Full-Face Makeup Routine: Spring Edition – How to Apply a Full Face – Makeup Tips

let’s get started clean face serum
moisturizer my skin is good to go pop these curls up out the way I’m gonna be
getting started with Ink lasting primer from the faceshop and I’m just gonna
take a squirt of that and we’re gonna apply this all over the face but really
focusing on the t-zone and where it’s uneven you know that bumpy texture. you
really want the purpose of primer is to smooth everything out keep your makeup
from seeping into your pores into your wrinkles and just give you like an
airbrushed smooth you know that beauty filter look that’s what we’re wanting
okay we’re gonna start with a damp Beauty Blender again with the cashmere
complexion my shade is toasty another tip when you’re matching your foundation
you want to look at the color of the veins in your wrist if they’re mostly
green you have warm undertones if they’re mostly blue or purple you have
cool undertones if they’re mix of both like mine are you can see some green a
little bit of blue and purple you’re a neutral undertone and then when you’re
picking a foundation shade don’t match to the back of your hand I’ve seen
people in the stores matching to the back of their hand or to their arm you
want to pick somewhere right back here on the back of your cheek and or on your
jaw and match to there and that’s gonna help everything blend seamlessly as you
can tell like my arm is not the same color as my face so if I were to match
to my hand or my arm I’m gonna look funny compared to my neck so I’m gonna
go in and I’m just gonna doesn’t have to be neat cuz we’re just gonna blend it
all in now this stuff does have a super matte finish which I love and it’s so
lightweight but it’s a very full coverage if you can see like that
psoriasis spot that was flaring up right there completely covered it does dry
pretty quick though because it is a 24 hour wear so it’s made to be super
long-lasting again which I love so you want to make sure UGHH I just dripped it on
my PANTS okay you don’t have to go with this fast I’m just trying to
like I don’t want to make you guys watch a 20 minute video of me doing my makeup
okay so we’re gonna blend and you want to bounce
into your skin or pack them to your skin you don’t want to smear one it’s gonna
smear it and push the foundation around it’s gonna be really unevenly spread
it’s also gonna push it into your Beautyblender again what you don’t want
so you just want to gently bounce it into your skin make sure we’re blending
blending blending blending you want to blend till your arm hurts okay when you
start to get like a little tingle in your fingers and you know that you blended long enough okay next we’re gonna go in with concealer and I’m using the
cashmere complexion longwear concealer my shade is macaroon you want to go a
couple shades lighter than your foundation same undertone category so if
you’re in the warm undertone category you want to have a warm undertone
concealer as well cool undertone cool undertone concealer neutral you know you
can go either way the main goal is to go lighter than your foundation so if you
want to just conceal then you’ll go about two shades lighter than your
foundation if you want to brighten I go about three or four shades lighters so
we’re gonna take this and we are not gonna go in a semicircle under our eye I
know that that’s is it’s a habit because you go in the direction they are
under-eye forms but when you do that you’re still you’re concealing the color
but since you’re going along with that shape right there where you get the deep
set puffiness or you know dark circles you’re just going to draw brighter more
attention to that area so what we’re gonna do is bring it down and then go in
a triangle and it doesn’t have to be neat like I said we’re gonna blend this
out so you’re concealing and blending it in to the rest of your skin to conceal
that area right there where you get the deep set under eyes I’m gonna bring it a
little bit over my eye take the corner of your Beauty Blender Pat it in blend
it up and then you want to blend it across the very top of your cheekbone so
if you see me do that again I got I’m looking over here in the mirror okay
now down the side of our nose and up out in that big triangle and again I
will bring a little bit over my eye just to kind of blend everything together and
we can already see how that brightened my eyes instead of drawing attention to
my dark circles and to give your highlight a little bit extra boost you
can take a tiny bit just draw a little X here little
strip right here alright and what you’re doing is just where the light would hit
the high points of your face that’s where we’re gonna try and draw the
attention to I do contour slightly I don’t do the
