Hello Everyone~ Today will be unboxing day~ These are the products that i bought for Lunar New Year celebration Because on January 23rd it is Lunar New Year! So I am going back to Viet Nam to celebrate new year with my family After that i will go back to Korea to pack my stuff and move out and I think people are already preparing for “Tet”(Lunar New Year) back home Therefore, let’s see what i have prepared ! and also please don’t forget to comment and share with me what you have prepared for this Lunar New Year~ First of all, I will show you what i have bought in DAISO I have bought a knit hat like this~ It is not a normal type of knit hat Its style looks really cute I like to wear free-size white dress and combine with this kind of hat. It looks really Korean and cute So people buy a lot of these and it also looks cute to take picture with so I really like it This one has brown color. So cute right? If I try it on now my hair would become flat then 🙁 This costs 5000 won Coming up next is… 3 pairs of earings I bought them all in DAISO. In case you don’t know, before coming to Korea, I used to be more girly I liked to wear girly clothes and long sparkling earings~ But after coming to Korea I got used to wear more comfortable and sporty clothes Wearing dresses less. Therefore I don’t really buy earings anymore But recently, I saw my pictures taken from 2 years ago wow can you see how different i was? I personally think i looked really nice back then I looked tidier than now So I decided to wear earings again haha Therefore I have bought these sets of earings Really pretty right~? This one costs 3000 won which is 60.000 VND Buying these types of earings in Viet Nam would likely cost 100.00VND This one too Pretty right~? Each of them cost 3000won One pair looks a bit more mature I bought it for the 30th, 1st and 2nd of January ( Lunar Calendar ) For the 3rd and the 4th, I think i will wear the old ones That’s it Wait a minute! I have to search the pronunciation for this brand name haha I think it is French In Korean, it will be… In English… Anyway.. this is the lipstick brand that Yeri from Red Velvet collaborated with to specifically create this color~ Wow~ cool In here.. Two lipsticks Two types of color lipstick that Yeri has collaborated with The color number is 07 and 08 The name of these lipsticks are written in French so i have no idea how to pronounce them For example, number 07 in Korean is pronounced as and 08 is pronounced as.. Their pronunciation have no connection with the Latin name at all Actually, I only own the 07 Number 08 is for my friend Because I think number 07 is more suitable with me It looks like this from inside Really well made Its shape is a bit different from normal lipsticks Its head were roundly shaped This is how the color turns out I think the color looks more brighter through screen It looks a bit orange right? but in real life it is not that orange The texture is pretty soft It doesn’t feel dry Beside this, I also received a … what does it called? A BRUSH to apply lipstick This one shows all the color of this lipstick’s line 8 colors in total Even though it is stain lipstick, I don’t feel dry at all The color turns out pretty nice too Number 07 is really nice ~ It makes me look younger In my opinion, if you spend 26K won ( more than 500.000VND) to buy this it is worth it. I think it is pretty ok And next! Ta-da You guys may find it a bit weird Let me open it ~ This is the tiny bag for lucky money in Korean style Pretty right? This is my first Lunar New Year after I went study abroad Last year, I couldn’t go back home so.. this year~ as a student who is studying in Korea hahaa I bought this Korean style tiny bag to give lucky money This is a set of 6 bags. It is a bit expensive 6000won for one set of 6 as i remember I think they look really nice and elegant really Korean style So I will put lucky money in here and give them to the elders and my loved ones back home Next is It is a pair of shoes Because this year I will follow girly concept In Korea, I only have sporty shoes I didn’t have any pair of shoes like this to wear dress with So I bought a pair of barbie shoes like this It looks pretty, right? Its size is 40 my shoes are in size 255 (Korean size) I also bought a velvet knee high boots Its heel is about 7 inches Recently, Knee high boots is a trend in Korea and it is not made with leather but instead it is made with velvet and it has tight strings at the back Recently, this is a new trend for Korean girls in spring and winter Therefore, I bought one in order to catch up with the trend ^^ I think there is a diversity in shoe types It does not limited within sporty shoes. There are these types of girly shoes too and the price is affordable too Coming up next is a pair of skinny jean Guess how much did i pay for it! I bought it with the price of 8500won so cheap~ isn’t it? I bought it in size 29 because my hip size is pretty big I haven’t worn any skinny jeans for the last 2 years Because after coming to Korea, I tend to wear wide leg trousers or sport pants. They are more comfortable But! since I have bought a pair of knee high heels I have to buy skinny jeans to wear with it I bought this pants on a website called ABLY A website which gathers lots of clothes shops together local shops They will upload