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Hello, it is Binky from Made In Chelsea, welcome
back to my channel. Today I am going to show you one of my favorite makeup looks for spring.
A dewy, glowy base with a pop of color on the lips. It is really easy to wear and apply
and will take you from day to night. Let us get started.
[music] First up we have got this Guerlain Terracotta
Skin Foundation. This is really, it gives you a really lovely, healthy glow. I am just
going to apply it, a little bit, with my fingers. Fingers are good for applying with, they have
got a natural moisture and warmth so it slides over your skin really lovely and easily. Make
sure you do your neck as well. I do not like having a heavy base of makeup in the spring
so it is pretty nice because it is lovely and light and it smells real nice, too. Next up we have got a bareMinerals concealer.
This is medium 2, got a pretty standard, I am going to use my fingers. I pop it on any
blemishes I have, which at the moment, annoyingly, I have got quite a few. It is that time of
the weather where everything goes a bit [??]. I always put it under the eyes as well to take
away any bags. Next up is this Liz Earle Light Reflecting Concealer. I am going to be using
it as a highlighter. Obviously look at your face it is the really dark spots maybe. I
am going to put it down the nose, put it around here. Just use your finger to dab it in. This
is where the natural light will hit and highlighting your face, under the eyes, under the brow. Next, I am going to be using this bareMinerals
Primer for my eyelids. It is like a, it is called Sundance, it is quite a peachy color.
I am just going to be using this on my eyelids because I want to keep my face fairly bare,
like minimal makeup as possible, and just it is quite a pretty color. Can you see the
peachyness coming through? Here I do not really want to have too much going on. This brightens
the eyes and gives you a little bit of color. I have got this Rimmel white eyeliner. I will
be applying in the water line. This will brighten the eye, make them look, make you look awake
and pretty. It is actually quite 80’s, this look. For mascara I am using this Body Shop
one in black, super volume mascara. I will be applying a little bit to my eyelashes,
lower and top. This just gives your eyes some defintion. I always put a few layers on, just
use the tip of the brush if you need to to get the hairs going the right direction. Now
it is nice contrast between the white eyeliner and the lashes. Next up we have got the glorious man himself,
Daniel Sandler’s cream bronzer. This is quick Riviera. Again, using my fingers I am just
going to be applying it to my cheeks to give you that healthy tanned look. Circular motions,
just work it in, you do not need to use too much this is quite fine. There you go, like
a nice healthy glow. For lipstick we have got another Daniel Sandler product. This is
called Joy. This brings a nice pop of pink to the makeup look, to the look. I am just
going to be applying it straight from the tube onto my lips, using my finger to take
away any dodgy marks. To finish this look I am going to be using
MAC Fix + Spray. This will obviously keep the makeup in place and give you that fresh
kind of glowy, nice finish. You do not want to be wetting your face too much. Smells good,
too. So here we have it, my finished spring makeup look. Please subscribe to the channel
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  1. More people need to subscribe to this channel its amazing, such simple but beautiful makeup! What is wrong with people??? SUBSCRIBE PEOPLE SUBSCRIBE!

  2. Hi binky I'm a made in chelsea fan I watch THE show have THE soundtracks perfume and games I really love your vidos keep up THE great work and say hi to jamie fo r me

  3. Ahh binky you're gorgeous, really wish I looked like you, my girl crush+favourite on made in chelsea for sure;)<3

  4. I love your lashes! Even the fake ones look so good and natural on you. Also, any tips on how to keep your skin looking flawless like yours? You can do a video on your skincare routine. That will be great. Thanks x

  5. Love you Binky you are such a role model. Genuine, no drama and in the words of Coco Chanel. Classy and fabulous xx

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