full like let’s draw stripes on our face and look like we’re doing some kind of
you know ritual I like to go in with the Magix Wand when you have your
foundation this is your base color when you’re concealing or brightening or
highlighting you’re going to two four shades lighter than your base color with
contouring you’re wanting to darken those areas so we’re gonna go to two
three shades darker so in this I went with amaretto so you can see it’s
definitely darker than my foundation I have a large forehead I have a
heart-shaped face I do rock my bangs so I don’t really contour my forehead often
but I will go ahead and show you guys how I do it I’ll just take this and draw
right here and then a smaller one kind of like we’re going for the Wi-Fi symbol
so I’m gonna take this and I usually feel for where my cheekbone is which if
you smile here’s the apples of my cheeks and here is my cheekbone so I’m gonna go
right under that and you can feel the hollow of your cheek and I’m just gonna
draw a short line right in the hollow of my cheek bone I’m not gonna like color
and I’m not gonna bring it all the way down I’ll do it again on the jawline you’re
just gonna go right under and I’m just taking it and just kind of flicking a
small line just we’re gonna take this side and we’re gonna pat bounce bounce bounce bounce until that is blended you see how now we have a highlight here and
more of a shadow here so it gives the appearance that this side of my forehead
you can already kind of see a difference appears that this side of my forehead is
a little bit smaller that’s what we’re going for ladies and gents small
forehead slim face nobody likes a six head I’m just kidding
I love my six head it’s not even really a six it’s more of like a four and a
half so there’s our forehead I’m gonna go in the jaw and I’m gonna bring it up
this way under my jaw and down towards my chin and make sure that it is blended
out because we don’t want to see any lines we do not want to go in public and
people know that we have contoured I give the illusion that this is our
natural face this is how we wake up looking and we’re like Beyonce and we
woke up like this okay with this I’m gonna you want to bring it
up so you don’t want to like go like this and you don’t want to push it down
because we want that to give the appearance that we’re lifting everything
okay so you can see this side just the line uncontoured this side blended and
contoured when we turn and give that appearance of a little bit more of a
shadow more of a hollow cheekbone okay we’re gonna do the same on the other
side and now we have slim face small forehead
we woke up like this remember we woke up like this this is all natural so today
I’m gonna use my cream blush I am using the true color be blushed cream blush in
blushing nude I apply to the apples of my cheeks and blend out so I am just
gonna put a little here and if you don’t make the weird faces when you’re doing
your makeup you’re doing it wrong okay so now that we look like a doll I’m
gonna go in with my fat blush brush and we’re gonna blend it out this way we’re
gonna fan outside because we want to stay along that cheekbone you want to
make sure it’s very very well blended because again we’re not going for a doll
look we’re not going for a scary like I drew pink stripes on my face look we
want to give the appearance that this is natural and this is how we woke up okay
so now that we are blended that’s it for the base um for right now now we’re
gonna go back in and highlight I am using the get me glowing dazzle drops
these are a rose gold shade I like the rose gold for spring because I’m really
into the very faint pink shades a little pops of rose gold and glimmer and gold I
usually just take a tiny tiny amount on the back of my hand so we’re gonna take
a little bit of this on the tip of my ring finger here that’s how much I’m
using and we’re gonna pop it on the high point of our cheekbone and just kind of
blend around in small circles and just very very very very gently tapping and then I take a tiny amount and we’ll
flick it up the bridge of my nose here and gently gently gently blend right on
the bridge I go like like you’re trying to tickle your own nose just like very
very gentle and light because we don’t want to push because then the fatness on
our finger will curve around and we really just want to get it on the
highest point like okay I’m gonna take it just a tiny bit more because I like
to pop a little bit more right on the tip get myself a little button nose
and take a tiny bit more and do the same on our Cupid’s bow right here we
want to highlight that to give the appearance that we’re getting more of a
lift okay I don’t know why I’m holding my hand up
over here like I need it like it’s some kind of palette but we’re doing it and I
just have a tiny bit left here highlight just a tiny bit I don’t highlight a lot
