ETUDE HOUSE – trying out some KOREAN MAKEUP products

Hi everyone, thank you for watching. In today’s video We will be trying some Korean makeup products from the brand Etude House. So, let’s get started. I didn’t wanted to buy that much because first I wanted to try them out and then… you know what I mean? No? Okay… The first product is this Aloe vera soothing gel. And what you can find on their website says, the ultra moisturizing soothing gel forms a refreshing moisture layer over dry, flaky skin with aloe from pristine, Jeju Island. How to apply: apply on the face, body and hair whenever soothing or moisturizing effect is needed. Ok, so that’s what we’re going to do. It’s really really so refreshing. I will apply the rest on my neck. After that I would go for a normal moisturizer and I have this face milk from Colourpop. I will be applying all the products I normally would* before my makeup. Now, I would go for foundation but because I have a Concealer let me stop here. And this is the Big Cover Skin Fit Concealer Pro and what you can find on their website says, Closely-adhering to the skin tone. Like a firm second skin for flawless skin. How to apply: Adjust an appropriate amount on the tip and apply it on your desired area such as dark circles, redness Problem areas and scars in a tapping motion for close adherence. I would normally apply it here on my dark circle. Just a little bit. Even though I know I need a lot. here my scars Pretty much. That’s it. Oh also here as a shadow primer. Okay. So first I would use my fingers to blend it out. Hmm I don’t know what to say, I think it has light coverage. but Well Yeah, it’s looking pretty natural. Mmm, I’m not sure how you can see this, but I like it. It doesn’t look like makeup, right? I just have Concealer right now and my skin doesn’t look that bad. Or is it just me? I don’t know what you think guys, but I really like it. Let me add a little bit more to see if we can build the coverage up. This is my problematic area you know here, the center. I did like how it looked like on the first application And the second one is not that bad. At least for what I’m looking for I don’t dislike it. Now, let’s move on to… foundation I normally just add (apply*) it on my nose Because it’s where you can see my pores a little bit on my cheeks and around the mouth Cha-chan. Okay. Now, I will set it with a little bit of powder Just here On my chin a little bit on my nose and my eyelid. I don’t set my under eye area because It’s too dry. Okay… Brows and I do have this one and this is a brow gel and what you can find on their website says Slightly touch eyebrow in the opposite direction of eyebrow to layer color. So first, I will do my eyebrows as I would normally do. Guys I’m sorry but I will be doing the rest of the video voiceover because my brother was there and I just couldn’t keep talking. I was even turning red. Oh gosh I did like the brow gel, although I think it was a little too light for me But overall I did like it. I’ve been curling my lashes before applying any eyeshadow, so I won’t remove anything. This is one of the eyeshadows from the Tom and Jerry collection. I have the shade “Thomas cat”, which is a beautiful deep pink. I will be applying it with a blending brush all over my crease. It was super easy to apply and blend. Please ignore my lash near my mouth. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize it was there… With a pointed brush, I will apply it on the outer portion and a little bit on the center of my eyes. With a small rounded brush, I will apply it on my lower lash line as well. Guys, I looked for this eyeshadow on their international website, and I couldn’t find it. I clicked on other pages, but it was unavailable. I found it on their Japanese website. What they mention on the description is that this is a monochromatic melting eyeshadow that gives your eyes a wet-look finish. I’m not sure but it doesn’t seem to be available worldwide. So I apologize for that. This lipstick is from their line Better Lips-Talk Velvet. Mine is in the shade Lovable Beige and it has a magnetic holder. So, this is the complete look. I won’t deny that I loved this lipstick. Even though it has a matte finish, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the lips. Once again, thank you so much for watching guys. Hope this video was useful Don’t forget to leave your comments down below and I will see you on my next video. Bye

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