Top10 idols who did cosmetic surgery Let’s take a close look at them Gu-hara (Kara) Before and after She said she only did a little on the eyes and the nose. Yui (Afterschool) Before and after She also said she only did a little on her eyes. Hyomin (Tiara) Before and after (sorry the first pic is not her. our mistake!) she said “I wouldn’t say who did which part, but as of now,, i did surgery” (yeah.. looks that way..) Park-bom (2NE1) (OMG. Here we go) Before and after She is an icon of plastic surgery in the industry.(No need of more explanation) Hwang Gwang-hui (ZE:A) Before and after He said it was his responsibility to look nice to be on tv Jung Chae-yeon (Dia) :(.. Before and after (I should not have seen this) She said she did a nose job, got double-eyelid naturally in middle school (whatever you say..) Kyu-hyun (Superjunior) Before and after He said he only did eyes little bit Gong-minji (2NE1) (Who is that in the picture..) Before and after According to YG, she only did a nose Jiyeon (Tiara) Before and after She denied that she did a cosmetic surgery (In Korea, in a situation like this, we say “you cannot cover the sky with hands) Cha-oru (Fiesta) Before and after She said she only did basic stuff (lol) Anything too much can always be harmful. Thank you for watching

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