Boyfriend Does My Makeup! Celebrating our 5 Year Anni :)

hello friends welcome back to my channel
if you’re new welcome my name is Christine
today I’m here with my boyfriend Brandon we are actually celebrating our
five-year anniversary in SF this weekend and we are so excited but to celebrate
we thought would be fun to do like a little makeup video so he’s actually
gonna do my full face of makeup and we have tons of new makeup for him to play
with he was like let me pull some in Spa and then you went to Carrie oh geez
Paige well we’re gonna be gone for today is this like green so you wanted to go
bald before look yeah that’s the whole vibe that we’re going for I’m not gonna
help him out at all but we have so much makeup for him to choose from here so
anyways before we go ahead and get started first make sure you hit the
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let’s go ahead and get started with the video is there no hints allowed cuz I
don’t even know what to start with first off I don’t recommend any of these tips
or techniques I’m about to use don’t try it at home do you want to start with
brows for foundation oh I feel like she usually does her
brows first ding ding yeah so I’ll tell you the best is for brows but we’re
going in with the goof proof I guess we’ll decide this kind of looks
like one of those things that you there’s two ends of it Oh what Brandon
knows literally nothing about makeup let’s get to the beautiful Macon start
off we’re just gonna get some of the product in here I think she kind of like
fills it in sometimes why are you putting so much pressure on it it
doesn’t really seem to come out that okay what look how dark it is is it not
supposed to be that dark do I do my eyebrows like this it’s not a finished
product I showed up like this what would you say we’re gonna try and put a little
more product on I think on the other side
no no more in here you’re done you cut ha ha you were gonna try and fix it no
on a scale of 1 to 10 how artistic do you think you are in this field probably
not very artistic that one looks better okay I learned
you know what this has way better how to do guys not bad the first side is pretty
rough I’m not gonna lie in videos I’ve seen you’re doing your eye makeup now so
we’re gonna start off with this one who’da beauty YouTube beauty where’s all
my where’s all our teeth brushes whatever brushes I’m not gonna help you
so these are all the brushes know whether this is right or wrong today
they’re right this one first a little lighter yeah green and we’re just gonna
spread this all over the place don’t think this is the right brush that’s a
lot we need a lot do you see how dark it wasn’t that photo now we’re gonna go to
the other side look like Carrie you two yet move first looking at in slow picks
I pulled up a bunch of like Carrie you cheap a and I was like let’s do this one
and it’s like she’s not wearing any makeup when he said his makeup in slow
as karaoke I just picture her like not wearing that much makeup that’s that’s
always what I’ve liked Christine doing yeah look how dark it is and see the
color of my eyes right now I know it’s light I know okay we’re just
starting off on a base okay so next we’re going middle left you’re picking
up so much don’t tell me what to do this is my look oh my god you’re going so
high it’s really getting on your face yeah it’s called fallout cuz you picked
up way too much it’s looking better no not the other color like helped or did
anything cuz I can’t really notice it anymore oh my god really all over Lisa
you’re like ash on your face oh my god looks like you’re like stressing let’s
try picking up something try chopping it off yeah I think makeup artists should
have like an ashtray okay good just go this is the color that we’re looking for
oh my god you’re pushing kind of hard okay the color is kind of coming in now
I think we need more honestly I think this is layer three but now we’re using
top right corner not a whole lot of product down towards
the bottom so I’m trying to get that covered he’s now using this color in the
anastacio prism color thrown down and what’s the purpose of this layer well
I’m not even sure I’m gonna use it yet so we’re gonna test it out are you drunk I can’t believe you just
did that so we’re gonna toss that color to the side and we’re gonna go we’re
gonna tie this top left one this guy and the whole time we’re using the same
brush same brush really mixing in those colors I do think that we’re going kind
of high how you want any of my tutorials yes that’s why we’re going with the eyes
first right now wiping away with the tissue pretty oh shoot I took off wait do you
need to like get makeup on that worked really well I think I really like how I
did this like it kind of follows her eye shape so i’ma try and do that over here
is well okay happy with that we’re going in with the Laura Mercier I do actually
think it’s time to use this big old brush from parties I’ve seen her use
this with foundation so I know this is the right brush oh yeah brother
so tilt back up here oh my god it feels so weird plopping on my face put some
right here chase tame these bad boys up here so
what’s the favorite makeup look that I do that you like the best
the natty look natural oh yeah the brush is great you believe with red five years
no it’s felt like a long time but not that long because my longest
relationship before Brannon was like two and a half years on off and his longest
before me was like three months yeah like not even
no you know and what did you learn after five years what relationship advice the
woman is always right folks you’re gonna say that I know christina is not my wife
yet happy wife happy life as there’s a lot
of truth to that statement folks I think for Christine and I like we’re the same
but we’re different and I think that that really helps that oh yeah brother
I’m gonna put a little more akin to corrupt this little friend that’s joined
us today on this wonderful rainy day in LA you know you just put it on like
super thick in certain areas oh and I think they usually people usually drag
it down to match no makeup on okay what’s next buddy probably concealer elf
16-hour camo concealer am I supposed to put it on your face is that kind of that
kind of seems like it’s contaminating this like I feel like I should go like
back at the hand look at you you’re like a true Mick show them your swatches on
your hand and a little bit of the product Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing okay we
