Fish scale in lipstick | Lipstick facts

Women use lipsticks to improve their beauty Without lipstick makeup is incomplete. Many girls are so crazy that they choose the color of lipstick according to their dress. Since ancient civilization, the use of lipstick has been fluctuating. Let’s know the specific things related to lipstick. It is said that the first lipstick created by humans was found in Mesopotamia 400 or 500 years ago. The women of the Mesopotamian civilization used to be quite fancy at that time. They used to decorate the precious gems on their lips to attract their lips. It is said that Cleopatra, who was the last active ruler of the Egyptian Tolemaic Empire, crushed the ants and made her red lipstick. In ancient Greece women used to lipstick were condemned. At that time it was believed that sex workers only used lipsticks. In the Roman Empire, lipsticks were used by both men and women. It was used to determine the social class rather than the gender. You probably don’t know about this, but in order to make most lipstick a shiny, fish scale i.e. Pearl Essence is used in lipsticks. It is said that women who use lipstick daily, eat at least 4 pounds of lipstick in their life. Although you have not paid attention to this, but lipstick sales increase in the rainy season. This round is called “Lipstick Effect” The red lipstick shows you younger than the age. Lipstick also has expiry. It is advised by the expert that if lipstick is not used for two years then it starts to develop stench. So keep them in the fridge to keep the lipstick alive.

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