Gothic Sunshine inspired MakeUp from Glam And Gore | Nooni

Hi Hi, welcome back Okay, I’m gonna rush through the basics Priming, Foundation, Eyebrows… Now let’s get to the FUN stuff! Today I’d like to try my luck on one of my favourite looks from Mykie Some of you may know her as Glam And Gore on YouTube And because SHE, among others, inspired me to do YouTube… …I give you my version of… …”Gothic Sunshine”. Sidenote! I am NOT following her Video. I have my own order of things Big miskate maybe??? I LOOOVE her Channel! Exactly my mix of girls stuff… …total nonsense and creepy stuff By the way, Mykies original Video is linked down below. As always I had a lot of fun filming… … of course 1000 things went wrong… Just. Like. This. My Camera died… And now… The Mykie-Inspired-Montage~ Have fun! Tell me your opinion in the Comments Thumbs Up if you liked it! Bye~

4 thoughts on “Gothic Sunshine inspired MakeUp from Glam And Gore | Nooni

  1. wunderschönes makeup tutorial! welche farbe kombi könntest du noch empfehlen ? blau u d ein gelb grünen ton ?

  2. Die Schminktipps von Nooni kann ich aus erster Hand empfehlen. In der Vergangenheit hat sie mich zu mehreren besonderen Anlässen geschminkt. 👍🏽

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