[GRWM] Little Women ‘Beth’ Makeup ASMR / Costume ASMR

Hello everyone. Judyasmr. My lips are so dry, so I’ll apply lip balm. I will use ‘la chinata’ lip balm. Before I returned to Korea,
I bought it when I traveled to Madrid. Then use a triangle sponge
I’m going to apply foundation today There are a lot of people who like to talk about the foundation sound last time, Today I’ll tap for longer. Then, apply it using Innisfree Compact powder This time, I’ll apply it with another sound. Eyeshadow uses the ‘Wanderess’ Eyeshadow Palette. I will use SHORELINE, DESERT ISLAND, and SUNKISSED colors that I use most. SHORLINE COLOR First of all, I’m going to spread the shadows with Too cool for school brush. Then use a smaller brush to apply SUNKISSED color only to the double eyelid line. Fill the triangle with the same shadow. Then, I will use STARFISH shadow as a highlighter with a round brush. Today, I also put a highlighter on my nose, snorting, then on the eyebrow bone, middle weight, and finally the tip of my chin. I think the highlighter is too much on my chin, I covered it a little with the foundation on the sponge. Next, I will apply the eyebrows using SKINFOOD Chocolate Eyebrow Kit Gray Color. I’m going to draw the eyeliner using the brown brush pen eyeliner. Today’s character ‘Beth’ is the nicest and quietest character in ‘Little Women’ I drew the eyeliner down to give it a soft feeling. Down ~~~~ Draw the eyeliner on the other side as well. And I’m going to cover the line with ‘Wanderess’ SUNKISSED color that I used earlier. I will also brush the triangle zone a bit. Mascara will be applied to the entire eyelashes using MISSHA 4D mascara. Apply carefully. I will apply mascara on the other side as well. Blusher is ‘Too cool for school’ blusher. The color used is called ‘de Rosé’. I think these colors are perfect for rose color cheek of ‘Beth’ . I’ll brush it overall. All that’s left is to brush all over my face. Then I’ll shading I used ‘Too Cool For School Art By Rodin Shading’. Using a diagonal brush, I’m shading along the chin line. Then apply shading to the forehead. I’m shading the nose to give the face a three-dimensional look. By the way, when does that scar on my cheek get healed? Today I used concealer to cover the scar. I’ll apply HEAT WAVE on the ‘Wanderss Shadow Palette’. I applied a small brush to the under part of my eyes. Lastly, I will finish it using the Too Cool for School Finish Setting Compact. I’ll apply the setting fact with the biggest brush I have. I repeated about the ‘brush’ over and over, one of my subscriber said it sounds like a ‘slang’ in Korean. I don’t mean to say slang word. I just said ‘B.R.U.S.H’, ‘Brush’ Then I will use my favorite matte lip line ‘Tarte’ lip product. I’ll write down the color in the information field below! These days, I think I use this product the most as a base color. Before the lip product that I used before dries slightly, I’ll apply another darker product. It’s a darker pink color. I will apply and blend this product only on the inside of my lips. I’m just applying matte lip to make my lips look too matte I took out the lip balm I used earlier. I’ll apply lip balm to my lips with my fingers. Now the makeup is done. I should wear a wig now. Today’s wig is a Gabalmania’s product. This name was a bit complicated … It’s called ‘엘피펌’ 58cm The Some Wig (Hi-soft hair). I chose Khaki Beige as the color. Please refer to the link below for more information. Today I have to use a hair net like onion net. In the last video, one of my subscriber said they can love me even ugly. I’ve taken this part for the onion net. Yes, I expect it to be a lot ugly. Yes. All back hair… (Sigh) Now open all the ticks inside the wig. Tick-Tick I’ll wear it on my head now. Ugh, look at the long bangs. ㅎㅎㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ I will cut the bangs with scissors. It’s good to see the front because I cut the bangs. I’ll comb my messed hair with a comb. Brush ~~ Brush Brush Brush The word brush is a very widely used word. I think now … Is there anything else other than a brush? I’m curious. Combing combing combing Or, comb your hair, comb your hair, comb your hair. By the way, I think wigs are really great in these days. Wig’s hair looks better than my hair. Anyway, I always put my side hair behind my ears. When I wear a wig and put side hair behind my ears, you can see my original hair slightly. I have to care about it. I’ll wear accessories now. I wore a small size pearl earrings. I wore a choker with a necklace, but I didn’t actually wear it when I was filming. It doesn’t seem to match the ‘Beth’ image. My hair is so awkward, so I put a pretty hairpin to make it a little awkward. This is what I bought before in a online shopping mall called After-monday. For reference, the dress I wore today is a ‘Zara’ product. This product is also listed under the link, so if you have any questions, please refer to it. Yes. So Little women ‘Beth’ makeup video is done. I’ll come back with a good video next time. Bye !

