Full GLAM Silver & Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

hey guys so for today’s video I have a
black and silver smokey eye a makeup tutorial so let’s get started with
priming of course I’m gonna use the Too Faced primed and peachy cooling matte
primer I actually really like this primer it’s mattifying and has like that
silicone touch but it also has a little bit of a cooling effect so I’m also
going to use my Laura Mercier flawless fusion a foundation and this one is in
the shade 3 at w1 I believe and of course for concealer there’s no surprise
that I’m going to be using the Tarte shape tape in the shade light/medium I’m
just gonna apply that underneath the eyes and of course down the center of my
face as well and blend it all out with my Sigma 3d HD sponge so to set that under I am taking the
wet-and-wild contouring pallets both shades mixing the two and applying that
underneath the eye and this is the Sigma F 35 brush I do get asked a lot what
brush this is and it’s the Sigma F 35 moving on to bronzing I’m taking the wet
wild contour stick in the shade Oaks on you and I’m applying that with my ELF
103 brush this is like my favorite cream bronzing brush and we’ll set blush and
this is the k’kaw medium contour stick and I’m just using that for the nose
just because it fits so well in that area because it is nice and small and I
am going to be blending that out with the morphe e7 and I’m also going to use
that same morphe seven with the fenty truffle match stick to add some
contouring and some extra definition to the cheeks so to set that cream bronzer
and cream contour I’m going to use the L’Oreal glam bronzer I don’t know why I
always have trouble finding this in the store and even finding a link for it for
you guys so I’m not sure if it’s discontinued or what but for blush I’m
gonna take NARS I think this is lustre yeah luster and for highlight I am using
the Estee Lauder heatwave this is so beautiful you guys it’s such an amazing
wet gold highlight that isn’t too golden it’s not too pale it’s just a perfect
golden highlight so I did my brows and primed my eyelids
off camera so we’re moving on to eyeshadow I’m taking the Jaclyn hill and
morphe palette this is the shade silk cream now I have kind of like flat eyes
that are slightly hooded I just pretty much have a small lid space and my
crease isn’t really that defined so what I’m gonna do is extend my lid space by
applying the crease shade a little bit higher just so I can make more room for
the lid area and make my eyes look a little bit bigger so you’ll notice I’m
applying these shadows closer to the brow again to give me more lid space so
next I’m using pukey here and I’m really kind of creating that definition and
just pretty much defining my crease even more to really make it look like I do
have a deeper set more defined crease and I am switching brushes later on to
to even further define it you’ll notice that I’m also taking the crease shades
from inner to outer corner and just kind of really defining the crease all the
way and not only on the outer corner now we’re gonna work solely on the outer
corner we’re not bringing this shade on the crease at all this is the shade
Central Park and it’s a really deep dark brown so we’re patting that on first and
then we’re gonna go ahead and blend it out with a clean blending brush this is
key whenever you’re working with darker shades apply it with one brush blend it
out with a clean one that way you can avoid the messy bruised eye look next I
am taking the shade Abbie’s I think it’s called this is just a really beautiful
deep dark black that applies and blends beautifully Jaclyn did an amazing job on
this formula basket for sure so again I’m applying it with one brush and then
blending it out with another clean one so I really wanted to smoke out the
lower lashline so I’m just taking silk cream first and then moving on to pukey
and smoking that out but what’s really gonna make it look super deep and dark
and smoky is applying the dark brown the shade Central Park and really smoking
that out it’s gonna make it look a little bit dark and a little bit scary
at first but trust me you guys will pop on some lashes and adding this really
dark smokiness on the lower lash just really gives it that extra smokiness how
many times can i say smoky in one video I don’t know
so this is the Urban Decay electric palette and I’m just taking this
beautiful silver shade and applying that with some fix+ on the brush and as you
can see here this is perfect because I made a larger lid space so that the
silver can actually show and I’m really just applying that with this flat brush
now this silver was a little bit enough you guys can notice but it has a little
bit of a blue undertone so not my favorite but I had a hard time finding a
silver shade in my collection so I need to go shopping for some silver
eyeshadows now so I wanted to add just a little bit of sparkle I didn’t want to
do a full coverage glitter lid just a little bit so here I’m applying the
violet Voss glitter glue and then I’m just gonna add a little bit of glitter
so again I’m not doing a full coverage glitter lid but I just wanted to add
some specks of sparkle peeking through and I just liked that effect that it
gave it just kind of sparkled when it the light hit in certain ways and on the inner corner I’m applying
Becca’s opal so I wanted to keep the lips super flesh toned since the eyes
are so dramatic so I love a dramatic eye with a flesh tone nude lip so I decided
to go with etc Mac lip liner and just line my lips with that and also filled
them in a tiny bit and then we’ve decided to go ahead and pop on the Marc
Jacobs yours to try liquid lip cream and I kind of felt like a gloss instead of a
matte lip just to really play up the sparkly lid so I figured let’s do a
sparkly glossy lip so I’m gonna take dose of colors over the top gloss and
that’s pretty much it I hope you guys enjoyed this look thank you guys so much
for watching and of course I will see you guys next time
bye guys

100 thoughts on “Full GLAM Silver & Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

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