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foresees video I’m redoing this make a
plug are at high I have no idea what I’m going to call this yacht I just really
want to do something that was a girly and fresh and just right and and are now
I just got a whole lot of looks like the song general and was really inspired me
to do this luck is actually just sent me a plethora of eye shadows and I was so
excited you guys know that I love makeup either one of my favorite eyeshadow
brands though when I got in the mail I will certainly have something specific
in mind when doing this but I just knew that I wanted it to be more girly and be
more writer I kinda just play with makeup and really have a strategic plan
and mine like they usually do I was just kind of playing with makeup and I really
love how it so I’m feeling in my eyebrows with the Anastacio prowess I do
have a full in depth video on how I feel in my browser I will post it down below
some starting with my faith and first I’m going in with these two primaries
which is totally unnecessary but the one that I’m using now is from the USA and
it’s great for oily skin and if you are acne prone for that and now I’m using
the Makeup Forever smoothing primer and I love this one for filling in any
Poor’s lines and texture on my skin acts I’m going in with my favorite foundation
this is the toothpaste Born This Way Foundation and amusing as flat top
kabuki brush from makeup geek I just purchased this brush and I’ve been
loving it so far a little bit more dense than the one
from Sigma but they’re both great and here you can see the before and after
the foundation good stuff now I’m concealing and using the Urban Decay
Naked skin concealer and I think I’m in the light warm shade so I’m just going
to conceal and also use this to highlight my face and to blend that and
I’m using the 3d HDTV movi brush from Sigma ever use this brush in a while but
I had some technical difficulties I went in with this dome shaped brush from the
same like kabuki brush kit and I just blended out what I had an
inner corners and I couldn’t reach with the other brush now I’m using the sole a
ten day Chanel cream bronzer from she know and I’m using this round top kabuki
brush from Sigma I’ve been loving this brush to blend out this cream brands are
lately I feel like it just blend so much easier than the angled one and gives a
really flawless finish I also really love this bronzer for contouring my nose
because the blinds so easily now to set the highlighted areas and using the
emphasize protein powder from math and I’m just setting my under eye highlight
with this paper highlighter brush from Sigma and then I’m going cute contour my
face and amusing this makeup geek blush brush for this I purchased this the same
time I purchased the foundation brush and I’ve been loving it so far I usually
use the math 140 I think it is a 104 and this is just a little bit more dance so
it gives you more precision with your contouring and it applies more product
so you don’t have to keep going back and over and over again so so far so good
I’m going with this plush called Pini Patil this is for math and I love this
blush I just feel like it’s so girly and feminine and fresh and I just love it
especially with this look I feel like it just made it it just completed it for me
and I’m using this blush brush from said much you a private bush to highlight my
cheeks and using this pH mosaic shimmer block from Laura Mercier and any use the
latest two shades mixing together and use that to highlight my cheekbones it
gives a really pretty champagne peach pink color and I just think it’s so
pretty and then I’m also using this to highlight the rest of my face the nose
cupid’s bow all that jazz and that with my blush brush them to take the darker
shades from the shimmer block and just run it over top of my blush to give a
really nice sheen I’ve been loving lately moving on to the eyes and using
this painterly Paint Party for math and this latter me a really long time I’ve had this for over a year and it
still isn’t dried out and I still have a lot of product left now I’m just priming
my eyes with my finger and I’m not gonna set it with the usual Anastacio contour
kit like I usually do I’m just gonna go straight and with this I shadow this is
brown makeup geek and the color vanilla bean and it’s a really great transition
shade or like a base transition shade kind of like I would use Peach Smoothie
but it’s very neutral in very close to my skin tone without too much lol I’ve
been loving it and just applying this with my d40 brush from Sigma and then
I’m gonna go and with the color nearly naked this also comes from and it’s a
little bit more of a neutral brown eyeshadow so with that same e-40 brush
from Sigma I’m gonna bust this into the crease and I’m gonna do it really
sloppily I’m not gonna be very precise with this same with the other color just
get it on all over that crease area now I’m gonna take cupcake this is also from
makeup again this is a make a buchanan and I’m gonna take me 25 brush which is
a little bit more precise than the e-40 and I’m just going to work this into the