their products on that website Normally, ordering online cost shipping fee right? but through this app, you can order with free shipping I think shipping fee in Korea is pretty expensive~ ( around 2500-3000won) but if you order through this app the shipping fee is free so I think it is pretty cheap ^^. I bought this with only 8500won Ta-da~ Isn’t it cool?? These are stickers from BT21 These are bluetooth speakers Why are there 4 of them?? Because I will have a “Give away” for you guys These are the new year gifts that i want to give to you Thank you for loving me So please wait until the end of this video to see how to sign up for this “Give away” ok? One of these will be mine ofcouse ^^ I will take Koya I think Koya will look better in my new house hahaa It is written here that comparing to normal speakers it has more advanced features such as 360 degree sound system As I searched online, 360 degree audio system full-sphere surround sound. Sounds can be placed in a 360 spherical sound field thanks to the use of both drivers that guide the sound forward and backward, emitting sound evenly in all directions. Also known as omni-directional sound. wow sound so advanced It also has another special feature which is Duo Mode it means Let me read it first ah so it is possible to connect two of them One will be left speaker and one will be right speaker The sound will be much more lively Wow sound interesting Also it has another feature which is speaker phone Our phone calls will be linked with it it can be helpful when we cannot hold on to our phone It is also written here that these speakers are able to link with Siri and Google assist I will open one of them now Oh! the reason why I only give-away 2 of them because I will give one to my niece as a present Because her birthday is at the beginning of February I will be back in Korea at that time so I will give her this as a birthday gift My niece is just 4 years old but since I let her listen to too much BTS music so she became a fan of them I will open one right now and the rest of them These two will be my Give-away gifts for you guys As you can see, its size is pretty small not heavy at all They have buttons at the back Power button (On/off) and Bluetooth button too It looks really cute It also has a plug-in to charge battery So each set has one figure like this They sell a lot of these figures in stores because my customers ordered this a lot but this speakers… I think they don’t have it in stores yet Because I haven’t seen any of it. And also I saw they are selling these speakers on MAKESTAR ! I am not sure if any of you knows about MAKESTAR. It is a company which mainly collaborate with idols and artist to produce products and survices for fans I saw they are having 51% sales for these speakers on MAKESTAR website I will put the link for you guys down below ok? If anyone thinks it is difficult too order then you can contact me ~ Here is my shop ^^ I can order for you guys instead There are 7 characters in total All of them are BT21 characters The original price is about 120.000 won But with 51% sales, the price is reduced to 59800won These are two bags which I also ordered on the ABLY app I already had one or two bag similar to this but not in this color moreover, I think this style of bag can go well with many clothes It also has another small bag inside and string also in brown color it only costs 8900won ( 180K VND) Super cheap and pretty! Ofcouse, the quality is not that high since it is a product from Taobao It cannot be as good as branded products but it is suitable to use for casual hang-outs I think it is pretty nice~ Next is… A trendy bag in Korea I saw a lot of them use this It looks like this In Korea, this kind of back is becoming trendy It is winter now~ so people wear long padding all the time When you wear long padding, it is really uncomfortable to bring shoulder bags It will constantly flip off If you wear this on your arm It will be easier to hold and convenient So a lot of Koreans are using it now I bought this with only 10.000won Not really expensive It is a really really hot item in Korea right now And ofcouse… I follow the trend I will bring these two to Viet Nam So these are the stuffs that I got for this Lunar New Year I was really excited about this year “Tet” because i couldn’t go home last year and “Tet” is when my family is at its most happiest time of the year My mom usually puts a lot of effort on “Tet” That’s why “Tet” in my family is really fun and happy So i have been waiting to go back ~ Even though I can only stay at home for 4 to 5 days But thinking about going home and meet my family already makes me feel happy I think everyone is excited about Tet Only elders or people like our moms tend to be afraid of “Tet” But kids like us are still excited whenever “Tet” is coming Me too. I am so excited right now Therefore, I have shopped a few to pretty up myself to celebrate Lunar New Year Finally~ this is the give-away section for you~ Besides these 2 speakers, I also prepared another gift for you guys I saw a lot of you guys like this cup! You guys told me to do a give-away with it Therefore, I will give it away~ I think Koreans really know how to make money ^^ Because this cup is quite expensive>.


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