Coronavirus advice: tips for staying well

Here at Asthma UK we’re hearing a lot of people are feeling very helpless and vulnerable because of the virus that is going around at the moment. There are some very important things that you can
do to take control of your asthma and minimise the risk of you either having it,
or having a serious problem because of it. Firstly there was lots of
advice about simple hygiene, so make sure that you, and all the people
around you are following all the advice and guidance that are out about
washing your hands especially, about where you’re coughing, and making sure that you’re wiping down surfaces and preventing the bugs from spreading. Social distancing is probably the next big thing, so actually, again have a look at
the guidance on what you need to be doing to reduce the spread of this virus
through not just your household but the community, and see what you can do to
stay well and help to avoid the bug. In terms of your asthma, the most important thing
is taking your preventer medication regularly as it’s been prescribed, and
if you haven’t been taking it regularly take it regularly now. Carry your reliever inhaler with you all times, just in case you do get symptoms so you can treat them quickly. Having an asthma action plan is a really important part –
and probably more important now than ever. Because GPs and nurses will not be
able to examine you so well, they’ll be relying on you telling them about your
symptoms, about how you’re feeling and how your medication’s working.
The asthma action plan takes you through that and can give you a guide about
when you need help and when you don’t. A peak flow meter can be a useful add-on to this as well,
because as I say without someone examining you, this can be a good marker for us about how good or bad your asthma currently is.

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  1. Don't understand what boris has said regarding stay at home, I don't want to spread the virus. What if my children live at 2 Addresses, myself and there mother? will it be ok to take them back!

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