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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I’m so excited to show you guys How I created this look because I used all drugstore all affordable all elf makeup, and I think it turned out bombs So I’m really really excited. I also just think it’s the perfect versatile holiday look That’s glam, but it’s still edgy, and it’s just it’s it’s everything to me right now I’m really really happy with how it turned out, and I’m so excited to show you guys how I created it And I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who you know follows me on instagram that Helped me out with the inspo for this look because I asked you guys over on Instagram you know Where are you guys going this holiday season? What are you doing? What are you gonna wear and everything like that and you guys were really the ones that helped me create this look and gave me My inspiration for this look so I just want to say thank you so much for that and thank you to L for Partnering up with me on this video. It’s been so much fun to create This look using all like elf products all drugstore because I know you guys love when I do These types of makeup looks when it’s all affordable and everything like that So I’m just so excited to show you guys and let’s go ahead and get into the video wait Those of you who are part of my Instagram family already know what’s coming look this ginormous Box of their holiday kids it’s leaf leave me a little speechless honestly when I open it. I was literally gasping. I was like It’s so Beautiful and look at this I can barely even hold this whole box but look at this It’s a bedazzled foundation brush, okay I’m really excited to see what exactly are in these holiday kids cuz I love Holiday kits like I live for this time of year because I love holiday kits from anywhere and everywhere You know I’m drawn to the highlighting kits first So this is the elf 3-piece complete highlighting set it looks like it comes with a liquid highlighter a little highlighting pellet Hello with four different highlighters in here for different powder highlighters and then this set also comes with a little brush to highlight with then we have the 50-piece eyes shadow sets and this guy comes with a big ol eyeshadow palette as well as two different brushes So you get a smudge brush and also an eye shadow brush, just like Pat eyeshadows onto the lid I feel like this would be such a cute little gift if you know if you have anyone in your life. That is Looking for makeup or getting into makeup this would be so cute. I always like receiving pallets Honestly because I can play around with them Then we’ve got these for peace and that lipstick set this one comes with four different matte lipsticks And it has like a really nice range of colors So you get some red you gotta have a classic red for the holidays honestly So you got that in there you get more of like a rosy nude a fuchsia color and then a kind of very Whiny shade and then we have two different ones that are filled with like tools that you guys know how? Important I feel tools are in the makeup world when you’re doing your makeup when you’re doing anything to do with makeup so these are actually really nice And I think that these would be Incredible gifts like I know that I would love to receive these just because I feel like you can never have Enough tools so this one comes with three of elfs Beauty sponges the other set comes with a whole lot of brushes you get some eye shadow brushes some face brushes Concealer brushes you even get a powder brush over here And you’re pretty much equipped if you gave me all of these kits like elf did Thank you so much else if you gave me all these kids I would be pretty much the happiest girl on the face of this earth So I think that they would make great gifts whether you’re giving to others or giving to yourself facilities Make sure to check out the kits. They are all available at Target and also on Target calm I literally just saw them in there today. I was in there picking up some fun stuff You know tissue paper or laundry detergent just really really exciting things like that But I did walk by the beauty section, and I was gawking at all the holiday kits, so yeah, they’re available right now And I think they’re also available on elf cosmetics comm so eager a little hard out you would a makeup lover is supposed to do and Get tons of holiday sets I’m really excited to get started with this makeup look It was so much fun to like ask you guys on Instagram what you guys wanted to see and have you guys Respond and like give me in SPO and input everything like that like I just thought it was such a cool process so Let me let me I want to pull up the Coens the winning comments at fallen Angelis so she wrote this comment right here I have a military ball slash Christmas party to attend my dress is mainly black with a little bit of champagne details down the sides I love smokey eyes But I think something with a hint of color to contrast the dark of the dress and hair would be a nice touch Oh snap chat fam much. Love from one of your rock stars I love you so much the reason why this comment gave me so much inspiration Because you know you gave me a visual with your dress like a black dress with champagne details And I kind of wanted to create a look that Would do exactly what you said like give a little bit of contrast for just a black dress like the darkness of a black dress? but still be Versatile for pretty much any color dress that you want to wear this holiday season so I really liked your comment And I hope