Conan Reports From An Empty Street

A big thing for reporters
to do in the news right now is find an empty area
and walk around, and say, “Look how empty it is,
’cause of the coronavirus.” They use phrases like,
“It’s eerily quiet.” Well, I wanted to do my part, so I’m walking around
this pretty empty street to show you how empty it
is with the coronavirus. [Camera Operator] It’s always empty. What do you mean, it’s always empty? [Camera Operator] It’s a deserted street. It’s a service road. It’s a service road? [Camera Operator] Yes. So it’s always this empty? [Camera Operator] Yes. Damn it. Damn it to hell.

100 thoughts on “Conan Reports From An Empty Street

  1. Right in front of my house. I live on that sidewalk street in the background with the red brick stairs.
    Santa Monica Beach.

    P.S. that street is actually crazy jammed during the holidays with people looking for beach parking or trying to get to the pier.
    I've spent two hours going one block on that street before.

  2. It’s some kind of odd combination of knowing what his punchline is going to be and having absolutely no idea of how he’s going to twist it or react to it that gives this jolt of laughter when it occurs. Conan, the #goat of burst laughter

  3. He couldn't do more than 35s guys. He got off the car, walked around for 35s and probably ram back to his car. And this is a good thing.
    If this video is 10 minutes long, we shod be worry

  4. Dear Conan 🙂

    Conan , there's a tidy Sum ,
    waiting for You ,
    In ' pounds£ Sterling '
    At O'Brien Castle 🙂 !!

    100 years worth Of backrent ££££,
    from the badger + fieldmice tenants :)!!
    Worth Looking into !!

    Perhaps , You could employ ,
    Some Of them ,
    in the Remodel
    Of Castle 🙂

    As a Goodwill gesture …

    Anyhow , just trying to bring a Smile Conan 🙂

    Thank You
    for All the Joy + Smiles
    You bring Us Conan !!

    Much Love



    Calling from Canada

    ' Peacetrain(SoundingLouder)'
    Cat Stevens


  5. My neighbor stopped and bitched me out for grilling baby back ribs last night during a "quarantine time". I couldn't stop laughing in her face when her daughter said "geez mommy that smells amazing".

  6. Conan, please keep them coming. I'm happy when I get a notification from Team Coco, especially with this present lock down. 👍🏼

  7. conan should make his own line of sunnies he always looks good. he may as well make his own sunscreen too! 🙂

  8. I love Conan and I'll never stop watching and laughing. But I feel old just by seeing how old he looks. His face is turning into leather. I remember being a teen and getting TV via a tuner plugged into my bedroom computer. I would stay up and watch Late Night and it was just… such a soothing end to my day.

  9. Conan is one of the best people out of all the celebs. He's trying to entertain, he's donating money, and he's not whining like a little baby. I hope the world finally see's through people like Madonna. Arrogant, self-indulged man/woman child's with the intelligence equal to a box of rocks without the rocks and extra box. Point is, if all celebs donated a real amount of money, the entire country would be fine. There's a basketball player paying the salary of the concession/ticket workers of his arena.

  10. You know it's a low budget video when your making your own sound effects. I make my own fart sound effects. It's delicious.

  11. Thank you Conan! Thank you for portraying the mental decline of staying home in this time of madness 😂 Seriously, I know self isolation is strategy #1 right now, but I swear to god my family turned into a bunch of lions fighting for blood in the ancient colloseum of Rome

  12. Not funny anymore. America wants Patriots for our new celebrities not people like you! I'm sorry Conan it's over for you you have zero Talent Hollywood is over with safe goodbye.

  13. I know that being asked ‘how’s the weather up there?’ all the time is frustrating because I'm 6'9" tall
    I get it a lot too.
    However, what if it’s not as bad as it seems?
    Have you ever thought that all those comments you hear about your height is a way for people trying to make conversation with you?
    It’s no secret that being tall makes you intimidating to some people.
    What if the only way people feel comfortable breaking the ice with a tall “giant” is to comment about the pink elephant in the room… your height.

  14. I'm so sick of hearing about the corona virus already. There's other stuff going on in the world besides this corona

  15. Good to see Conan is not part of the hollywood pedo ring and therefore not "quarantined" like many others. I knew he was an honest guy!
    #qanon #thestormishere

  16. I know this street very well and its never empty. Literally connat cross it alone. Almost seems magical for a reason

  17. The cameraman didn't keep appropriate distance, someone should fine him and Conan for breaking the lawww.

  18. Haha, a little dig at the hysterical clickbait tone the media sets … This reminds me of the time back in 2011 when he pointed out news anchors across the country were reading the exact same script … "Conan O'brien may be about to push the envelope on late night television"

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