Get Ready With Me Q&A – My Glowy Peachy Look!

Genevieve’s welcome back to my channel
we have a different setup today I’m using my coffee table in front of me and
we’re doing a get ready with me as you guys can tell I just have to mention
before we start this video it’s like a warning warning the lips are really dry
I’m gonna be showing you guys this product because it’s like literally it’s
been with me non-stop I am having the best time right now
during a mercury in retrograde and okay I just mentioned that so my battery was
full before I started filming and now it’s flashing
we’ll be right back okay for ya so mercury is in retrograde right now and I
think this is my second time doing a get ready with me cue a while mercury wasn’t
retrograde if you guys don’t know what that is look it up everything just goes
wrong I really really really get affected by it and I’m also having like
seasonal depression so is everything crumbling like I just I feel like my
walls are coming in to me right now that’s what I wanted to mention so
everything is just kind of going like wrong and like I’m forgetful and I just
do the dumbest things and I’m just like you know what
and last February was like such a horrible month like it was just really
bad so it’s happening again and by the way Mercury’s in retrograde
for Pisces obviously so so if I mess up in this video and do like the stupidest
thing well just expect it and using my new vanity mirror which I’m excited
about – yeah my mirror that’s already tipped off my battery said that it was
full three times then I checked it three times and then I start filming and then
it’s dead um yesterday went grocery shopping I’m like yeah groceries yeah I
just finished doing the list walked out got in my car and I was like your list
is on your counter welcome to this video if you guys are experiencing mercury in
retrograde as a well that’s okay you’re not in this alone
I’m here with you we’re both gonna suffer together if you guys are brand
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thumbs up as well so let’s get started first I want to say
thank you – hello body for sponsoring this video you guys already know I don’t
work with people and let I really like their product and like I really kind of
stand for what they stand for they’re all about women empowerment and creating
products that are natural they’re 98% natural actually and they’re not tested
on animals I love this set the sister aloe sunrise glow set and it comes with
these three products I’ve got a few other things from none that I really
loved by the way this is the lip balm that’s from them that I literally have
been having on my couch literally 20 times a day I’m like this is their cocoa
rich lip balm I definitely recommend this I’ve been using their products for
literally a week now this is their a low wash and this is a daily cleansing gel I
need ones that are jelly or very creamy or very light so I did do this on my
face before I came to sit down here with you guys so obviously it has aloe vera
in it which is really good for soothing your skin hydrating it and the scent
come from the cucumber water that’s inside here which really helps to
hydrate the skin as well so I love this product this is the moisturizer a low
light again Oliveira is in here which is really good for soothing this also has
higher on attitude which I absolutely love to helps to keep the hydration in
your skin favorite part of the day is more Easter rising on my skin I’m gonna
put a little bit more so that I can go down on my neck now my absolute favorite
that I was like so these are a little drop so guys can actually mix these two
so sometimes I’ll put a pump of this and then I will also do a few drops of this
you guys already know I’d love to be super dewy Daisy face glow booster watch
yourself this has watermelon seed oil you guys
really high content of unsaturated fatty acids and if you want you neck to get a
little glow too and you literally get this like beautiful glow that’s another
mistake I made so I use the wrong Dani mousse
yeah great so if you guys want to shop the set that I just showed you guys you
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also leave the link to the set that I showed you guys today and don’t forget
to look up this guy so thank you – hello body so skin is hydrated Amy actually
gave me these little clips over here okay so we showed you guys on IG but I
did this very like peachy kind of soft natural glam look so I thought I would
recreate that with you guys today it’s so super pretty especially for spring
and obviously we’re gonna be answering your questions as well I’d love to see
which foundation is gonna first of all match my skin because I used the wrong
Tanner and first of all this is the brush I’ve been using on for my
foundation which I love it’s by bare minerals and I’m like it’s so beautiful
and then I look down it’s a beautiful finish so I’ve been really liking it’s
literally what I use every single day the foundation I used on my day was
actually this one by Burt’s Bees and this one is the goddess glow and I have
this one in linen beige so it’s a little bit too light but we’re gonna like
Durkin everything up with a bronzer and sometimes I just mix foundations
honestly so I can always put a pop of this guy this is like discontinued by
the way this alum a healthy glow oh it’s my freakin favorite it is so freakin
dewy you guys one thing I’ve actually been loving is this Pixy hydrating milky
