Blending Work and Family During COVID-19 | Day-In-The-Life of a Working Mom

[music] Hi, my name is Debbie
Savage. Good morning. I am so excited to be partnering with
SHEMEDIA with their “Moments With” series. And today I’m gonna give you my
behind the scenes of my life, my work life balance at home.
Meet our new friend, our Craigslist find. A treadmill that costs
us only 50 bucks. So yes, it’s from 1989 but it
still works like a charm. So we’re going to do cardio and it’s
going to be a Legs Day and I’ll take you through it. [music] what are you having for breakfast, honey? Pizza. This is my second slice. Wow. Reece, say hi to all my friends. She’s make cute little rescue dog. I
just finished my workout. It was intense. It was good. I’m sweating bullets.
I am glistening. As you can see, I am working out in a fasted state.
What do you think I should do, Reese? Clean up and get a
little bit dolled up for you? I have got my apron
on. It is one of my favorites. I look like a little candy striper from
when I volunteered at the hospital as a teen. But, any way I am starving. I am sure my kids are starving and so we
are going to start on lunch right now. Here is where I cook the delicious
meals on that plugin burner. I also bake things in
this little mini oven. I am heading up to the study
hall where school is in session. Elijah is playing video games for just
a little while and Emi is studying and Chloe is studying right, girls? Reece. Hello? Say hi to my friends. She is cuckoo Loco. So this is the state of
affairs in my home office. I’m not too glamorous right now. It is. I was going to clean up but I thought I’d
give you a real sneak peek into how my office looks. It is three o’clock and I finally got
a chance to sit down and work and I haven’t even taken a shower
yet so it’s kinda gross. But I do have a new Instagram post up
and I’m just trying to pat myself on the shoulder because I had huge aspirations
today to finish a beauty video tutorial, crank out a blog post and work on other
projects that I have in queue in the pipeline. But I just didn’t
get around doing it. And it is, it’s a huge struggle working from home
and with the whole entire family at home and managing that together as a
team. It ain’t easy, but again, my family comes first and um, I know everything will work out in
the end just so I’m a show you my cute Instagram posts and then I am going to
actually head into the shower and meet you right back. Here is my
Instagram post for the day. And if you are new to content creation,
there’s a lot that goes behind it. I would say caption
takes most of the time. But I’m really proud of this picture
because I took this photo all by myself. I put a camera on a tripod,
pushed the self timer, and just hope that that
magic moment came and it did. I hope you guys like it too.
After an amazing shower and
taking the time to do my makeup. Makeup is amazing.
As simple as it is, it can just get you in the best mood and
I am not letting this look go to waste. So I am going to feature this look in
a campaign that I have going on and I can’t wait to show you. It is evening time and before I go I
thought it’d be fun to show you the state of our kitchen remodel. What do you
guys think of this floor? I love it. Here is our guest bedroom.
Here is the walk-in closet. I have to tell you, my husband is doing
everything and I love him so much. This is the guest bathroom and
it’s just totally coming together. And my husband Albert is working so hard. We had this new staircase built and we
love it and moving into our family room or my little boy enjoys watching
his little YouTube videos. Um, Here is the kitchen. This is a chandelier that has traveled
with us throughout many homes and here is the kitchen. It’s got
two double islands. This is going to be our pantry. Two double ovens and
it is just coming together. But as you can see, this
is a work in progress. Okay, so this wraps up my entire day. I am going to sign out and enjoy the
evening the rest of the evening with my family, but, um, I had
so much fun. Thank you. SHEMEDIA for inviting me to be a
part of the “Moments With” series. It was so fun to share my
work life balance at home. I wouldn’t call it balance, and it’s okay because it’s really all
about prioritizing and just being present in what ever you are doing. I
am sending lots of love, peace, support, and protection to all
of you and have a great day. Bye. [music] [music].

6 thoughts on “Blending Work and Family During COVID-19 | Day-In-The-Life of a Working Mom

  1. I love this video! Something about working from home makes me eat waaay too much, but you make it look effortless!

  2. I LOVE seeing real life! Your home is looking gorgeous!! And, it’s amazing how you are cooking so well through this all! 👊🏼

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