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  1. 안녕하세요. Judyasmr 입니다 🙂
    오늘은 최근에 업로드한 작은아씨들 '베스' 의 메이크업 및 준비영상을 가지고 왔어요.
    재미있게 봐주시고, 자세한 제품명은 아래에 적어두었으니 참고해주세요 🙂

    [화장품 정보]
    파운데이션 – @vdl comsetics Perfect lasting foundation
    팩트 – @Innisfree USA Mineral pact color 21
    아이섀도우 – Wanderess Eyeshadow Palette
    쉐도우 – Too cool for school Art by Rodin
    마스카라 – Missha 4D Mascara
    블러셔 – @Sephora – Too cool for school Art by Rodin [De Rose]
    립제품 – @tarte cosmetics lip tint 'Rose' + @tarte cosmetics lip tint 'Bling'

    [의상 정보]
    – 가발 : 가발매니아
    – 원피스 : 자라

    Hello, This is Judy ASMR.
    Today is the makeup and preparation video of Little Women's 'Beth' ASMR that I recently uploaded.
    I hope you enjoy it and I've written down the name of the product below, so please keep that in mind!

    [Cosmetic Info]
    Foundation – @vdl comsetics Perfect lasting foundation
    Compact powder – @Innisfree USA Mineral pact color 21
    Eye Palette – Wanderess Eyeshadow Palette
    Eyebrow, Contouring Shadow – Too cool for school Art by Rodin
    Mascara – Missha 4D Mascara
    Blush – @Sephora – Too cool for school Art by Rodin [De Rose]
    Lip – @tarte cosmetics lip tint 'Rose' + @tarte cosmetics lip tint 'Bling'

    [Costume info]
    – Hair Wig : Gabalmania
    – Dress : Zara

    🗣 Help for Subtitle link (자막) : http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCRUb1Iq2qbcmvt7AWdW8wjA&tab=2

    💛 Link to join membership (멤버십 가입) : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRUb1Iq2qbcmvt7AWdW8wjA/join

    🎁 Donation link (채널 후원) : https://toon.at/donate/636716481331161857

    📹 VLOG : https://www.youtube.com/c/Judylog주디로그
    📱INSTAGRAM : @judyasmr
    📩 BUSINESS E-MAIL : [email protected]

  2. 목소리는 목소리대로
    숏컷도 가발도
    정말 많은 매력을 지니셨네요

  3. 조마치랑 베스는 어떻게 만들지 상상이라도 갔는데 에이미랑 맏언니(이름이 기억안남ㅜ)는 도대체 어떻게 만들생각이신지 상상도 안가요.