that you have fun in your Christmas party and military ball Hopefully that you can use this look too. This one is at Maryska, I’m so sorry if I pronounce this wrong. I’m like horrible with pronunciation, but she wrote the look We’re seeing people that you haven’t seen in forever So you want to look flawless and fabulous with a hint of sparkle so people can be like Sam I loved that got was so much That was probably like my favorite comment in the whole common thread because of the Sam part like I just I was living for that So we’re definitely gonna do something like that very flawless very you know fabulous just kind of like a glam Look that will be making people go Sam this comment Really took the cake for me at Cassatt said JLo in the music video for all I have featuring LL Cool J her makeup when she has the fluffy white hat on that makeup look is winter goals I didn’t even know like what the makeup look looks like but when I read your comment I went and like watch the video, and I was like oh my god. I need to recreate this I look specifically because the eye look in that video is so Beautiful you guys, and I actually totally agree. It’s like the perfect wintry looks, so I took a little screenshot of J Lo’s I makeup in that video it just looks so bomb Look at that like Cut crease like look at the winged liner that is going to be kind of like the main inspo for the eye makeup We’re just gonna see how it goes but basically what I’m trying to do with this look is pull together those three Comments and kind of do the JLo inspired eye makeup do a very flawless and fabulous like Zam kind of look But also do something that’s gonna be versatile for you guys because I wish more than anything that like I could have picked All of you guys as a winner like I wish I could have chosen every single comment and tried to do every single comment for This video, but I just don’t think that that’s humanly possible But I feel like going with something that’s neutral but still going to be versatile for anything You’re wearing or wherever you’re going. I think that’s going to be the best way that I can hopefully help Most of you out, I’m ready, I’m ready I’m ready so starting off with primer We’re gonna be using the elf lock on face primer I always love doing drugstore videos, and I know it’s like really really helpful for you guys, too so I’m actually really excited to do this like full face using Drexel’s because I also feel like else has been like really stepping up their game lately they had so many new launches and Like I bought a ton of things from them when they were like doing that I don’t know when it was what they were doing like every day There was like a new launch for 30 days or something like that and I bought a ton of stuff So I’m really excited to uh create this look using all of it for brows I’m gonna be using the ultra precise brow pencil in the shade and neutral Brown honestly I like I said I’m pretty impressed with like the new launches that elf has been coming out with because They have never had like brow pencils like this that are really comparable to like a lot of high-end brow pencils that I normally use anyways, so I’m Feeling it good job. Else we see I do them like pretty light honestly I just kind of fill in any sparse areas and just go with very very very light hair like strokes And of course you always want to go back in and clean up the brows with some concealer So I’m using the elf small precision brush from that holiday brush kit along with the elf maximum coverage concealer in the shade of porcelain then for my foundation I thought I would try out this guy this is the elf Foundation serum that word serum in there really got to me when I saw it I was like that looks pretty darn good Herta damn good, and of course I gotta try out this thing It’s just a little pretty though I don’t like you don’t want to get it dirty cuz it’s like all bedazzled this takes me back to my fingers game days like this is basically what a figure-skating dress looks like it’s like all stone and Bedazzled and beautiful like that this takes me back. It’s really takes me back, ooh This foundation feels really light weight and nice well. This brush is really Doing something for me here. Do you see how it kind of like bends with your face shape I feel like it’s Really really nice I’m just gonna take that same concealer that I was using before in the shade porcelain and go ahead and prime the eyelids This is actually a really nice concealer to use for priming the eyelids because it’s very full covered so it acts like a Paint Pot would in the Sense that it like really cancels out discoloration here, we’re gonna take right into that 50 piece eyeshadow set And I’m just gonna set this primer down or the concealer down with this guy right here This little eye shade. Oh, that’s cute. It has like a little mirror right here, too. So you can Use it up on the go Then we’re gonna take this guy right here, which is kind of like a neutral Brown and that’s gonna Just go right into that crease So I’m using the blending brush from the holiday set and just keeping that in a really rounded shape or just kind of Placing a base down so that we can work off of this on the next steps I’m actually gonna take a little bit of this product right here Which is a really cool product? So this is the matte to metal eye primer transformer and basically what this does is it is a primer? But it can take any eyeshadow and make it look a little bit more metallic So I’m only gonna place this on the inner corner because I almost want that area of the eye to look a little bit like