Első grid vezérlőnk a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) ablakban.

English caption is being created… Hello, welcome to my next video. Clicking in the top-right corner, you can start my previous video where you can see how I created my first WPF, that is Windows Presentation Foundation application with the aid of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. The spoken language of the previous video was English, from now on my videos will be created with the Hungarian spoken language, and I will try to create English subtitle for the international community. So if you are interested in how the first application was created, please click to the link in the top-right corner. I have already opened the Visual Studio, in the solution explorer I right-click the main window xaml file and open this user interface in the designer of Visual Studio. For those who never did programming in Windows, we add some extra information, we overview the parts of a window in this operating system. From the website of Microsoft I was searching for a picture that depicts the structure of the Windows Presentation Foundation window in terms of graphical appearance, practically this applies to other windows, like those in the Windows Forms. The windows have got an icon, a title, a system menu, a minimize/maximize button, and a close button; have got a size grip, a border, and what is important for us, and will be talking about is its client area. Practically the client area is the one enclosed with the border. Let’s talk about the client area of the windows, in the WPF applications. In the designer this is the white area, above which I moved the mouse cursor, and depicted with a blue border, this will be the client area of the main window. If we go to the xaml code,

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