mist that I showed you guys in my last vlog and it just says to apply before Oh question number one strong question
its two hearts Thank You number two what plant store do you go to the most I go
to sheridan nurseries the most because i love love love their nurseries i was
this house this color going yeah like i said it might be a little bit light but
we will pull fix her up and we will bronze the hell out of our face because
this whole look is very Chloe I love going there plus they offer a free
potting service so if you guys buy a pot there or if you guys bring your plant
there um they literally will plant it for you for free are there some days
where you feel sorry I’m just going because I don’t have my glasses um
demotivated it’s not a word for unmotivated do you motivated I don’t get
a lot fart there some days when you feel demotivated absolutely let me tell you
when I feel demotivated when I had this seasonal depression I really go through
like a tough period where I don’t feel motivated at all yesterday I was
supposed to edit and I could not bring myself to do it and I barely got any of
it done but what I do on those days is I really push myself to do something like
if it’s not what I planned still do something so that you don’t feel like
you didn’t accomplish anything at all so instead I did my hair which I also
didn’t feel like doing but I was like you know what just do your hair you’re
gonna feel good and I did once I did it so this was literally yesterday so if my
hair goes like that at all and I was like you know what I’m just gonna
straighten it quickly and then I ended up straightening it plus waving it so I
did more than what I plan to do and also during my PMDD let me tell you during
that time I it’s very hard for me to get on camera and I really want to be super
like transparent with you guys and then it’s funny because when I get on camera
I’m like oh this is this is what you love to do like it’s it’s crazy like
makeup flawless YouTube and IG all ended today what would you do for work so when
I first read this question I’m not oh I was like I don’t know like I kind of was
like you know is she trying to say like you know YouTube and IG like is not
really you know good Allah so you know how some people like kind of talk down
about what we do but what we do is really not a joke and it’s a job just
like everybody else but I’m just gonna take the the question directly instead
of overthinking it I think I would definitely do something in interior
design because I genuinely like really really love it or I would go back to
graphic design because I really kind of miss like designing logos and stuff like
that and doing websites I really do enjoy stuff like that so I would
probably do that but I can see myself going back to like Dibble and dabble
into different things because it’s very hard for me to do one thing that’s why
on my channel you guys will see me go back and forth with cooking fashion
beauty just kind of everything you could only see like my makeup down
here it is just okay next thing we’re gonna use we’re actually gonna go a
little bit lighter in this Maybelline fit me concealer are you ever gonna get
a boyfriend so in this question first of all she put ever in like capital letters
as if I have to get one are you ever gonna do what you’re supposed to do like
and I don’t like that look I’m gonna be very honest with you guys in this video
the reason why I actually kept this question because some of them I just
delete cuz I’m like that’s just pointless
I need to tell women that you don’t need to ever have to have a boyfriend so
first of all am I ever going to have a boyfriend um yeah if the right person
comes along and know if they don’t that’s my answer it’s funny because
that’s actually bringing other women kind of down and kind of not empowering
it’s actually doing the opposite because you’re actually saying like oh my girl
will you ever have a boyfriend like I think I’m doing quite well without one
like you know what I mean like my life is not like going down in shambles
because I don’t have a man and I’m not saying it’s it’s a bad thing to have a
boyfriend like I would love to have that partner in crime that best friend that
person that you know I can call up when I’m like having a bad moment or they can
call me when they’re having a bad moment it’s a great thing it’s a great union
and it’s a great partnership but I just don’t like how it’s like will she ever
have a boyfriend like that that’s not what it’s about how do you continue with
eating healthy and working out with a busy schedule let me tell you something
I struggled with this and I’ll be honest with you ever since I moved out I really
struggled and that’s why I gained like weight back gonna be going in with the
hourglass bronzer that Amy put me on which is so freaking amazing
it’s a luminous bronze light that’s from the ambient collection it’s so frickin
nice you guys what was the question when I moved in it
was so freakin difficult you guys to like stay on track because I was like
okay now you’re on your own and it was just a lot and then I was like okay now
I have the freedom and sometimes freedom can be a bad thing I think people think
that when you work at home things are easier but some things actually become
harder I only got like a hang of this recently you have to just like I had to
look at my week and what was in my week physically and I was like okay then
you’re gonna get to the gym after you’re done this after you’re done filming this
video you’re gonna get to go to the gym then on a Saturday you have nothing to
