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Rolling Move You’re seen There Hey what’s up you guys! I’m Angel and now we’re gonna so some makeup today with my very important featured guest star Angel burrito I thought you were Angel? Come heeeeere sit dooooown -Hello
Okay, please greet the audience Okay, today were you’re gonna do makeup on your face Yes, uhmm Flash the reference photo So now the reference photo is on my phone For reference Now let me just show you our haul of makeup In this Oh it’s a haul? Lancome Paris bag. Okay, so today We will be doing the makeup of Angel burrito Don’t say my last name! You can just edit that out. Perioooodt. So we have this L’Oreal Paris infallible Pro matte infallible Pro This one Blend sponge! we’ll be dabbing on some foundation So much? No no no no I think it blends well with your skin So let’s just keep dabbing on I think it provides a real nice uh Foundation on you Yes! It serves its purpose very well Because it is foundation Time to put more pro-matte!
-No that’s enough Enough? No, it’s not enough! I’m the makeup artist! No one fights with the makeup artist I’m sorry, I’m sorry So Ms. Angel, how’s your day? It’s great
-Great, is it? Yeah, how’s your day? You had no school? Why? I think you’re looking a little ghastly like Count Dracula Pano? Pano? Shut up! Quiet! No! No! Pro-tip don’t use too much foundation or else you’ll look like this And now we will do your.. Not the eyes… AHH they eyebrows.. no, not the eyebrows… Contour blush palette Okay, so we have different colors to choose from We will now start from left to right The contour goes on your jawline to -hypen (?) up the jaw and the cheekbone to bring out the cheek, so.. oh wow Because your jaw and your chin will become sharp Can you please move your hair? You should’ve brought a headband like mine No, you just look Yeah Now the next one is a bronze. This will make her look tanner If you desire warmth Okay so we gotta put this in the temples. Temples. But it says here don’t put it on the temples I need it on the temples Next one is a highlight So we gotta do the highlight on the cheeks oh the inside of the cheeks Next one is the blush. So this one is really nice because in the reference photo Ariana had pink cheeks Time to blush you with pink! See you’re not any more bullied girl from high school Umm.. okay… Don’t you think close your eyes please.
– Why do I have to close my eyes it’s gonna go on my cheeks? Okay, I think you’re pink enough. A little too pink. But it works. For the next part, we will be adding… We will be adding lipstick Victoria’s Secret velvet Matte
– it’s Matte.
– Oh, is it? Ariana has very thick lips. Yeah, so we’re gonna make your lips thicker because your lips look like they’ve been Mauled by a dog Oh no! The lipstick got onto your whatever (teeth) I’ll do it
-No, there’s tissue here Since we want thick lips, she’s not gonna go Overdrawing is a thing? So over the lips she paints outside the lines? Gago ka What?! No, don’t say that. That’s bad to say. That’s how much lipstick that was inside my mouth Stop! There’s still more! Stoooooop! You’re removing all the lipstick!! Not gonna lie Another item from Maybelline As I was saying, the eyes are actually the windows to the soul Why? I don’t know some Japanese dude said it and everyone made it into a quotable quote You just coughed in my face Add this same product to your eyebrows. What’s your name again? Oh yuck It smells so bad ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, my name is Paula. Paula! Yeah! Do you have a nickname?
-Yeah What’s your nickname? It’s La! What are you- Wha- What are you- Ariana has a pink neck But- that’s not- her neck isn’t pink there It is. No it’s not why do I have a pinK NECKKK See here
– No, that’s a pink top Why does your makeup have like a line where it finishes and hers is like a natural glow Now we will be using this color correcting stick from ELF You’re gonna be using it on her temples. Why are you color correcting my temples Cause Ariana here has bright temples Oh my God where’s my blending sponge, oh there! blending the color correction that I think I should have not done I think I should’ve just used highlight Where are my highlights? Highliiiiights! Too much highlight! You put highlighter on? On your temples. Yeah, I think they don’t work together, I think they shouldn’t be together Is that a sign? This is glittery blush. I’m gonna use this on her forehead Gotta be doing it gently like this Take your time, always, even though your boyfriend is waiting for you. You can use this excuse to be late Are you trying to say something? Time to fix your chin Do I have pimples there? No, just to cover up some of the Why is your neck pink? are you now covering up the pink that you just did on my neck? No I’m scattering it. Lemme see? Fenty beauty by Rihanna It actually smells good like It smells like candy! Do I spread it? Yeah, of course, I was just about to say that Excuse me Eyeliner from Urban Decay. Oh, nevermind this is from Clinique Are you putting it under my eyes? Yeah? Under your falsies Oh dear I just ruined it
-Why are you putting it under my eye? Where is it supposed to gooooo I give uppppp I hate makeupppp I thought you’re are makeup artist? No
-Who did you work for? I worked for Beyonce I even did Oprah Whitney Houston We need to set it with this ELF Matte magic mist It feels like you just sneezed on me There’s a specific way to do this I’m just not a master at it To complete the Ariana look I just basically fixed her bangs This looks like you Only if you had uhh Better makeup better makeup Better makeup artist Also if you are a Multi-billionaire. Yes, maybe then you’d be Ariana Okay.. And many followers maybe you had more subscribers maybe THEN you’ll be like Ariana Well, I think that’s a wrap for our Ariana video We will be face touring, so Uhm, here What is that?
-Face tour! Okay, we did the Eyeliners thing I still haven’t practiced that one Here on the lips we have lipgloss and then here is that a nice contour made by me and then the blush and then the foundation and then bronze. I love my lips, I must say and then your pink neck There’s definitely areas for improvement No, I don’t think there are areas for improvement because I’m the best makeup artist in the world So I think you should subscribe to my channel what’s your channel called my channel is will be linked above right here There’s something everywhere. There’s highlighter all where we face Narcissistic slow-mo, let’s do a slow-mo Thank you, bye guys I look unsuccessful. I look like Ariana but like drugged and drunk and and unsuccessful if Ariana released unsuccessful instead of successful Then you would look like ariana It’s ok. Let’s start Oh

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  1. โ€œare u just covering up the pink that u did on my neckโ€ sure ka bang pink yun dahil sa make up ๐Ÿคญ

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