Wet have that foiled finish So we’re gonna use this and then we’re gonna top it off with one of the gold shades from that 50 piece eyeshadow palette So for the liar you do want to work quickly Because we want that sort of smudged out look so I’m first going in with a black eyeliner from ELF And I’m just gonna go along the lash line and create a pretty thick line and I like to go in with that smudge brush and kind of just smudge it out make sure that it’s nice and Almost fluffy looking that’s kind of how I like to think about it And then I actually go out into a wing So I start to create a winged liner going from the edge of the eye to the eyebrow And I just go about it as I would normally be doing my winged liner But instead of just making the triangle go back to the lash line I actually take the triangle up into my crease so we’re cutting the crease with this. Eye Liner gives us that really beautiful dramatic look that JLo has in that music video you think that this is such a pretty look to wear to any holiday party or Anywhere you want to look a little bit more glam but it’s honestly not that difficult to do so you just want to continue to go back in and you know smudge that out and Actually use an angled brush dipped in some of the black eyeshadow from the eyeshadow palette and I used that to smudge out the liner and make sure that everything was nice and blended out and The perfect shape so I kind of just made the base the
Pencil and then I go in and perfect the shape with an angled brush and just some black eyeshadow on there and the tough part is Repeating that and making even on the other eye, but just be patient You can do it I’m here to motivate you definitely want to bring that pencil liner Right here into the inner corner just to finish off the line That’s like my mood right now I feel accomplished now for the inner corner here You can see there’s definitely some judge going on there to kind of complete the black, but I thought since it’s holidays Litter is in the air for me, so I wanted to use this elf glitter liner And this is in the shade sparkling silver And I’m just gonna use this to finish off the line of the black and connect it to the inner corner And I’m just gonna go ahead and pop on some of the volume plumping mascara And then removing straight onto falsies and for my falsies I’m using the pair called Timeless you definitely want to use something that’s more on the thin and wispy side just so that the liner and all of the work That we did on the eye shadow can really show through and so that the lashes don’t really overpower the look Then I actually took a second pair and cut them in half and just place that on the outer corner and kind of double layered It so it has just enough Wis penis to continue the cat eye shape back into that maximum coverage concealer in the shade porcelain I’m gonna apply that with a concealer brush from ELF from that brush kit And then blend it out with one of the sponges from the sponge kit as you can see we’re going for a very Highlighted look today for a while I was going more for like a natural Concealer shade and if you do want something that’s gonna be less of a highlighted look, then you could go one shade up And I think that shade is probably called like nude or natural or something I kind of remember off the top of my head. I don’t know I’ve just been really into this very Highlighted look again lately. I feel like I’m bringing it back then I’m gonna take just a little bit of that liquid highlighter That was in the highlighting set on up my ring finger and just place that right on the tops of the cheekbones It kind of just blend that out with my finger Just to add a base of highlight before we go in with our powder Then we need to set the face neck so I’m using the elf cosmetics Beauty shield Antioxidant armored setting powder to set the entire face And I am going to be baking a little bit underneath the eyes Just so that we really that concealer set and especially if you’re going to like a holiday party Or if you’re gonna be out all night I always like to bake because it makes my makeup last a lot longer dang this powder the beauty shell powder is so nice It’s like mattifying and it kind of like perfects the skin. It’s definitely going over all of the areas that’s Okay, my lash. It’s coming off and need to glue that back down But it’s definitely like going over all the areas really nice and smoothly But not making it look like too much if that makes sense and then I’m just gonna use the same brush Which is the elf mineral powder brush and this one again comes in that little set I’m trying to use as much as I can Out of the sets just to show you guys that like you can really create some nice looks using the sets so yeah I’m just wiping all that buckler’s away Bacod, we are left with a pretty perfected base here, then to finish off the lower lash line I’m just gonna go back in with that black pencil to begin and then we’re gonna smudge that out with you know the matte Brown that we use and then going in with a little Bit of the black you don’t want to use too much that I just like to take the black and put it on the outer Corners just to kind of connect to the top lash line But again not going too crazy with the black and to finish that off You just want to add on a little coat of mascara I always like to do this just because I feel like it’s the only Way that my eyes actually feel completed if I have stuff on the bottom lash line now It’s time to add on some highlight and contour I actually really like this contour palette the elf contrabass. I usually use this shade