do so you can go to the gym that Saturday and then if you have nothing to
do Sunday morning you can go Sunday morning but what you have to do is you
have to make the gym a priority if you don’t you’re not gonna go if you don’t
make eating healthy a priority you’re not going to so I physically get the
groceries on the weekend and I will purposely cook on like Sundays so that
for today for example I will have something to eat I already have
something like defrosted so it’s gonna be quick and easy for me to make but if
you have nothing in your fridge I am guilty of that where if I don’t have
anything there I’m like oh my god I have to order something because I’m like so
starving and it’s true when I’m done filming I’m freaking starving just
realize that I bronzed before contouring okay
I’m telling you guys like it’s just anyways we’re gonna do it anyway if this
mess is off like it just is what it is so I’m living out of this bucket by the
way for a portion of my makeup not for everything the color is this like
whatever um what color is this these are the
Anastacio foundation sticks fun because I love I love funny fun this is probably
not gonna blend as good now because I have powder on here but if I had healthy
like groceries in my fridge and they you know they’re there and I know what I’m
gonna be making with those ingredients it helps so so so much okay
honestly I haven’t been using like really any highlighter
loving your makeup hauls what what’s your favorite foundation
and lipsticks so current favorite foundation is that Burt’s Bees that I
love that they’re like a natural brand so the goddess glow this one’s not even
opened yet because I got like extras when I was in New York I was like I need
extras is makeup revolution but for my Canadian babes some of you guys reach
out to me some of you guys reached out to me and said that makeup revolution is
now as proper start so certain locations I believe it is I love this stick
foundation I actually have one for my concealer I get a super light one and
then I also get SH for my foundation and what I love about these this if you take
them while you’re traveling you just boom boom boom boom boom draw it on and
blend it out and boom you’re done so that’s another one my favorite
foundations so I got this lipstick and number two k’kaw you’re ruining my video
Sally through the NYX lip liner in natural so favorite lipsticks this is
nyle nude by Burt’s Bees and it’s just literally like a peachy kind of nude I
honestly just like love to mix lipsticks all the time this is really great to
have in your person like put it just really quickly my other favorite
lipsticks are morphe boy-toy it’s a matte lipstick which I don’t normally
wear matte but it’s freaking beautiful it’s Maybelline lookup nude lust okay by
the Maybelline it’s like has a pink cap and it’s so freakin pretty and the
palette we’re gonna be using is makeup revolution I found this at winners for
and I actually do not go for like I don’t go for warm tones but let’s get
some water in cuz my skin you guys and I have my humidifier like right beside me
I’m like bring it on like bring it do you like being single
to be very honest with you guys I do and then there’s moments where like that
moments like that there’s a lot of freedom and there’s the waters like you
don’t have to worry about someone else’s you know opinion or something else being
involved in your decision-making the only time I don’t like it it’s for when
I you know wish that there was someone there
you know like during x or certain things I’m looking for a
brush that’s why I’m looking very confused right now
then going with this chalk corner one it’s like a pumpkin II sort of almost a
color of like the k’kaw um lipstick color
I loved this look that I did because I’m being honest I barely barely do like
warm looks I’m very much a cool tone kind of girl or even like on the neutral
side do I enjoy being single I I do for the most part okay that’s my answer I do
for the most part because I just kept you to my own schedule you don’t have to
like worry or think about someone else it can get a little bit lonely but at
the same time I love being alone like I genuinely think sometimes when my
parents think I’m like suffering here by myself or like oh she’s so alone and
Here I am like on my couch watching YouTube like not caring about anything
that’s just me to be honest with you and I’ve always been like super comfortable
by myself anyways I’ve always been like that how do you count your macros they
don’t count my macros because I feel like it’s just an added step that I feel
a lot of people find hard to keep up with so I don’t hmm I need to lose
weight and it’s been really hard for me so instead of focusing on your macros
that’s like the first step that I you know that kind of stood out to me you
need to be focused on how much you’re consuming because the if you look it up
online there’s one sentence one scientific way to lose weight and you
need to be burning more calories than you are consuming that’s just a fact and
that’s the way to lose weight so you have to be on a calorie deficit so go
online and look up tdee calculator and put in all of the stuff that they tell
you to put in there most of them will ask you like how much you work out even
if you don’t it will like give you a number at the end based on your age how
much you weigh right now how much you want to weight and then it’ll tell you
for losing away you need to be eating this to stay the same way you need to be
