100 thoughts on “Hilton: Flatten the curve not the economy

  1. This is ridiculous 22million Americans got the H1N1. 5000 Americans died. Covid19 isnt anywhere near those numbers…why are we shut down? The liberal news media is spreading total panic because they are against the president. Back then the news was pro Obama so it wasnt spread as panic….thats the difference.

  2. 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I have a small, small business in NYC. I’ve been saying this all along. I’m so sick of hearing the “flatten the curve” medical mantra. However, at this point, I stopped worrying. There are two black-and-white outcomes for me: go back to business or go TOTALLY bankrupt, which means that I won’t be able to pay for literally anything, including TAXES, rent, health care insurance, etc. I’ve accepted this already, especially here in communist NY. Come July 15, I won’t pay taxes…because I won’t have any, ANY money left.

  3. Glad Trump is in charge,,Obamy would have let many people die and later claim to have saved the rest. And anyone saying otherwise would be called a racist.

  4. the shutdown was just imposed, and your business is already in trouble? i think the problem is on your side.
    the government promisses you $ for just filling some forms and you don't have time even if your business is closed?
    sounds like your business is not your top priority. sounds like the $ is not that important to you.

    the shutdown should NOT be total. the food industry should continue to work. other industries aswel (medical supplies, cleaning agents, toilet paper, etc).

  5. Stupid boomers think they letting everyone get the virus and killing millions is the way to win.. fucken stupid boomer.

  6. Part of the problem, Steve, is those who still engage in overtly risky behaviours. People going to beaches in groups, on both coasts has been a problem.

  7. How long does it take people to understand the real virus is Trump? Trump eliminated CDC expert job in China months before outbreak.
    EPIC Depression is coming…non event.
    -25% GDP…non event.
    30% unemployment…non event.
    Just imagine when people's 401K is only 10% of what it was in early 2020.

  8. How many people actually have an emergency fund (6 moths of living expenses) they can use to ease the burden of this crisis?

  9. Back to free markets please. The gov has proven time and time again that they are a bunch of useless idiots. Can we stop giving the gov power? Lets strip them of power, shame them, and release them into the wild where they might actually have to get a real job or be productive.

  10. Theres no easy fix. We can say dont shut down but then its your mom or dad who gets sick. We can say shut it down to avoid spread but then its you who has no income for weeks maybe longer.
    This is going to be bad either way no matter what we do.
    However its the economic pain that will lingrr on long after vaccines put this virus to rest. May God guide our hand to make the right calls.

  11. Hilton, we have but two ways to go. 1st if we do not stop the spread of the virus and get to that Peak it's not going to matter. It's the virus FIRST or nothing else matters. The economics will continue to falter. It is a fact that the virus is causing the Whirlwind. Without a drug to curved back the virus and to Contain it OR it will continue to spiral downward. It has only been what two weeks and all we hear is Americans will lose their homes bull Shi*. I believe most Americans are more resilient then that. I'm 65 and we have seen MANY hard times in this country recession after recession when interest rates were at 17% and the economy was tough however, we got through it time and time again. This generation can't cope they've never been in a real recession. They have had everything handed to them. Theyve never has to be concerned about a military draft or of any magnitude of crisis. They haven't seen hard times. It's not Doom or Gloom day. Our government need to get their heads out of their asses with bipartisanship and put big boy pants on and work out a comprehensive plan. First the virus.

  12. I agree with what you are saying. – However, for the Trump admin its a catch 22 situation. If they don’t shut down the economy for a little while and get 10th of millions of dead because pf it, they will be shredded by the corrupt Dem leaders and the even more corrupt marxist mass media. If the economy tanks too much they will get shredded for “overreacting” and having created a depression. It’s a fine line to walk. We’ll se how Europe will pull out of this one with their almost complete lockdown …….

  13. Stop it. Just stop it. This is a temporary shutdown until we get testing up and running. Then we can target our quarantines. For two to four weeks, we save people. Then we will save the economy. Have some faith. I’m sorry about the nosedive, but lives are more important. If you don’t get that, well… In the meantime, you’re just adding to the panic.

  14. It's easy to criticize… So what is the solution? Leave all business open, infect millions of people????

  15. Wait we having being living filthy lives for yrs .Now we have to take a break and think all we can think about is how soon can we get back to living in the filth . Stupid human beings we all are including me

  16. It's either stupidity or intentional destruction. I keep telling everyone I know… that the government has 1 month (About mid-April) before people get very very angry and start resisting and flat out ignoring the government. 18-60 in perfect health need to go out and make the world spin…everyone else we can protect and lock-down.