might ignore that because we might be here for a while because I don’t know
how to do this I don’t think I’m supposed to put concealer elsewhere
clearly don’t watch my videos yeah I think I’ve seen you do it here ya go
like like that let’s see so next a highlighter and blush so next up heavens
glow Magic Hour but and cosmic we’re using this I don’t know if this is a
blush cuz it does not say but I’m gonna use it as blush blush a red
dabble summer diet what your body hit right there if this is the same
placement you like start putting it right there oh yeah so now we’re looking
for highlighters we’re gonna go what is this one called cat rice some people can
only read it like that but it’s good trees yeah whistling what a blush brush
Oh God so we’re going in with Wisla on the cat
rice wait right there Brandon is this where you see my
highlight popping like doing it all over my cheek huh
was this a brush that you’ve used not a fan of it try different colors
sorry morphe I can’t believe you’re buying it right now we’re gonna pick up
some of the Victoria shout out to Vic it’s actually kind of funny at
Christine’s sister’s birthday is literally the day after mine
Vic dicks a character she’s a character alright okay what’s next
are you gonna contour snatch this face kind of like a darker color up here and
go lighter right got to brush your goodies use this one here we go folks
buckle up oh this is actually a good placement for the bronzer she kind of
just put blush contour and highlight all in the same area well no this is kind of
splitting them I’m where you’re putting more yeah cuz this the other sands
darker I think I think it’s like I mean obviously we’re not at the finished
product and it’s not looking bad now we’re gonna blend it out we’re gonna
take the loot so use the first brush to kind of place it yeah now we’re blending
now with a little eggie okay I don’t know you guys be the judge I think
that’s pretty teeth this way inhaled so much of that powder well that sounds
like a personal problem yeah we’re going to dinner later with his parents really dragging nothing buddy because
there’s kind of a lot it’s pretty good I think except I really do think you
should put on lashes I think that’s a really bad idea because I think I’m
gonna get glue like all up in yo eye so I give them a lot of lipsticks to choose
from would you say on these bottles like this is the actual color yeah okay
so we’re gonna go in with clove hollow so I’ve seen her do this where she’s
kind of like over lines her lips a little bit okay so it’s not we’re not
done so don’t judge yet like this think lips my god hell yeah brother return
some your bottom lip its rightful owner do you like that color or shall we you
can mix two yeah darker like waiter here going back in with a huda beauty let’s
talk hey you’re he’s you’re like actually it’s not that bad how do you do
this she’d be like a like a stencil honey you just be you just be careful
you kind of were just like you’re kind of a perfectionist I didn’t expect that
now we’re gonna like darken the eyes I think so yeah we’re gonna go in and
darken her eyelashes so I’m eyeliner and black eye shadow what do you own even
use let’s get the lashes mascara yeah so really go in with the Tarte so we’re
gonna use the Tarte oh my gosh oh my god it doesn’t look like anything’s on this
but I’m gonna go ahead and assume that there is oh my god oh you’re gonna come
from above oh my god she can’t pull your face down yeah oh yeah this is way some type of technique I’m missing here
twirl it a little bit maybe or some people like wiggle it you to kind of
give them some like texture what get more product on it okay that’s looking
pretty good honestly so now I need some like eyeliner because we’re not doing a
wing but we are gonna line like her eye there’s liquid liner and pencil liner
what do you want to use this is both yeah yeah we’re gonna go in with these
so this is the pencil what are you doing uh we’re getting that inner corner yeah
does that look good to you well we’re gonna drag it across still you’re really
pressing on my nose gosh the pencil is way too dry go nude the
liquid he said a little high but hard it is I feel pretty good that’s not bad
it’s not bad I do regret doing that thing that I did on the inside now wait
wait show them how your rest of your hand on my face I’m gonna turn it into a
little point on the inside ah yeah we’re going for a vibe here okay do it back a
little bit so you are doing going I’m just kind of like making each side have
it’s like shouldn’t have done that but and we’re gonna do it on the other side
too one of you ever seen red do my makeup like this I know but it was gonna
be something like different that just feels thick I thought it only went on
thin not if you press hard here I didn’t realize it the way that you’re serving
is there a way to kind of blend that no it’s a liquid eyeliner so I’m kind of
shit out of luck all right I shouldn’t add coffee before this my hand there can
shanky me just the Chocobo I’m trying to like stabilize my arm here okay that
matches the other side that’s the finished look trying to think if there’s
anything else we need to do okay so we’re going in with this
oh look Glaus the finish look unfortunately yes that’s I don’t if you
take away your eyes and your mouth your face actually doesn’t look that bad
okay so I haven’t seen my my makeup like up close
yeah what is going on with my eyebrows I mean that’s out of control why is it
like initially the eyes are pretty good second of all highlighter goes here not
here the eye shadow actually looks pretty nice the eyeliner is okay – –
this situation and yeah the face makeup looks pretty good – would you do it
again now do you pre appreciate my artistry I appreciate would you go out
in public with me like this we go market so I hope you guys enjoyed this video
and if you did make sure you give the video a big thumbs up so we know to do
more videos like this him and I are going to SF this weekend so if you guys
want to stay up to date and see what we’re up to this weekend and make sure
you’re following me on Instagram Brandon also has a Instagram as well that will
go ahead and leave down in the description box well Happy Thanksgiving
this happy Thanksgiving everyone I hope you’ll have a great time with your
family have lots of food and stuff in go Hawks
go Hawks we’ll see you next time bye I’ll so he did my makeup thank you like it
look at look at the eyes yeah a bad man right yeah so bad so terrible

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