eating this to gain weight you need to be eating this and that’s like the best
wave if you can go back to your early 20s what would you do differently like
the mistake I made in my relationship was that I just thought that I’d high
like the best thing and I thought that there was nothing else and you know I
was like okay you know this is it and I’m not gonna find a better guy so let
me just get married to this guy because that’s what I’m supposed to do and I’m
running out of and I better get married to him like I
just regret that you know and that was in my early 20s I think I was like gonna
get married at like 20 for I think it was honestly I can’t remember because I
really don’t care I just regret feeling that pressure putting myself through the
pressure that you need to absolutely married at a certain time and like do
all this stuff and I would have been divorced today like I just would have
there’s no way it would have worked out with that person um
so I’m actually glad that I was smart at that young age and said you know why it
like you need to just be alone like unfortunately you don’t want to be alone
but you have to just like cut this off like it’s just not gonna work out plus
that person in the end was actually cheating on me and for me that’s like
the best and all like I feel like there’s this whole thing where like
people like to forgive people that are cheaters and it makes them a better
woman um for me in particular cheating is like the end all and sometimes I’m
like I feel like was meant to me like I’m really glad that person did step out
because I don’t know if I would have found my exit point I think that’s the
only thing I would have changed in my 20 it’s like I still liked that I was very
much to myself and I kind of look a loner and I didn’t really have a lot of
friends Joe Joan why don’t you and your sister make more videos together
question mark explanation mark xoxo um so we don’t because we have like our own
busy schedules to be honest with you um we do plan and then it takes like
forever to like actually come together and do it have like two or three videos
of mine that I want to do but I guess when the time is right it will just
happen I don’t recommend working out a big basket I really don’t this is the
second one new life this is the bottle that it’s in okay my lipstick love it
Amy made me buy this so we’re gonna do our brows today I don’t ever do my brows
but this is the only thing I will ever do I will never pencil in my brows
because there’s no freaking point eyebrows are a really freakin stick oh
let’s put on some Patrick’s ha she’s expensive because I’m expensive
I’m actually not well I can’t be with I’m actually really cheap I love this
lip gloss because it’s just so gorgeous and Amy got it for me for Christmas and
I bought an extra one for myself because she cute
when I have dry skin my mouth lines like my smile lines they really come out and
I just grab the glycerin and I just like Pat it and then they go away and then
I’m like and not to press anymore oh god this videos like so high-energy I
just can’t myself open sorry about that see that to use this brush for blood so
this is Milani and this is colored luminoso and this is like super peachy
and I wanted to start wearing blush like Amy what you do and she just smile and
just you just become innocent instantly which is just something I’m not no I
think I am mostly advice on living alone as a female I get lonely
so I can’t relate to be honest with you I think if you are feeling lonely that
probably means that you generally like being around people maybe because for me
I don’t I like to be alone I love to like go out alone and just do things I’m
using the make me brow by essence I have soft brown brown eyebrows but if you
have any friends I would like you know plans to do something and go out with
them if you have family that you can call up make plans you know when I do
have those times where I’m like I need to be around like human like I really
need to like get some some human time or I think I might go insane
that’s one like you know my my family will they planned something a role plan
something I just like go out and I’m around people and it just really makes
me feel alive like going to Starbucks I like going to
home fence or just going shopping you know and you’re around people like if
you’re lonely but you’re not really a social person maybe find something that
you would enjoy doing for me I love just like sitting on the couch watching
Netflix or going out and like just window shopping like I don’t really know
how to help someone that like feels lonely because I just that’s my best
advice girl like I’m really sorry by the way Amy gave me this freaking palette
and it’s so gorgeous oh by two faces not even out yet you
guys it’s gonna be coming out more eight and it’s the born this way the
natural nudes palette and house like pinkies in it too will you ever create a
cookbook yeah that’s something I do want to do that’s honestly on my list guys it
is so hard to find my whole thing almost tipped over it’s so hard to find time to
do the things that you want to do but honestly you have to just you try them
and it’s just something that I I have to sit time for like just making time for
the things I want to create and stuff I’m going in with the Milani highlighter
palette and what I have been doing honestly I have been doing this I’ve
been taking photos of certain recipes that I would want in the actual like
cookbook and stuff so I have been doing that now actually like getting it done