on my chin because the reason you highlight your chin is to give the
appearance again we’re going for that slim narrow jawline I already have a
heart-shaped face so my jawline is on very wide but I do like it to match the
rest of my face so now we have highlighted so I’m going with my
favorite palette the send roses I’ll show you guys so again I’m really into
the rose gold stuff for the spring I’m gonna take a fluffy brush and we are
gonna go with where is it I’m gonna go with this shade right here
take some of that tap off the excess and we’re gonna take this in to the crease
of our eyelids okay so again I’m gonna have to look over here for this so I can
blending blending blending blending blending blending til our fingers hurt blending til our arm is numb blending til our fingers bleed I can’t feel my shoulder no mo’ okay
so we are blended hmm right there in the crease okay okay so we have that in the crease of
our eyelids you just want to give that matte darker color in the crease of your
eyelids to give the appearance of deeper set eyes we want to draw attention to
our big bold eyes on our small slim face with our small foreheads okay but again
natural cuz we woke up like this I’m gonna use we’re gonna just go for a
natural pink you look so I’m gonna use this matte mauvy lookin pink here take
that just kind of have it on the edge here top off the excess and go
underneath the eye again if you don’t make weird faces you’re not doing it
right okay so we’ve taken that little bit
darker color underneath the eye here I’m gonna take that same shade we’re gonna
go with the tip of the fluffy brush Pat it in there tap off the excess we’re
gonna work that into the crease and the outer corner of our eye and now for this I am gonna stick with
the rosy neutral we’re gonna go with this shade here which is like the rose
gold shade in this palette so I’m going to go in with the same tip of my ring
finger we’re just going to kind of glide it along there a couple times it’s super
pigmented so you can see I got a lot we’re just gonna Pat it again on the other side and then to get a little bit more of a
highlight I have a pointy tip brush here and we’re gonna go back to that same
rose gold shade just take a little bit there so that’s it for eyeshadow two more
steps we’re gonna go with mascara which is one of the most important I never go
anywhere without mascara I feel completely naked without mascara and if
you guys know me you know my favorite the love at first lash I own four
tubes of it literally I keep one in my office one in my purse one in my car and
one in my bathroom so no matter where I’m at if I lose one or if I just like
oh my gosh I forgot mascara I need it I always have one on me I love love love
this mascara okay you’ll see why no lashes ready we’re just gonna take this
and this is where you’re really gonna make the weird faces okay so we’re gonna
go to the base and you want to wiggle it into the roots and then swipe up so
wiggle and then we’re gonna hit the tips out here okay so there’s the top layer and
you can already see it like all the difference okay so here’s where the
faces get weird alright okay so one coat look at the difference
y’all this is why I swear by this mascara and I love it for for nine bucks
like this is what you’re getting it’s a fiber mascara it’s got little
heart-shaped fibers when I say heart shape I mean like half heart shape so
their shape we’re gonna do an upside-down half heart they’re shaped
like this so that when you hit the fibers on the base of your lash the
root where you wiggle it and they catch they’re gonna hug they’re gonna
hug the base of your lash and lift it up so you get that extra lift and the extra
volume and what I love about this one is when you take it off it doesn’t look
like a spider massacre all over your face and your sink this one comes off
super clean it doesn’t flake into my eyes I don’t get fall out and I love
love love the volume and the lift that I get from this so we’re gonna pop this on
the other eye so there’s our mascara we are all
finished I’m gonna tie it all together with a subtle matte lip again and I’m
gonna go in with the Rouge powder matte this is in the shade rose powder look at
how stunning this packaging in is first of all like how beautiful is this and
you can already tell like look at how matte this is what I’m gonna do is just
go in very light with this so you get it really blended through your lips
especially in the center where your lips meet and then I just lightly go in and
you just blend the rest of it out to meet the edge of your lips okay so now
we’re all done I am going to take this off and fix my bangs because they’re
crazy now hope you guys like this hope it was helpful if you did like it hit
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