Cosmetic Dental Associates Office Tour in San Antonio, TX

I think if you come here and you meet our staff and you see what we have to offer and you’d go and you see our in-house lab, where we actually make the restorations here, and custom fit them and fit them on each individual’s that’s specific to them, you’ll see how important that is to getting that for yourself. So if you’re set on getting something that looks natural and say you need to give this office a shape because that’s what we’re about. Before, yeah I would have to kind of turn a certain way to take a picture with friends and that was always kind of a problem and an issue. It’s really made a difference in my life. So, I thank him not just for straightening out my teeth but just mentally putting me in a better place as well. I already had a really good teeth. But what I wanted to do was I wanted it to be refined, you know. I had a small gap and they were able to fulfill that and it looks great. My smile looks great. After Invisalign or going through Invisalign and started to gain more confidence and when I saw my smile start to change then I started smiling a lot more. I used to talk with my hand in front of my mouth I used to laugh covering my mouth I’m just a whole new person. I do public speaking, I do presentations and it’s made a big difference because I’m just much more confident. I love that everybody is so warm and caring here. The dentist is usually a place where people are intimidated or they’re scared of. When you come here everybody is smiling and they’re friendly making jokes. So it’s a very warm place and it’s it’s nice to come to the dentist which is a change. From the time that you come in to the time that you leave, everyone is just very, very exceptional with you.

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