and doing it that’s a whole other story think you would be like an e-book
instead of like a hard copy because makeup look is so cute and it’s just so
natural and pressure I love it would you ever move outside of Canada to be honest
with you guys like every time I go away and they come back I’m like oh I love my
home like right I’m sorry I’ll do I would love to try I would love to go
somewhere I generally love my home and I think I would honestly miss it but you
never know I’ve always wanted to be that person that like moves abroad and just
like moves from place to place which seems like extremely inconvenient but I
mean what better job than having my job and you’re able to like move around
wherever you want right I’m using the Loreal telescopic mascara this is like
my absolute favorite I don’t know if I’ll ever like move out of Canada if I
do I think I would have a good time and I love like new experiences and being
somewhere different like I’m a Pisces I love trying new things how does your
mentality about being fit changed from start till now it’s actually changed a
lot because you notice what’s important and you notice what you don’t need to
priority prioritize and you know what I mean by that it’s like in the beginning
it was all about I think it was more about like I just wanted to be a lot
smaller and more skinny and like that was the prayer
for me but also being healthy was a priority but now it’s more of like a you
have got to find you have to find like a balance before anything else because if
you don’t find a balance between looking good and doing it for your health and
you’re just gonna focus on it making you look good and the palm with that is when
you do gain some way back you get so like down about it cuz you’re like you
know the whole point of this was to look super skinny and now I gained weight
whereas if your whole point of being like being thinner but at the same time
being healthy if you gain like you know 2 to 5 pounds or even 10 pounds whatever
it is that you gain you’re like well I’m still healthy so it’s it’s usually a lot
of people say like a lot of things are about your mindset but holy crap it
really is so right now even if I don’t lose the weight I need to lose like in
the time that I want it’s more about being healthy am I being fit am I being
active and at the same time yeah I do want to look good but I have to do it in
like a balanced way and you don’t want to do it like unhealthy you know what I
mean for me what I have experienced recently especially with gaining weight
back was that I have to create something that is cuz it just goes back to
creating something that’s sustainable if I do not create something that is
sustainable for me to use and live in my lifestyle week after week then then
something’s wrong you know and the fact that I didn’t gain this whole weight for
like a whole two years and I was on this life schedule that’s great that showed
that it was sustainable and it’s not that what I was doing was not
sustainable cuz I was doing the same thing it’s just I had a lot of life
changes that have recently happened like you know I moved you know and it’s a big
thing and even though it was such a like a really graceful like transformation
there’s a lot of stress now because it’s like you’re on your own so there’s all
these things you should do you know work started to get really busy so then the
focus goes on that you know and you know everything just kind of like evolved and
got better but then like my fitness was kind of going on the back burner so it’s
not that it wasn’t sustainable but I wasn’t making
priority you do make excuses you’re like forget it you know I’m too busy with
work and once I’m done with work then I will I’ll focus on the gym and getting
fit but then work continues to get busy every single month and then you’re still
on at the gym getting fit so it did have to come to a point where I said to
myself and said I’m going so hard and putting so much pressure in yourself at
the gym just go just enjoy it just do what you love to
do at the gym don’t don’t set this like routine that you have to do or literally
now I go to the gym and I’m like what do I want to do I want to use that machine
okay oh I want to go over there okay and I just do it by the time I look at my
phone in my clock I’m like oh like I’ve been here for an hour
you don’t mean so take it as a light thing don’t make it too heavy don’t make
it too serious and I tend to do that with so many things in my life even with
work I make it so serious sometimes yeah that’s it for this look you guys I think
it’s so like soft and pretty and it’s so me um and it kind of just gives you like
this really kind of summer glow even in the winter because I feel like we really
need that the Sun is starting to come out and like although I love you you’re
like changing my lighting so like if you could just like just go away like it’s
all I’ve done this video how are you so disciplined on your calorie deficit I
need help please so a lot of people think I have like all
together every single day every day but I you know I do have my days where I’m
like I just want to go off and just kind of like have a cheat day but that’s
honestly normal to be honest I stay disciplined because again you have to go
back to what motivates you and what you really want and you have to understand
that if you go off every single day off of your calorie deficit you’re not going
to get what you came here for you know what I mean and this girl reached out to
