Cosmetic Surgery at The McIndoe Centre

I think the most important thing is that
you get to see your surgeon at your first patient contact so there’s no
salesperson it’s all about the relationship between the patient and the
surgeon and making sure that the right operation has been done for the right
reasons. Your operation package for many of the procedures includes an overnight
stay and we’re particularly keen to make sure that we provide the best possible
aftercare, including visits to see nurses and surgeons and out patients and
helping to deal with the occasional problem that might occur. The McIndoe Centre is dedicated to plastic and cosmetic surgery, there are around about 20 surgeons who work here and they provide a full range of cosmetic
treatments and surgeries including facial surgery, nose and ear surgery
breast surgery, tummy tuck and liposuction and other body contouring
procedures. Most of our significant cosmetic
procedures include an overnight stay so you are absolutely in the right place if
there are any early problems or concerns after surgery. There are expert nurses
who specialise in plastic surgery staffing the ward and these are able to
look after patients in the immediate hours and the immediate night after surgery.
Following on from that once patients go home patients would typically come to
see a specialist nurse in clinic a week or so after their operation in order to
look at surgical wounds to check up on things and usually within a few weeks
would get to see their plastic surgeon again for further follow-up. The hospital
is staffed 24 hours a day so it’s possible to contact a duty doctor or a
nurse at any time after your operation and if it’s a complex problem that
they can’t sort out they will get in touch with the surgical specialist. The McIndoe Centre is in East Grinstead in Sussex roughly halfway between Gatwick
Airport and Tunbridge Wells. We have our own site our own car park quite easily
accessible by road and there’s a railway station as well so we serve Sussex, Surrey
Kent and quite accessible from London as well. You call the hospital helpline and one
of the call advisors will help to find an appointment at a convenient time for you.
There are appointments running through the week and also weekends and some
evenings and there’s very little waiting list for appointments. All of the surgeons here are fully trained in cosmetic and plastic surgery in the UK
and importantly they’re all based wholly in the UK. Also you will definitely have
your operation here in the McIndoe Centre you will not be sent off to a
different Hospital elsewhere to have your treatment.

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