color dry completely before
layering the next one. 7. Half-n-Half Side Hairdo With Fringes. This hairstyle would be totally appropriate
for a delicate V-Day look. Start with creating a side braid, but leave
it halfway so that the rest of the hair appears just like a ponytail. You should also take the straight fringes
and wavy ends into account, while sporting the style. 8. Cute Orange Lip Gloss. If you wear nothing else, dab on orange gloss
with a bit of shine and you’ll be good to go—anywhere. 9. Sexy Crimson Eyeshadow. Apply matte red shadow across the lids. For a glossy finish (like the one here) pat
on clear gloss with a flat, synthetic makeup brush. Just be careful: Gloss has a tendency of making
eye makeup run, so apply it last and check on it often. 10. Side Curls With Straight Fringes. Do you think that fringes are meant only for
sleek, straight hair? Well, you are wrong. Check out these pretty one-sided curls. Isn’t those fringes making the style even
more radiant? 11. Sexy, Dewy Skin. For skin like this, amp up your moisture routine. Here’s how: After cleansing your face, try
an intense hydration mask, then an ingredient-packed serum, followed by a moisturizer. Your foundation will apply like butter. 12. Over-the-Top-Sultry Nude Glow. This look is all about the bronze. On eyes, take two shimmery eyeshadows, one
light and one dark. With a fluffy blending brush, apply the dark
shade at the outer corner of the eye. Then, with a flat brush, dab the lighter color
at the inner corner, bringing it underneath (and don’t forget to blend). Add two coats of mascara and contour with
bronzer. 13. Waves With Braid And Forehead Headband. Go trendy this Valentine’s Day with this
funky hairstyle. Create a thin braid at the center of your
head and leave rest of the hair loose. Did you notice that metal forehead headband? It is what giving the style an edgy appeal. 14. Over-the-Top-Sultry Chocolate Smoky Eye
The best part about deep brown eyeshadow? It looks amazing on every skin tone. For deeper complexions, pick one that’s super
pigmented. Apply it all over the lid—and all the way
up to the eyebrow. 15. Soft Updo. Updos are life-savers on a bad hair day and
on days when you are running late. With just a few minutes left, you can achieve
a soft Valentine’s Day updo. Opt for slightly messy buns that adds a soft
chic look to your overall attire. So those were the best hairstyle and makeup
ideas to floor your date on the Valentine’s day! Make sure you try them out. They’re definitely going to make heads turn
your way and make all the girls green with envy! Go ahead, pick your Valentines’ hairdo and
flaunt it. And be sure to let us know how you enjoyed,
in the comments section below!

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