Welcome back to The Sundizz Show Today, I’m going to do my daily skincare and make up routine. I’m gonna put all the products that I use in the bio below So, if you guys want to know what products I use. Just click on the links, and be sure to leave a comment, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this video! So first things first, I wash my face in the mornings
I’ve been using this skin cleanser I think it’s really gentle What I do is, I squeeze a little bit not too much, just a little , and…. rub it all over my face. Next, I like to put on my eye cream
I ran out of my usual eye cream So I’ve just been trying this one out I use a little bit, like really little Under my eyes, very lightly, I dab, The next thing is that I use this I’ve been using this for so many years now This is for pimples It’s to balance your skin ,so if it’s too oily it makes it more balanced
If it’s too dry, it will give you some moisture. So the next thing,I do I put moisturizer on my face.
It’s really good for humid weather, especially in Taiwan
I just dab it on my face like this! My skin feels super refreshed now, and um … Yeah…that’s all I do in the mornings Umm…before makeup I always put on Papaw Okay so I’m gonna start my makeup now Before I put on any makeup
I’ve been using this SPF 15 Chantecaille
I don’t even know if that’s how you pronounce it It’s a tinted moisturizer, anti smog tinted moisturizer. So I just use a little bit , like this It just makes your skin look so smooth So,just to make sure that it’s evenly distributed all over my face I use this Beauty Blender. So after putting on that tinted moisturizer I haven’t been using foundation lately just because I feel like my skin is quite moisture and I don’t want it to look really thick on my daily makeup I’ve been using this one for a long time it’s the cinema secrets foundation Wait that’s like upside down I have this brush It’s from Sephora. So what I do is I put a little on the brush and… I just cover under the parts of my eye Then, I use the beauty blender and i blend it all in Okay, so I think that’s is pretty good ! What I like to use next is the Anastasia contour kit. The three parts of my face, that I like to shadow is the top of my forehead This part, to make you look a little slimmer and the jaw line here. Next, we do my brows. I use the Amy Jean powder How I do my brows is that I actually just like the shape of my brows already So I just kind of fill it up a little more I’m done with my brows. I just filled it up and I like to kind of pull it down just a little bit Next, I am going to do eye shadow I like using the Tartlet Palette I like this color, because it’s just really good for everyday Dizzy: I can see you ! Sunny: What’s up ! Dizzy: OMG! Sunny: I’m just making sure you are doing the right things….you know the correct brush strokes, very important it’s like art. Dizzy: Oh okay, like you know. Sunny: Yah.. I’m like a master make up artist. Dizzy: Oh, you are? OK ! guys Sunny: If you guys need any help or makeup tutorial. I’m here for your guys. Dizzy: We have to do a husband does my makeup. Let’s see how good you are, sunny!
Sunny: I’ll do it. That will killed on Youtube!!!! You guys comment and let us know if you wanna see me ”SUNNY BOYYY” the master make up artist do Dizzy’s makeup. Hey! I’m telling you, you guys gonna love it! Sunny: You guys will be impressed at how good I am. Dizzy: Okay,so remember to comment and subscribe to The Sundizz Show Sunny: I’ll be waiting for you guys. Dizzy: Wait! Why are you all dressed up, where are you going? Sunny: Cause we got the EMC Vlog later then she’s gonna be in it! Dizzy: Oh Sunny: You’re holding your brush wrong. Yep! You’re holding it wrong. Dizzy: What do you mean? Sunny: I’ll see you guys. Dizzy:I’m not holding my brush wrong! As I was saying before Sunny came and bombarded my video I put this color on top of my lids Next, I use this color the light one to just mix it in. And then i got back and I use this color And do my under eye, just a little ,so… And next …we go on to the eyeliner I use this eyeliner from NARS. It’s not really black it’s actually, I don’t even know what it is it’s like a little dark brownish , so what I like to do is I just go inside my eyelid I love this color eyeliner,because it’s not really black, it’s not too dark. Next, what I do is I curl my lashes. You gotta be super careful ,when you’re using these things Next thing I do is put on mascara I use this Lancome mascara. It’s the base, and I only put mascara on my top eyelids just because I don’t like it kind of smudging throughout the day For my mascara I’m using the Tarte Mascara. It’s a waterproof one, I really like it! Okay ! so I’m done with my eyes and umm… and after my eyes, I always like to just put on extra little bit of concealer, to cover up any parts that I’ve missed. This! And I like to use this brush. It is really good to just blend out softly Okay, so this makes my skin look more clean The last little bit is I add a little bit more shadow on my nose I go back to this pellet the Anastasia contour kit And I use, this brush and I just shadow in the nose just a bit So it just gives a little definition on your nose as you can see This is the benefit Dandelion blush I use this from Mac because it gives it a bit more shape. I like this blush color because it makes it look very refreshed and natural, it just gives a little bit of pink and peachiness to your cheeks. Next I’m going to use a highlighter, this is my favorite highlighter it’s from Becca. So this little fan brush I brush a little bit on like this , shake it and I put it on top of my cheekbones here. I also like to put highlighter and my nose in the middle here and this spot and also on top of my lips here , and under my brows. Tada!!! I love this highlighter because it just gives your face this
really really beautiful glow. So, last I like to use this Laura Mercier, translucent powder. So i just dab it and… Tada!! So this is all set t I think it’s looking pretty natural And lastly, I’d like to line the lips to make it look thicker I’ve been using this Tarte lip liner and what I do is line the lips I’ve just finished lining my lips and then, I like to use this color and I color it in my lips. Okay ! I’m done so I like it how these two colors kind of blend in with each other. And that is my daily make up routine And I’m gonna tie my hair up Alright, I hope you enjoyed this video. My daily skin care and makeup routine and remember to subscribe and comment below! See you guys next time ! Peace!


  1. Dizzy, please share your skincare routine day and night, and how you take care of your skin generally. Would be fun to watch Sunny doing your makeup. 🙂

  2. SUNNY老師!聽上去很那麼回事喔~🤪🥰不知是化妝屆的清流還是化妝屆的泥石流呢?!快讓我們看看~😎

  3. FINALLY! Video that I've requested and have been waiting! YOU'RE AN ABSOLUTE GORGEOUS DIZZY, INSIDE OUT! 😍

  4. 詳細又簡捷的基礎保養和彩妝介紹👍


  5. 第一次看妳的影片好喜歡妳,很自然,大方。
    請問Dizzy 所使用的日常保養是否較不適合乾燥國家?如德國,謝謝妳。
    想看Sunny 幫妳化妝😊

  6. dizzy look so gorgeous😍 and want see sunny boy help dizzy make up!
    and dizzy this make up turtorial so nice to be try! love you dizzy😘

  7. Hi Dizzy, you are incredibly gorgeous and I love your video. Is it possible to know the name of the BGM start from 5:40mins? SO GREAT the music you used, love the vibe so much! wish you a beautiful day:)

  8. I am absolutely in love with your look and routine! It’s so natural and spot on. I will definitely check out some of the products! Please keep on uploading videos

  9. Please! I really want to watch Sunny “the makeup master” doing makeup for Dizzy! Looking forward to the video 😆😆

  10. Wow! I’ve had the Tarte palette for a longggg time but I’ve been too safe to explore other colors! Thanks for the doing the tutorial.

    PS: Looking forward to Sunny Boy make up for Dizzy! ✌️

  11. 真的好喜歡看Sundizz Show的影片🥰

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