right here, but honestly I just feel like the quality of this formula is so good especially for the price that you’re paying like obviously else is so affordable and it’s Incredibly amazing for that reason, but it’s even more bomb when you find a product that you’re like oh my god I would pay so much more for this, but I’m getting such a good deal because it’s actually like amazing quality as well So I’m just gonna take that on a little powder brush and do a light contour We already have a lot going on with the eyes, so I’m actually gonna keep the face like pretty simple So you wouldn’t mean these powders are pigmented. They’re creamy. They’re blendable. They’re Pretty freakin good in for bronzer. I’m using this little blush and bronzer duo. This is called Saint Lucy I think this is like the first ELF product I ever owned I feel like it’s such an OG product, but it’s really really comparable to NARS Laguna bronzer So it’s a good doof if you’re looking for one from the drugstore That’s actually pretty bomb like I’m a huge fan of elfs cheek products in particular I think that they have just really really good formulas So I’m gonna take that mineral powder brush that we used before and just kind of buff this into the sides of the face I’m gonna take this guy it’s kind of like an apricot e color and mix it with this guy up here and Just apply that to you know the apples of the cheeks Just really lightly these are very pigmented so be careful, but they are really beautiful, and then the moment that you’ve all been waiting for Highlight, this is my jam. This is my time to shine I’m gonna take that highlighting brush. That’s in the kit I love this highlighting brush I actually use it all the time this and the concealer brush are probably my two favorite brushes And the blush brush because I use it for underneath the eyes sometimes like to set it That elf brushes are bomb you guys elf brushes are so good, and I’ve said that for years and years and years But I think today I want to go with a little bit more of like a rosy tone So I think I’m gonna go with this guy and Just start to apply that all over the high points of the face on the top of the cheekbone a little bit on the forehead on the And down the middle of the nose these are actually nice because they’re not glittery at all they just have a beautiful Sheen to them like The more I’m applying that just the more impressed I get you can really layer it on here, I just love that It’s not glittery at all. It’s crazy We see you elf we see you I do want to also try out this this is the highlighter collab that Hart did with elf and it looks so beautiful I’ve been dying to try it out so I think I’m just going to Pop this on to the brow bone the inner corner, and then maybe a little bit right on that high plank Dude that highlight Congratulations to heart and to elf for coming out with that because they killed it. Oh my god All that stuff to do is finish off the lips And you could honestly do whatever kind of lip color you want whatever is gonna match what you’re wearing whatever is going to match like What you’re doing or whatever? You know what I mean? I’m actually gonna do a red lip just because for me like that screams holiday season And if I’m going to a holiday party like I always love throwing on a red lip but also I think that for my girl out there who’s going to the military party and the Christmas party and Wearing the black dress with a champagne down the side champagne detailing I just feel like a red lip is the perfect pop of color to complement a black dress or honestly any color dress I love red lips so that’s just what I’m gonna do but again You could do any lip color that you want nude would it be amazing Vampy a gloss even just like a simple gloss You could do whatever you want with this look, which is why I think it’s so pretty I’m starting off with the elf cosmetics lip liner in the shade wine then to top that off I think I’m gonna take this classic red lip from that matte lipstick. I hope you enjoyed the video I really loved how turn out and I think it’s the perfect holiday look for any occasion And we kind of did really combine Those three ideas so thank you so much to everyone who like gave me some inspo and don’t worry if I didn’t do like anything you wanted this time I will for sure keep all of your guys’s like comments and Inspirations in mind for the coming season cuz I want to do a lot of like holiday looks and you guys had such good ideas So definitely stay tuned and make sure your subscribe because I’ll be recreating like everybody’s looks or trying to recreate Everybody’s requests and looks and everything like that but I really do love how this one turned out and I feel like it’s the perfect combination of that j.lo I We did that we did that definitely something that’s gonna be fabulous fierce Flawless and everything like that So we did it guys. I’ll be sure to list all the products. I use down below in case you want to recreate it Exactly, and I will link it slow to you guys as well And if you do recreate it make sure to tag me I love seeing your pics when you get inspo from my videos or when? You recreate the looks that I’ve done like when so many of you did my saw Halloween look Oh my god it like honestly That was so cool for me like to see you guys recreating and see how talented you guys are and how amazing you guys are So definitely be sure to tag me so I can see your work. I think that’s gonna be it for me remember You are beautiful inside and out I love you guys so so much and I’ll see you next time

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