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Hello, everyone. Welcome back. I’m Sreynea. For today’s video we are doing cute pink makeup because we are doing a collaboration with Pink House Cosmetic. Pink House Cosmetic is a store that sells cosmetic products of the brands Etude House and innisfree as the majority. All the products are instock so if you are interested in any product in this video you can contact them. So now let’s get started. Yes. First I’m using this which is the Fix and Fix primer which has many shades but I’m choosing this one in which its main focus is to close up our pores. For those of you who who apply makeup and feel like there are small holes like our pores are still showing you can use it before foundation or cushion as it helps cover those up and make our face look smooth. Then I’m using this Face Blur. This is also a primer which makes our skin lighter, smoother and our makeup last longer. It also gives our skin a blur effect which makes us look good in photos if we used it. Next we’re using this cushion from Etude House. This cushion has many shades and for those of you who have dark skin, there are dark shades as well but I’m choosing this pink shade. As for this cushion, as you guys can see, I’m only applying it to one side of my face and you can see that its coverage is very strong. So, for those of you who have a lot of blemishes you can use this cushion. The next product is for contouring which is the Play 101 Stick. I really like this contour stick, guys. If you watched my Cherry Makeup video, you would’ve seen it. We’re just gonna draw it on our cheekbones. Then, we’re gonna contour the nose. So you can blend it using a brush like me, or if you want to blend it with a sponge or your fingers, it’s fine. When it comes to these products when we first applied it it might look too intense, but after blending, it will be incorporated and evenly distributed. Yes. Then I’m going to set everything with innisfree’s No-Sebum You guys have seen me using this in many videos because I really love this powder. It doesn’t make us look weirdly white but it prevents oiliness, like, for those of you who get oily on your forehead or your nose, you can prevent it from happening with this powder, as it is really good. Yes, guys, our face is done and now it’s time for the brows, For the brows I’m using the brow pencil from Etude House. This one also has many colors. First we’re going to comb our brow hair then outline it based on the shape of our brows and then brush it to make it smooth the way we like it. Yeah. Next up, let’s move on to the eyes. Yes, guys. These eyeshadows are very pretty and they came with a blush and a highlighter as well. Now we’re going to start with the eyeshadows. For the eyeshadows, I’m taking like a yellow color with a tone of orange to use as a base and put it all over my eyelid. Next, I’m taking this pink color to apply it on top of the yellow color, but we’re not gonna apply it on as much as the yellow color, we’re applying it on slightly less to create shadows. Then using the brush with the leftover yellow eyeshadow, we’re gonna blend it together so they don’t look separated. Yes. After that, we’re taking another pink color, but this one is shimmery, and we’ll layer it on the last pink color to make our eyes shimmer, but not too intense, because it’s like an everyday look. I really love this, guys, it is a gold stick. This is for us to draw strokes on our eyes for stopping our eyes from looking too red. It’s too pink so I’m gonna add a gold color which I’m layering on my eyelid slightly as well as the area on our lower lash line to create a cute eyebag. After that we’re gonna draw on eyeliner. For the eyeliner we’re gonna draw it thin, like really thin. Because, for those of you that have small eyes like me, I don’t really like to draw mine thick because thick eyeliner makes the eyes look even smaller. So I’m drawing it on thinly only. Next it’s time for- for the eyeliner to not look too harsh, I’m taking a brown eyeshadow and then create a shadow on top to make it look soft and subtle and girly. This is my favorite product out of all, which is the mascara. This mascara is so easy to use and it has 2, one is for the top lashes and the other one is for the bottom lashes. So for those of you that always smear your bottom lashes like me, you can- you can use this mascara, because it’s really easy as it allows us to apply to the bottom lashes easily because the wand is a bit small. And what is even beneficial with this product is we can use it to brush our eyebrows at the head of the brows to make the hair stand upwards. So yeah. Very beneficial, guys. Okay, now our eyes are done and our brows are also done. What is left is the cheeks. It’s time for the blush and the lipstick. For the cheeks, we’re gonna use this product which is very advantageous It came out with 2 blush colors, so I’m going to use this color on my cheeks which I’m putting all over. Then I’m gonna take the pink color and put it on the inner parts of my cheeks to create a gradient effect. This product is really easy to blend as I only needed to use my finger for it to blend in without using the brush or anything. After that it’s time for the lips. For the lips, I’m taking this color and apply it all over my lips. Next I’m gonna take this color- it’s not red even though it does look red, but I put it on, it’s actually pink. So I’m putting that on my lips and then I’ll use the darkest color and layer it on my inner lips so my lips have that gradient effect. Buying this was very advantageous, guys, as I used like 3 colors on my lips or even 4-5 colors, if you want to use all of them. So we’re just gonna fix it around to the way we like it and then we’re done. We’re done. Yes. Very easy. So, guys, this is my finishing look and I hope you like it. For this look if we have like a casual dinner with the family or with friends or just casual hangouts, we can do this makeup look. As this look is cute, soft and girly. Yes, so thank you for watching and for those of you who need any of the products you can contact Pink House, and their store has 3 branches, the first one is at City Mall the second one is in front of TK Avenue and the third one is at Pencil Mall. And I’m going to leave their Facebook page and their Instagram here for you guys to see. Also, their service is really good. You can text them and buy the stuffs online as well. Thank you guys for watching and if you guys liked it don’t forget to click like and subscribe and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye-Bye! 😀

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