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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, so today is gonna be another demo where test and review of another foundation It is the year of foundation for me you guys I do have a series going with my friend Abby bliss white on niche foundations which tend to be more expensive They’re a little bit more luxury that kind of thing so I really wanted to search out and find a great foundation at the drugstore that’s very hard for me because I don’t usually gravitate towards drugstore foundations But I did see this foundation from covergirl It is their outlast active asad at my local Walgreens now I want to read to a little bit about this foundation before I go ahead and put it on from the covergirl website is supposed to be Sweat proof transfer proof humidity proof and up to 24 hour where that does not clog your pores It does come in 12 shades Although I have seen other places people say that it comes in 18 So I’m not sure if there’s maybe six more shades coming but right now you can definitely get from pretty light to pretty dark I am going to demo this with a Beauty Blender with my Sonia Kashuk sponge just like I always do with all of my foundations I want you to know that the way that I prep my skin is like I always do So what I have done today is I have used my Obagi hydrate Which is my moisturizer that I’m just using right now, you can use any moisturizer that you want. Of course I like to do one pump of this and then I do take my trusty Tsukioka tsukada, this is the urea moisture essence. This is as you all know Non-negotiable always in my skincare routine. I Put a little bit of this on top of my hydrate. This is how I’m doing it right now You guys put a little bit of it on top of my hydrate and I literally like mush them together This is not a scientific way to apply your moisturizer but I’m really enjoying it and then I Emulsify it in my hands and I put it all over my face down my neck. It’s able to spread on to my decollete I will put some on the back of my hands I really love it that way because the hydrate is pretty thick moisturizer and I Feel like this is able to kind of spread it out. I get all those fantastic Moisturizing ingredients and they spread very far and they soak in quickly for my eye creams right now And what I have on today is I do have on my Sanitas. This is the vitae K I use this every single day – it is a vitamin K based I cream and I do feel like it does help with my dark circles due to Vascular issues. It’s not doing anything about the hyperpigmentation But I feel like it’s helping with those leaky capillary dark circles, and it’s not expensive. I like this one very much and then the last thing that I’m doing is I am going in with my eye cream from sukiyaki sooo how to Guys, this is still the same tube I have talked about now for months and months and months and I still have Probably a third or more of this tube left just a really excellent Hydrating eye cream. Okay, so that is what I have on as far as skin care. I’m then using as my sunscreen slash primer I am using my skin aqua from Seraph. It just really love this sunscreen so much It’s 10 bucks 12 bucks something like that. And it’s just excellent. I love it. So that’s what I have on my face Nothing else. I do have on my eye shadow already and I have on my mascara already So we are gonna go in again with color 825 I am gonna put a little on the back of my hand. I want to show you That’s the color that’s 825. You can kind of see it’s Not super thick I would say that this is a pretty true neutral 825. I don’t feel like it leans yellow or pink You Okay, so that’s about as much as I would normally use I want you guys to see how much is still left on my hand So I didn’t I didn’t go crazy and it really did give a good coverage I’m gonna move you in a little bit closer here. So I feel like it gives a pretty natural Looking finish it is not matte. It is not Luminous but it does just look like pretty good skin you guys. Um, I do feel like it is relatively set Doesn’t set down to a powder or anything like that. I am gonna finish my face really quickly I’m going to do that in fast-forward and then we will do some final thoughts for now and then I’ll check in again. Later So I just want to give you a close-up look of the foundation you guys it is such a pretty foundation I can’t Almost believe that it’s CoverGirl’s so I feel like it gives a very nice skin finish I think that it is probably a medium coverage It’s definitely like I said, not matte But it is not dewy it’s just really skin like and it definitely just blurs it Covers my melasma pretty well okay, so I’m gonna finish my eyebrows and I’m gonna check in with you guys in a few hours and we’re gonna see how this Works see okay guys, you’re gonna get a car check in here because I wanted to show you in the natural light It’s cloudy day, and we’ve actually gotten some snow today. It’s been crazy So I have actually walked a little bit in the snow and and this foundation has held up So so well, so I’m gonna give you a close-up here. So again, I am literally in the light of outside so that you can see I feel like my skin just looks like skin, I I really am enjoying this foundation very very much It feels very lightweight on the skin and I definitely don’t feel like it’s transferring onto my clothes I’m wearing a coat, you know that sits up. It’s not all over the rim of my coat nothing like that I definitely don’t think it’s as You know bulletproof as like Double Wear, but it’s also much much lighter than double we’re definitely the whole idea of active outlast is exactly, right because it feels like something that you could wear and it’s breathable and light and Not necessarily super makeup be feeling once again. I totally forgot to do my eyebrows. I forgot to do my eyebrows Can you believe it but at least I did my my concealer today. So, you know, I mean can’t win them all right, so I will check back in with you guys one last time and Give you my final thoughts Obviously you can tell where this is going. Okay, guys, I am back it has been about six-and-a-half hours since I put this foundation on I wanted to do a check-in while I has you’ll have decent light and You know, so you can really see close up the foundation spoiler alert. I love it. I am so impressed with this foundation Especially for a drugstore and I just want to reiterate that it is one ounce and it ranges anywhere from about eleven dollars To about fifteen depending on where you buy it when I checked on the covergirl website They had Amazon listed as well as CVS. So I am gonna link both of those retailers down below I did get the color 825 which is buff beige and it’s a perfect match for my NC 2023 skin now Let’s take a quick close-up so you can see on my forehead that I got a tiny bit shiny But it still looks pretty good. I mean it still is pretty well intact I feel like it just held up extremely well all day long and I checked my face in the mirror I thought that my skin just looked like good skin. It didn’t look especially Made up and it didn’t look like I had makeup on that was breaking down Nothing like that. I’m very very impressed. It’s very comfortable It is an SPF of 20 I of course always wear my dedicated sunscreen anyway, if you have tried this covergirl foundation Comment down below. Let me know what you think Let us know in the comments if you have tried this foundation What your skin tone ranges, are you an NC 25 and you bought this color that kind of thing It’d be really helpful for everybody when trying to color match if in the comment section people who have tried the foundation list what their skin is and What foundation they bought I think that we could all get a lot of good information from that I hope you guys are having a fantastic week and I will talk to you again very very soon