  4. You should apply concealer right after foundation step in order to make it stick to ur skin. Pls never put any liquid or conceal things after powder which can make ur makeup cakey or little messy

  5. 오늘따라 유난히 침소리가 많이 섞인 것 같아요~ 그래서 넘나 넘나 좋은 것❤️❤️ 오늘도 꿀잠 잘게용😘

  6. 엇 오늘입은 옷 재수없는 친구 옷 골라주기 의 나왔던 의상 아니가용?? 너무 이쁘네여ㅜ

  7. 후시녹음으로 토킹하는거 겁나 좋네
    오랜만에 팅글 느껴져서 최근 3영상
    겁나 돌려봤음

  8. 앗 언니.. 가발망 쓰실 때 너무 단정하구… 이제 하다하다 가발망 쓰신 것도 너무 예쁘구… 그래서 그런데… 혹시 승무원asmr 어떠신가요ㅜㅜㅠ? 너무..너무 잘어울릴거 같애요…!!!!ㅜㅜㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠ

  9. 쥬디님의 이런 좋은 영상을 계속 만들수있게해준 작은아씨들 영화감독님 감사합니다

  10. 0:36 Judy, did you know that that lip balm is made in my región of Spain? There is a village called Malpartida de Plasencia and the company who makes body lotions, lip balms… is called La Chinata! It made me really happy, I don't know how you got it while you are living in South Korea!

  11. Obrigada por colocar legendas em pt br, amo asmr coreano pelo idioma que me encanta de mais. Parabéns pelo canal, fique bem e sucesso na sua vida.

  12. Olá tudo bem!? Muito obrigada novamente por você ter colocado lengendas em português, infelizmente eu não sei coreano porém queria aprender coreano, mas muito obrigada de verdade por você não esquecer de nós!😊🇧🇷 e eu sou brasileira!😊🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  13. 후시 녹음들이 약간 웅얼거리는 느낌도 나고 바람소리가 많이 나는 거 같아요…! 근데 긴 머리 진짜 잘 어울리세요!!

  14. Em yêu chị !Chị xinh đẹp lắm!Cảm ơn chị rất nhiều vì đã làm Vietsub👍Mong rằng chị sẽ mau ra nhiều clip mới và giữ gìn sức khỏe thật cẩn thận trước tình hình dịch Covid-19 đang diễn biến phức tạp tại Hàn Quốc nha! I LOVE YOU BEAUTY😍💕🍀

  15. 헉 언니 그 썬키스트??인지 뭔지 하는 쉐도우 바를 떄 슉슉 소리 너무 좋아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ이 소리 존버 타고 있을게요ㅠㅠ

  16. 17:24
    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ미안해요 지금 들어보니까 그렇게 안들리는 거 같아요 헤헤 기억해줘서 고마워요💗

  17. 저 립밤 진짜 짱좋아요..
    특히 겨울에 각질 파티할 때 바세린보다 직빵입니다.
    꼭 추천해요

  18. I thought that there was a drama between Banh mi Vietnam and 20 Koreans. I read about it and some comments by Koreans were kinda rude and I really felt uncomfortable. However, when I see your vid with Vietnamese sub, I really feel that the drama is not too serious. Love you <3

  19. Я обожаю тебя смотреть, И не важно есть ли русские субтитры и без них все понятно! Люблю очень ❤😘

  20. 정말 잘 어울려요~작은 아씨들!!! 너무 좋아요. 어릴적 감성이 막 살아납니다.~~ 좋은 영상 만들어줘서 감사해요.~~^^

  21. 혹시 에이미 컨셉은 그림그리는 에이미를 로리가 지켜보는 그런 건가요….?(제 바람입니당ㅎㅎㅎㅎ)

  22. ウィッグネット被る段階が綺麗って人初めてなんですけど……美しい…すごく好きです……………

  23. 언니 언니 재수 없는 시리즈로 언니 피부 관리 하는 거 친구가 슬쩍 와서 눈치 보면서 보는 것도 좋을 것 같아요! 언니 피부 너무 좋으셔서… 일석이조라고 독자 입장에서 생각을 해 봅니ㄷ…ㅏ

  24. 주디님 ㅠㅠ… 쌩얼도 너무 예쁘시고 화장도 잘하셔요 ㅠㅠ 어쩜 ,,, 소리는 오늘도 좋고… 행복한 밤 만들어주셔서 감사해요 항상 !❤️

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