Glenn Zaleski – Voice Leading Concepts for Piano

I’d like to talk about harmony. Harmony, in a pretty detailed way, and specifically
how you can use voice leading to develop harmonies, and have one harmony connect to the next. You can use this basic concept to come up
with a lot of stuff. So, if we had these kind of shells. A more fleshed out version of this progression
could sound like this. And you can hear how the skeleton of that
is still this. If you flip the qualities of each one of the
chords, then you still have good voice leading, but you’re implying other keys. Which is related to. And even though you might look at a leadsheet,
and you see root position chords, it’s implied that the way you’re going to arrange them
on the piano is not just root position over and over again. You could come up with any random chord progression,
and you still need to voice lead it. As long as the skeleton of what you’re playing
has these well voice lead progressions, then you’ll find that your playing always has some
interesting harmonic movement.

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