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guys welcome back to my channel I’m
happy to be made to ontology with me in this videos it can be a mommy-and-me
make a session with PPA yes you do any more second mother alright so today i’m
going to do a purple sunset smokey eye something type of look or just easy to
do so it’s kind of beginner friendly um yeah so people that I need I’d written
city big oh yeah yes so if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet feel free
to do so no thank everybody for subscribing and supporting the channel I
really do appreciate it don’t forget to share the video with
your friends and family yeah so we’re gonna get straight into the
video so today I’m going to be using my college Lee intrepid palette so you all
know but those who are used to my channel know how much I love using this
color green and of course I’ll be using this morphe 39 inks are fatigue
dizziness palette I’m going to be using this yeah you’re gonna see what I’m
gonna be using the colors for and I’m also gonna be might be using my Julia’s
festival palette or early Zulu it’s just the purple colors I’m kind of mixing
because sometimes my cunt see let us agree with the color paint with it so
yeah it kind of makes it more darker when I want it bright I think yeah so
we’re gonna be using the purple the red and the yellow right so the first color
I’m going to apply to my and the reason I’m Erin here would be the loop the
yellow and I’m gonna be using it right above here I really have to upgrade my
camera and it’s like totally awful sometimes like totally so I’m gonna be
using it okay this is have a mirror on it another sweater and why am i sweating
so much just press you can’t see that because
it’s all day oh my god it being messy if and then all
over all over your I use a mirror on the island alright and we’re applying it on the
eyelid yeah I’ll wipe it off just not I’m replying idea nice very nice please my idea right now we’re going into the
red so I’m gonna put here and just right up right yeah oh that downfall yeah all
the time thought I make it all nice to know all right so here do you wanna do
just know what’s up in America and it’s after all he’s still being up in the
cheeks right so I’m just going to apply all my
goodness no no thank you – I’m reached up that’s it right I keep
doing big thing okay anyway do you just want to do your own tea so now we’re
going to be using or that brush I used was the BH Cosmetics number number six
brush and we are now going to use the number seven brush which is a smaller
blending brush and we’re just going to blend the ends out the edges I like it oh no but I put that down as lipstick you later
no nothing’s at my radio here to confirm Emma just popping the color hold it like Rocky alright so now in order to get the color
it’s went a little too far I’m putting it to my job and no palette color here
to kind of bring it down a little bit because I find it went up a little funny
it is a neutral neutral axis some of the color what happened it that is I knew
please leave that alone hang on eyelash people eat that what
kind of deep dark tribe I said wannabe eyes I think I’m going to let me Ricky you’re what let me make a makeup wallet
nothing that for me maybe that here make up there
I don’t you sing do you well they got me a make up there no they’ve done that
bitch cosmetics number hey I keep mine on no no but you have a brush that he
odd yes that’s mine so don’t touch it oh my goodness
oh cool I’m gonna put it on oh my god it’s so messy because you don’t want
mommy do you want to do it sir dr. genetic ellipse okay so now I’m
gonna be everything being okay my knee on my shop with me a pencil from any
girl and I’m gonna die no no you’re not going to be using that no yes yes
I need my mirror that you put a horse as a lipstick one so I’m gonna be using
this no you don’t need to do that yes go and do that
yeah alright so now I’m going to be using the now I’m going to be using the
BH Cosmetics I’m just fluffing a week I mean puffing
brushing Zoe the excess water from under my eyes I did not use concealer Sasha
what’s up huh Oh No just set under my eye will I get this to put on my shoes
but on my lashes I use my kiss j-just I just want on video just a little bit alright so nice when I you live in the
tub I need a kick if you let very credible
words do it quick aha it’ll be not eight I got to a lunatic we just meant to add a little bit of
cumin son no I love my entity this shimmer color
and I’m gonna tease another skylight yeah it just does a really good job mommy naughty thickened goods no you
know any makeup funny all right so the line lips I’m using my pencil ready darling of the Yahoo you’re not boxing lights of things I’m
sorry linens and this one is Simone and I’m pleased encouraged to give it an
ombre look to the middle also using the elegant Lapine’s hi guys I’m back and yes why not look
just pops I’m here onto the trailer got in my head
yes I just bought some here Ron hold it back just beating up the eye look and it
came out so nice I always like using purple and burgundy for smokey eyes I
use blue and green already but put them under than the Apple another video with
other than the eyelid that I would have done looked guy so yeah family so guys
thank you for joining us today 91 yeah doing the most and if you have
any questions let me know if you like it look ok leave a comment in the comment
section and let me know what you think and yeah so you see you know can see
that I look up duties or went up I would not be using pencil any under a dresser
like the color powder and you got this in fact is a value cover completely and
when the hot weather I just couldn’t deal with he couldn’t see the creasing
up and cracking up so I just decided was to do some eyes of the eye and it is
just magical

14 thoughts on “Easy Purple Summer Eye x Colouredraine | Makeup Tutorial | Trinidad Youtuber | Caribbean Youtuber |

  1. Really pretty look; everything looks beautifully blended and harmonious ! Your daughter is very sweet with a lot of personality ! Great video!

  2. Hi chick, do you think starting a lash line business selling mink eyelashes is a good idea in Trinidad? I know lash there's already businesses but the ones that seems to prosper seems to be the be owners who are known makeup artists.

  3. Great makeup such a nice summery look πŸ’›πŸ’›! Would mean a lot if you'd check my channel out as well!!

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