crease from the outer to the inner corner just make it very around and
blown out and this just gives a really pretty pinky purple Imam kind of huge to
the IMA really really love this color did you been upto tad and using country
girl and on that scene e25 brush I’m just going to focus is mainly in the
outer corner of that crease area and then one there’s a little bit left on
the brush after you put the majority of it on the outer corner I’m just going to
slowly work that to the inner corner so mainly focus on the outer and slowly but
surely work into the inner then whatever’s left on your e-40 brushes go
ahead and plan that out I think I had some vanilla bean are purely make it
left over on it it really doesn’t matter just blended oh so this is the star of
the show which is perfect because called starry-eyed and it’s such a beautiful
color this is one of makeup geeks boiled I shadows and it’s so beautiful it looks
like you sprayed it with textplus or something but honestly you don’t even
need to i didnt spray my brush at all and this is as pigmented as it goes on it makes your eyes look like they’re
what what I personally love and they’re so pigmented and battery already had one
of these before me happy sent me the advice autos already knew
that I love the formulas oh man I got all these other colors I was I was so
excited so this is just one of the most beautiful colors it’s almost like a
vanilla kinky base to it and she’s really pretty now whatever is left over e25 brush and just going to put this in
the crease and helpful and out that urge so it’s not too harsh and that way you
have a nice separation between the pink and the transition colors without it
being harsher than I am highlighting my brow bone and using that same vanilla
being shared and I’m just putting this right under the eyebrow and later on I
also put this in the inner corner of the eye and I’ll just go back and find out a
little bit more whatever is left on your brush that I always do this with every
let’s just go back and blood now applying some mascara any kind will work
i think im using demineralized mascara from Mac because I’m gonna be putting
false lashes on if you’re not going to be putting false lashes on feel free to
use of more voluminous mascara if you want but this is perfect for rape report
alleges lashes that I’m wearing are the viola lashes from mosquito I really like
these because they’re very separating if that makes any sense they’re just they
found out really nicely and they also laying out on the outer corner which
looks really pretty now I’m putting some eyeliner to connect to the inner corner
of the eye up to the eyelash and as always I have the world’s watery eyes
and you can see the difference between that liner I couldn’t do it on camera
though because my eyes were like watering like crazy now I’m taking
country girl and I’m just putting this right on the bottom lash line and then
I’m going cue put this new liner from Rimmel in the water line and 54321 I am
I i so when they let my I kind of cool offer a couple of minutes I came back
and I blend it out the bottom with my favorite brush to do this is the ethics
7 from Sigma I think I used a little bit of cupcake and just help to find out
that under eye area made it really bugged out and seamless you have a hard time finding out the
under eye area always go back in with the new Jade can finally being color and
that will help you find it out even worry make it look very just got out and
seamless and taking that vanilla bean color that we used for the brow bone and
putting it in the inner corner just to break up that I and then follow up with
mascara on your bottom lash line and it’s all just kind of complement the top
lashes and open up the eye and really bright awake and fresh for my lips I’m
using this color from UA at the color Kate and this color is so pretty I’m
really wanna it’s just a baby pink but it’s brighter but still neutral I don’t
even know how to explain it it’s just beautiful and then I took a lower lip
liner from mars and just mind my left and I also kind of faded it in a little
bit just to let it wasn’t like a harsh line of lip liner they really
complemented each other really well even though they’re two completely different
colors and Dan I went in with the flipped classroom buxom in the color
Nicole came in my Etsy bag from La two months ago and I’ve never used it but
it’s beautiful and not a fan of the tangle but I ended up getting used to it
but I just really been loving this whole color combinations three totally
different colors but I think they just compliment each other really well and
look really pretty and then I thought that I didn’t have enough on so I packed
on a whole bunch of that genie bottle for Mac again and yeah just want him
with that blush and once I did that then the look is complete for the video I really hope you guys
liked it let me know all of the month of
September I know it’s August but I gotta get out so let me know anything I was
almost in the infobox along with everything apart of that I used in this
video and everything else that you need to know discount codes so much for
watching and I was next time

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