42 thoughts on “Foundation Review: Covergirl Outlast Active | Demo | Wear Test | Review

  1. Penn, I found the concealer today you reviewed yesterday at Walmart…my question is how do you pick the best color for your skin ,since you can't test them in the store?

  2. Oooh so glad your reviewing this foundation. I've been interested in this foundation. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your channel and I've purchased a few of your hyperpigmentation recommendations. Loving the Hada Labo Shirojyun Arbutin Lotion!

  3. Question, what are your recommendations for an eye cream for fine lines or wrinkles? I'm only 29, but I'm taking my whole anti aging skincare routine very seriously.

  4. Thanks for the review! I purchased this foundation a few days ago in the shade 810. It’s a great match for my NC20 skin tone. Really enjoying it and will repurchase.

  5. So pretty penny! Seriously! It’s so hard to find skin finish that doesn’t get overly dewy on me! I may try it! Love you sweetness!! So beautiful!!!😘😘😘

  6. Wow. That is one good looking foundation. Skin-like but better for sure. I will definitely be trying this on my combination skin. Love you! – xx, Carla

  7. It looks good on you, Penny ♥️
    I just purchased the L'Oréal Infallible "Fresh wear". Haven't ever really worn Cover Girl foundation, when I was in Middle school I remember using Maybelline Shine Free and L'Oréal foundation that was in a frosted bottle.
    Thank-you for the review/wear test.