me and literally just like crushed my heart and I just in a good way and I
just don’t wanna like get emotional about it but she said I just wanna let
you know that I used to have an eating disorder and I’m pretty sure I didn’t
like cure her but she made it sound like I did and she said I just want you to
know that like your videos have really helped me um you know get over it and
like I used to have an eating disorder and like I’m okay now and I’m you know I
am I am like she did have other help and stuff
like that or someone that she was seeing and stuff because I can’t imagine my
videos being the only thing to help you out if they were like that’s like
incredible like to even think that I would help out with that but reading
that message was just like whoa like it’s one thing to hear someone say like
you know you helped me lose like 60 70 pounds but it’s another thing for
someone to tell me you know they went through something that’s so serious as
an eating disorder and that my videos helped them out so it really like choked
me up so yeah I don’t have an experienced fit but my heart just like
goes out to people that do because I know that there’s a lot that’s involved
you know naming like depression can also lead you to having eating disorders
there’s so many things that can lead you you know people that got bullied about
their body which is like just so hard and like honestly people really need to
especially women we need to stop like if we can’t stop men like coming against us
we could stop each other from going against each other and you know if you
are someone that like brings down other women and body shame some and stuff it’s
obviously because you’re not happy with your own body and that’s why you do it
but like just just stop like you know I’m back sorry about that you guys I
just get like so like I’m already like really emotional I just I really don’t
like bullying honestly and I’ve that’s the thing like I’ve never actually been
bullied like I never have you know I’ll get comments on social media my youtube
channel which I don’t give a crap and well like honestly I’m still gonna do me
I don’t give a crap what other people think should I partner help us deal with
insecurities or make us deal with it ourselves there’s a fine line to that I
find when people say you have to love yourself before entering a relationship
I feel like you have to love yourself yes to a certain extent but I also think
a partner is there to also grow with you we’re not perfect and we’re not going to
enter a relationship perfect right both of you are two imperfect people like
nobody’s perfect in this world so you’re both gonna bring your own issues demons
skeletons whatever the hell you want to call it and I do feel like you also find
and grow this extra like really deep love with someone when that person helps
you out with your imperfections or your insecurities the bad thing in the fine
line I feel is you can’t solely count on them to cure your insecurities so let’s
just say I’m insecure my ex has cheated and then I find this
new guy and you know he hasn’t shown any signs of cheating oh but any time I seen
with a woman I’m just like oh my god like is he gonna cheat but if this man
has done everything to like make me feel secure and stuff like that and you know
he tells me like you don’t have anything to worry about I understand that you
have an insecurity from your past but you can’t keep putting that on me the
truth is you can’t you can’t keep putting your insecurities onto him
because he hasn’t done anything yeah and hopefully he won’t oh do I feel like he
should help you through that absolutely I feel like he should support you and he
should give you reassurance that you can trust him let’s just say that’s your
insecurity by the way but at the same time if he’s done his part which is
supporting you and telling you like I know you have this insecurity but like
we need to we need to just work on it and be like and just understand that
like I’m not gonna hurt you in that way stuff like that you do need to let go at
some point there is no bullet proof like not getting hurt best that you can put
on and you can’t keep bringing what you hate about that person into the new one
because it’s gonna cause a lot of turmoil that is it for this video hope
you guys enjoyed all of the questions and hopefully some of my answers so you
can kind of relate to if you guys want to see more of these Q&A get ready with
me let me know down below I also want to do one where it’s just very casual me
not even doing my makeup and maybe just me on the sofa just having like a girl
chitchat with you I barely drink my water cuz I was too busy talking well
we’re gonna have to chug that down after this video if you guys again are new to
this channel and you stopped by and stayed for this whole entire video thank
you so much for watching and make sure you guys subscribe click the
notification bell right beside the subscribe button so you guys get into a
fight for all of my brand new videos and also don’t forget to follow me on IG it
is except to Macedo give this video a big thumbs up if you guys enjoyed leave
your comments down below let me know if you guys have your own answers to the
questions maybe you guys can also help some of the other females watching this
video that needs some advice but yeah thank you guys so much for watching I
love you guys so so so much and I will see you guys in my next video

44 thoughts on “Get Ready With Me Q&A – My Glowy Peachy Look!

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