[GRWM] 아침 비몽사몽 데일리 메이크업 (with sub) 미용실 가는 날~ 프렌치라벤더로💜 염색했어요

Hello. I woke up early today to go to the beauty parlor. I need to get ready quickly and leave. This is anti-swelling tea and of course my face is swollen a lot today. I get the swelling in the morning usually so on the day I’m going out, I drink an anti-swelling tea and start the day. This is a gesgep product and I’m using it as a cream that I apply a small amount of before makeup. I’ve used up a couple of these and it’s good because it’s not sticky and it doesn’t push the makeup. Bobbi Brown product and it’s a functional product that also works as a sunscreen and a primer. I’ll use this as the base. I use this product a lot for daily. The formulation is soft and smooth and it has the advantage of being a sunscreen and a primer at once so I tend to use it a lot. My skin is a little dry and this formulation is soft so it’s really good to use as a base without the dryness. Because I might stay at the beauty salon for a long time, I’m going to use a foundation for my base. This brush is really good for covering pores. There are many products in the world and a lot of products that I’ve never used so as I take turns using it my favorite products keep changing. I’ve only covered my pores lightly with the brush and it can be a little dry so I’m going to mix and use this Lancome foundation and Hera glow foundation. They both have a lot of advantages so mixing them will multiply the advantages. Lancome foundation has a thick yellow base and it’s a beige tone with a hint of pink and mixing the two colors look okay. This is the color difference. I normally use foundations when I stay outside for a long time. That way the skin doesn’t get flaky and stays pretty all day. I really like mixing these two. Lancome is a little dry and Hera is full with glow so by mixing these two it looks like it would last long, and is glowing enough so overall I like it. I’ll lightly apply the powder. This is the Hong Jin-young BB powder. I don’t know how long it has been since I’ve been out. I’m going to use this Primer Plus product Refreshing. When will the virus end? People from all around the world are suffering these days. I’ll do the shading. This brush is from Equmal. Equmal is Lamuqe’s brand and she gave me this as a gift, so I’m using the overall product and the brushes are all made from vegan artificial hair. It’s really soft and light overall so it’s good to use. My face is swollen a lot today so I need a stronger shading. It’s good to follow the area where the eye hole is and I usually do a lot of shading on my eyes overall. I’ll apply the lip. My face is swollen so the only pretty thing is my lips. I’m using this often these days It’s a Powder Jet Brow, a brow product, and for a pencil type it doesn’t bunch up and applies really smoothly so it has become my favorite item. I’ll do the brow mascara as well. Surprisingly these days If you watch some westerners’ makeup look, their eyebrow grain is so high. You can do it with makeup product like this, but there’s a perm called “lift perm” just like eyelash perm, you can lift your eyebrows with perm.. I would like to try it, should I? You don’t really have to lift it by yourself using product, but the brows automatically stay lifted if you get the perm, apparently. And a basic color like this is so cool, so I’m gonna use this for today’s makeup. I’ll use this yellow color as a base. Why am I whispering? It’s so weird. I’ve applied this base color. And let me use this color as a point color. Since I’m left-handed, when I do my makeup, left eye’s makeup is always better. Apply this focusing on the outer corner and make sure you don’t go over the double eyelid. And then let me draw my eyeliner. This is Easy Pro eyeliner. And then at the waterline, let me apply this golden glow color. This is it, today’s daily makeup. And then, I’ll change my clothes quickly. I’m on the way to the hair salon. I chose this jacket since I thought today’s weather’s kind of warm. But it’s slightly chilling. I’ve arrived! I wore skirt and jacket, but it’s colder than I thought. My mask is too big for me. I can’t really say this is a mask. My black hair root has grown a lot and my entire hair length has grown, too. -This one.
-You like this one? Yes. It’s called French lavender. My hair is purple, now. It’s beautiful, still. When I adjust my hair straightener temperature, how much do I have to set? 150 is nice since your hair is damaged. For damaged hair, 150. For healthy hair, 170~180. It’s purple, but basically it’s like brownish purple. The color is super luxurious. I love this color. You have to wait for a bit, but if you come, you can eat quickly. Salmon pollack roe pasta. It looks so good. This is cream salmon pollack roe pasta. Why is this so cute? This is my favorite cafe called “Cafe Knotted” Aren’t they so cute? Strawberry. Strawberry and kaya. Kaya is popular. We got three, four boxes, including ours, they’re four boxes.

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