HELP! I need GLAM (In Arabic)

Moza Khoboz? no Khoboz Moza you see?! my Arabic is now better than Alya’s who is more fluent now ha? Hello beautiful people! so today i am doing a full makeup tutorial and i will be speaking in Arabic i had never done that before because it is a bit hard for me if you watched my old Arabic videos, then you know that it’s very hard for me to speak this language there is no… not like this… but like this i didn’t learn a lot of Arabic and my vocabulary is weak but i will try. I should practice more if i want to get better the first product i am using today is Wishful. i am in love with it it is amazing! it makes your skin smooth, soft, clean and radiant i use this before applying my makeup so i have a clean smooth canvas to begin with if i have a special occasion and i want my skin to look amazing, i use wishful it removes all the dead skin as you can see my skin feels so smooth! i will clean it up and be right back i used a wet towel and dabbed it all over my skin i did not use harsh wiping motion because i don’t want to irritate my thin skin i am now going to moisturize my skin using Embryolisse my skin is so dry i am using a new primer today, it’s the Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas i don’t know if it’s good, it’s new nice! i am starting my makeup with NYMPH shake it well before use i am using one pump and applying it using the brush that comes with it and i am spreading it all over the face for the foundation, i am using the Faux Filter in Macchiato so i am applying it over NYMPH and you can see how healthy my skin looks my skin looks so soft and smooth it looks dewy and healthy this makeup DOES NOT MOVE! even if i go swimming, it stays in place for the concealer, i am using the Overachiever Concealer from Hudabeauty you do not need as much, it is super pigmented i love me a good pigmented concealer i am now going to bake with some Easy Bake powder in the shade Banana Bread Bread Banana Banana Bread? NO Bread Banana you see? my Arabic is now better than Alya’s Alya used to be better than me in Arabic you tell me guys, if it’s “Banana Bread” in English what is the Arabic translation? what do you call “Hotdog” in Arabic? you see? my Arabic is better than Alya’s i am now going to use Tantour to contour just a tiny bit in the hollows of my cheeks and along the jawline let me know in the comment, how do you translate “Banana Bread” Khoboz Moza or Moza Khoboz? Alya said “moza Khoboz” i like to cinch in my face i am using what is left on the sponge to fix the rest of the face complexion is very important in my opinion a good complexion makes your face look expensive you don’t have to use expensive product to accomplish that but if your skin looks oily and grainy your makeup will look cheap i am now using this highlighter it is not too light so it blends in nicely with my skintone i love contouring my nose i am using this contouring powder from Rodial i am applying it on the sides of my nose i had my nose done but i still like to contour this is very important step of my makeup routine i am using a bronzer from Dolce & Gabbana i think that even if you have a perfect nose if you don’t contour, your face will look flat so i am using Easy Bake on a tiny brush to bring forward any areas that look pushed in because i am tired. it is 11pm right now i wanted to film this video but i am exhausted when i finish this makeup, i am off to bed

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