Carolyn’s Droopy Eyelid Fix W Cosmetic Surgery 610-828-8880

My name is Carolyn. I’m 67 years old and I come
to Dr. Wulc because he has improved everything that I’ve come for.
My eyelids, my upper lids got droopy and so he did that and then I had resurfacing on
my face, laser on my face, and a little touch up here and there.
Just thinking well you might as well do it now. You’re not getting any younger.
I like Dr. Wulc because he really listens to you. A great personality great caring person…
and all the girls is in his office are just wonderful. They’re also very caring and makes
it easy to come in if your little apprehensive of what’s going to happen they all reassure
you and it’s nice. I referred many women to this practice. yup,
all the time.

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  1. NEW VIDEO!  Carolyn says the team at W Cosmetic Surgery has improved everything she's ever asked for.  Hear her story at the link below:   #wcosmeticsurgery   #droopyeyelids   #blepharoplasty  

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