  8. I really need help with both finding my best skin improvement for my aging skin and also finding a different foundation to help with idk not settling in my lines but pulling the eye away from them. Also to help with not looking so aged and cakey. Also don’t get me started on my dark circles…. lol. Wish I lived closer and could afford to come see you for guidance.
    Nice video. 🦋

  9. So pretty!!! I have been trying the Covergirl Matte and love that. Drugstore has been stepping up. Great video Penn!! XOXOX

  10. Good evening gorgeous. Humidity proof would be good for me. The coverage is very natural. Your right it’s not matte or luminous but I’m loving the color on you. Especially in natural light. Thank you for the close ups. Lightweight and transfer proof is always a good think. Thank you for the price and how much you get in the tube. Excellent view sweetie. Hugs 🤗

  11. The foundation looks pretty on you. I have not tried this one. You should try the Loreal Infallible freshwear 24 hour foundation, I really like that one, it looks pretty on the skin and I am normal to oily in the T-zone. I really like the Loreal corrector pensil you used, it blends so nicely. Hugs, Clara 💓

  12. I just started using this foundation yesterday. I’m 51 and do physical therapy for a living…….so far so good!

  13. Hi Penny! What a pretty skin-like foundation. I love that Cover Girl is now cruelty free!!! I am super interested in trying this one out. It’s nice to have a good drugstore foundation. I was cracking up about the brows because I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t forget a step in my beauty routine. I always seem to figure it out pretty quickly when I do the car mirror check. What is it about the car mirror? It’s either great or, more likely, a freak out. It certainly tells the truth. 🤩. Thanks for the wonderful foundation reviews. Really helpful. I’m going to get that Decorte highlighter. So good!❤️

  14. Good Morning Penny, wow that CG foundation looks FABULOUS on you, very natural and the shade is perfect. I am ordering it ASAP!! It definitely has some nice lasting power too!! Thanks for sharing! Happy Thursday! Love you! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  15. I think the CoverGirl foundation is definitely winner!! Just might need to give it a try!! Blessings, and love, Penny…MaryEllen
    P.S. Your brows look great without doing anything to them.

  16. Penn, the foundation looks flawless 😀😀. I noticed that you don't powder under your eyes after concealer. Is there a reason? The Decorte Dip n Glow highlighter is an unknown for me, not heard of it before. Seems interesting. Is it a gel type?

    Oh yes, confession time …… I left the house in a hurry to get to work ….. Minus my panties 😯😯😯😯!! All day wearing no underwear…. Shocking 😂😂😂😂. xxx 💕💕💕xxx

  17. Gosh maybe I should have tried this one! Spoiler alert Advanced Radiance … mmmm not favoring that one and I've been trying it a variety of ways…more to come later LOL YOU look wonderful in this though! I'm a NC18 – 20 depending on which one I use and Classic Ivory works well for me in Covergirl 😉 xoxo Mary

  18. Hello! This looks absolutely fantastic on you!
    It’s always so great to find a foundation that’s affordable and with such a nice finish.
    Thanks for sharing! Xx

  19. Thanks for hunting down amazing products Penny. As a foundation snob I was blown away by the Covergirl Outlast Foundation… really nice texture. Your videos are super helpful. 🌹

  20. I tried this foundation and hated it, it smells terrible and at the end of the day it looked terrible and the cover girl matte made is one of my favorites. The matte made foundation makes my skin look airbrushed, this one on me is shockingly awful.

  21. I absolutely love this formula but I can’t find a yellow enough shade. I bought both shade 825 and 832. Both look pink on my skin. I’m still trying to make them work by mixing in other foundations, but I wish Covergirl would have the same shades as their Matte Made range.

  22. I was surprised that I love this foundation too! I'm in the gym 5 X a week doing bootcamp style classes or spin.It holds up well, and doesn't burn my eyes when I start sweating. I wanted something with SPF and better coverage than a tinted moisturizer that I could throw on quick in the morning. I rub it in with my fingers, and it blends well while providing decent coverage with 1 layer. I highly recommend!

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