1. Amy you never fail me! Going to cabo in 2 weeks and i need a sultry bronzed goddess look! love you xoxo 💕

  2. You should do a “Get the look” on one of your favorite met gala makeup look but only using drugstore makeup. Like if you agree because I think that would be so amazing

  3. I’d love to see some looks of the „classic“ icons! Like Monica Bellucci, Penelope Cruz, you know what I mean 🤔 Btw anybody know a good dupe for the drunk elephant d bronzi?

  4. What about a get the look vintage? You could do for each era an iconic makeup look & show the trends:)

  5. never heard ya say the name "jackie" so much so i died! i know its jackie aina but I'm still fan girling. i was like "WHAT AMY IS CALLING MY NAME" ahahha

  6. as soon as i saw this i decided to give it a try and i’m in loooove. thank you so much for posting this video ❤️

  7. I’ve been watching all the makeup videos that I can and theirs always looks so smooth and mine always looks so textured and dusty. Could it be the foundation color or something else?

  8. Would love to see an Amber Heard look. Her makeup is always killer and sometimes her makeup artist reveals the products used for certain looks (I've seen one that was all Hourglass…spendy but beautiful!)

  9. I love your get the look series and your channel in general! It's so wholesome, and anyone who watches can definitely tell that the effort you put into your content translates into the amazing quality of videos you put out! Love you Amy!

  10. after you put on the drunk elephant, the skin color is changed, so id probably go with a darker shade foundation right?

  11. Amy!!!! I need to say this bc you're so awesome, but I usually tend to stay away from makeup youtube channels because in general i feel like most you tubers always end up looking the same but using different products, but somehow you make every look look so different- I never miss a video from you because you always nail the look you're going for. And your beauty looks are always so different and you always spice things up your way and I absolutely adore you for it, so yeah! lots of love xx

    PS I would totally love to see you recreate Selena's pink eyeshadow look from the Met Gala last year!! But maybe in a more wearable way? I love love pink but maybe her look was way too bold for me haha!

  12. Nailed ittttttt!! The eyes look like Kendall Jenner so much 😍❤️ Wow! I’m gonna try on this make up look, thank you for those beautiful videos 💘 love ya
    Maybe next do bella Hadid 😻

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