Fundación Benjamin Mehnert PARTE 2. Rescate de Moka (subtítulos)

IN THE PREVIOUS VIDEO: when these dogs stop serving the
people who have them get rid of them IN THE PREVIOUS VIDEO: he abandons them even he kills them, he
they find hanged dogs IN THE PREVIOUS VIDEO: Luckily there are very concentrated centers
with this topic. Benjamin Mehnert Foundation IN THE PREVIOUS VIDEO: is one of them. Is one of the most
famous in Spain. IN THE PREVIOUS VIDEO: My name is Alberto. I belong to the Benjamin Mehnert Foundation. IN THE PREVIOUS VIDEO: In Spain, do you think greyhounds are still used as a tool? IN THE PREVIOUS VIDEO: It is not a belief. It’s a security IN THE PREVIOUS VIDEO: she was like this … in so much pain, unable to move her back legs, so injured … and she came IN THE PREVIOUS VIDEO: she has touched my heart IN THE PREVIOUS VIDEO … What is the rescue that has moved you the most? the one that has reached you the most? Well, look, Moka’s, the little Moka. In truth, over time you get a little harder on this. On rescues … A little bit. But still after these years … the rescue of this doggy … as I have found her crawling between cars and trucks … This situation of abandonment and vulnerability … this has moved me 💓 I came to work on the highway and I saw her. She had a broken spine. It would hit a car with her … We also count the corpse of another
dog that went with her. He died on the spot. It was a sure hit by car. Moka’s rescue. How did she react when she saw you? She got scared at first, I gave her some space and she came to me. It is not normal that she do that in the state that she was … With so much pain, unable to move the back legs … and came she has touched my heart 💓 This doggy touched my heart 💓 Do you have to empty her urine manually? Yes, but my colleagues have already emptied she. Can’t she just pee? she can’t We do the rehabilitation, I’m looking at how she is going now. My friend Rocio, the director who is also a veterinarian She is personally in charge of doing the rehabilitation. She is his little girl. How long has the accident been? It will be a month and a half or two months. She had surgery in Madrid and has returned with us. Thank you very much. thanks to you too. I’m impressed. The job
what you do is something exceptional. Really thank you very much for letting us do
the visit. It has been a pleasure. we have waiting lists because it’s
impossible to accommodate the volume of animals entering. In fact we with 500 or 600 animals have
to close the entrances and keep calling us, we have waiting lists of up to 400 animals 4 sociable by a 1 fearful dog? To help them a little adapt to change. There are many ways to change the image of the dog that is used only for running. Which can also be a companion dog… There are the dogs to integrate and here the already stable groups. And the groups go out to playground? Yeah right. It’s a camera! I haven’t combed my hair either, come 🙂 Come honey, they’re friends … Are they much adopted? Yes, they are widely adopted. Do you see him shy now? No way. They are sensitive. They arrive here fatal. They arrive without having seen human, and the one they have seen I don’t know whether to call him human or monster … What do you want gauge? That if I’m with him, I’ll make you less aware Today is godfather day. We have finished the visit. The truth is exceptional people, they do an exceptional job. I highly encourage you to come
here to volunteer, to pay a visit, whatever, support these people
because it is …. I’m lacking words… Very good work. Hopefully we have more centers like this in Spain. Thank you. They are doing a report, do you mind going out with her? Where have you found she? She was delivered by a man, who found she for him. Other one?! Just entered right? -Have you found her now?
-Yes. Where have you found it? In the 3000 houses … -has no fear
-she is very pretty It took her a little while to get out of the car because she was afraid Oh how friendly! Have you found her on the road? No, some gypsies had she … Here you are “flamenca” Welcome! With each animal you have to fill out this form, right? Yes What are we going to call her? We do compatibility tests because many people who adopt greyhounds have cats. It is very important to check the behavior with the cat. The dog experts are them. 10 dogs enter a day. See what experience they have. The good thing about these cats is that they do not act as prey. They don’t run away from the dog. This is your think, your own brand. your own brand
I think that a project of It is a solidary feed that has come out with the project of Bejamin Mehnert and the intention is that all the profit taken out to support us all the associations. It is a very high quality feed right? Superpremium, yes. your greyhounds around the world! It is in Albuquerque. He is our Erizo, it is a greyhound crossbreed with a Spanish greyhound. He is working with children, as a therapy dog. Does the Breaking Bad series sound familiar to you? Well, it’s there in the same town, Albuquerque 🙂 It is true! I have not fallen! I always tell him to watch out for the dog that they are not going to turn him into a mule;) This cannot come out! You see? This is a fight for resources!

15 thoughts on “Fundación Benjamin Mehnert PARTE 2. Rescate de Moka (subtítulos)

  1. Sandra your friend does such amazing work. My heart breaks for these poor doggies. God love them. Such sweet sweet animals. God bless them all. Please stay safe Sandra.Sending love from Dublin Ireland🇮🇪💚☘

  2. I feel so content when watching dogs, or any animal, be saved from a miserable life and given a chance for happiness. But then I'm flooded with sad feelings while wondering about all the other innocent and mistreated souls who will never be so lucky all over the world. When my financial situation improves, I fully intent to donate to the Benjamin Mehnert Foundation, and many others. Sandra you are so lucky to be blessed with such a worthwhile and positive profession. Being trapped in a career like mine that's motivations are sales targets and incremental salary grades based on targets and performance is soul destroying. People like you and your friends are a reminder that humanity is capable of incredible positivity and selfless altruism. x

  3. Interesante video Sandra , nunca podré entender por qué hacen sufrir a los animales , menos mal que existen personas que los amáis con locura y los ayudáis gracias a todos por vuestra dedicación😌😌

  4. Witaj Kochana. Przepiękne istoty z tych chartów.Chyba niewielu ludzi wie,że charty oprócz biegania mają druga pasję:wylegiwanie się na kanapie.Myslę,ze ludzie chętniej by je adoptowali wiedząc,że sa kompletnie nieabsorbujace w domu.
    Piękny film,piękne pieski i koty-testerzy,piękni opiekunowie.Ściskam wszystkich z Toba na czele.😊

  5. Sandra que alegría verte !!!! te extrañamos mucho… esta segunda parte reafirmó nuestro orgullo de conocer gente tan especial..Alberto es una masa ,como decimos por aquí, y tú que eres nuestra CHICA AMOROSA ,te digo que fue un hálito de aire puro en medio de la cuarentena obligatoria que debemos cumplir, cuídate mucho por favor !!! desde Buenos Aires Argentina !!! CHICA TE AMO !!!

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