  17. Rand Paul has the Coronavirus Mitt Romney has the Coronavirus a bunch of people have the coronavirus people now they were all against the president now they're not now they're wondering how they're going to get out of the s*** hole they put us all in but I don't see why we have to go down with them it's just not right anyway Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi is trying to crash the stock market right now by not allowing the stimulus package to pass because she wants a lot of little bills that she had in her back pocket I don't know where you what you'd call her back pocket but an ugly person Democrats are trying to crash the stock market any blemish they can put on the president there trying for right now

  18. And when Trump and McConnell produce a bill that addresses what the problem is instead of shovelling money to corporations with no checks and balances to ensure that they don’t use the money for stock buybacks and with no check on executive salaries maybe that’s a bill that can actually get passed into law and help people. I agree sending a one time check to all Americans is useless – how long will $1000 last? . This bill is all about giving more money to big business with nothing for the poor people. looking after small businesses and controlling big business is what is necessary. But ignoring the spread of a virus that is killing the elderly and younger people as well, as this guy seems to be suggesting with all that that will cost in people, front line health workers and money is ridiculous.
    Trump ignored the problem for 2 months and this guy says Trump
    understand the problems and loves small businesses – what a joke. This stimulus package doesn’t address anything to help the workers to keep their homes from being taken by the banks, to put food on their table for the duration and to pay their health care. Yes the government should stand behind insurance companies and force them to do their job but bailing out big companies who used their tax cuts to do stock buybacks – no, no, no

  19. This shutdown cannot last for more than one pay period, it would be the cure is worse than the disease. Why is the stock market allowed to be open? The shutdown is drastic action that hopefully will greatly reduce or stop the virus, but after the one pay period, people just have to disinfect surfaces, keep their space and wash their hands! At risk people should stay home, better safe than sorry, remember 99% will recover!

  20. But Steve aren’t the “bailouts” part of the way we help employers to keep employees on? Also I heard that if the companies take the money to keep people on and keep them it’s a grant. If they take the money and lay people off it becomes a loan.

  21. So everything you said is sensible. But most things the govt are doing are not. Looks like a pre-planned govt takeover, wouldn't you say? Wake up sleepy heads. Don't think this a a drill.

  22. 3M CEO: ‘Disappointing’ to see N95 respirator masks at retail stores instead of hospitals' This is why Federal government should purchase all key medical supplies (mask, ventilator, gown, test tube, etc) and distribute to state based on number of infected people and population. Federal government should also issue order to stop of export of key medical supplies.

  23. This whole thing is getting too much! Talk about the emotional impact on people that have to shelter by themselves for a long time! Mass depression and many more suicides!

  24. I understand the people that own businesses are going to lose today, but someone will take their places when the economy starts up again. It will reshuffle the deck of cards that were stacked against so many. Just my thoughts.

  25. Democrats are globalists, they want the country DOWN so they can bring in the New World Order, so slavery can keep going, for ever, tell people about it, stop pretending…

  26. “ I have one thing in common with Americans: They lost their jobs , I lost my mind long time ago “
    Joe corona Biden

  27. Completely agree. We also need mass testing for antibodies to COVID-19, there may be many people who are now immune and fit to work, or volunteer in schools, hospitals, old people's homes and supermarkets. Or shops in general.

  28. Fox played down the Virus from the start including this half brit…Trish Regan has been pulled by fox over her idiotic comments on the virus

  29. There’s something going on which is kept secret. I would never believe that elites sacrifice billions for anything unless it threatens their lives or promises more profit .

  30. The hoax virus is diminishing. In China, NO new cases yesterday. And this guy is hyping panic. The corona virus is very contagious but no more dangerous than the flu or pneumonia. In China they use pneumonia drugs to treat it. Pelosi WANTS people to panic, she won't pass Trump's stimulus package.

  31. So your gunna put a dollar value on human life? Fox has lost it's mind I tell you what I'll give 50 bucks if all of fox news departments drop dead might go to 60

  32. Self-induced depression to fight a flu virus that is not harmful to 99% of Americans. It appears America is too stupid to be a world super power. When the dust clears, China will emerge as the world's largest economy and sole global super power.

  33. First thing is to shutdown the stock market for as long as it takes until the virus runs it course.Think about it. But that won't happen as a crashed market allows the rich elites to buy up everything at dirt cheap prices. There in no downside and only upside to a market shutdown for the vast majority of non-elites.

  34. Why is everyone worried, Trµmp said the virus will magically disappear in April.
    We only need to sit this out for 7 more days.

  35. Steve – you are doing a good job of presenting a different view of this crises. keep up the good work.

  36. This would be a good time to manipulate our money value like China does and tell them our debt will be paid with a one dollar bill.

  37. NO!!! No more bailouts for companies!!! It was not ok when Obama did his bailout. It is not ok for Trump to do another bailout. I specifically voted for Trump because he said that he was a "hardcore capitalist". That is a direct quote from Trump from when I went to my second Trump rally. Trump promised not to bailout companies anymore like Obama did. Trump promised me and yet here we are. What ever happened to idea of a small government and use of the free market? Trump is just doing the same crap that Obama did.

  38. On another note, didn't Trump specifically say "the coronavirus is just a hoax perpetrated by the Democrats"? Trump should just stop following the lead of the corrupt Democrats and stop acting like this thing is real. Trump said it was fake and now he's acting like this is real. Was Trump wrong at the beginning?

  39. What happen when you have 50 million shares of major Corp. Stock that you've made through manipulation…the 1%…???? RESET…ALL WILL BE MADE WHOLE🌅


  41. As soon as people see a number friends, family, co-workers and neighbors hospitalized and/or succumb to this virus as they have in Italy, they'll do what they're doing now.: staying away from bars, restaurants, retail stores, etc. Severe economic disruption is inevitable. But by then it will be too late. Thousands MORE will die if this armchair expert's advice is followed. Business will STILL be in the tank.

  42. well the left has become Communists, it's their dream to see all the business shut down, their are totally fools and low IQ incapable to understand what's at stake here, they do not want to save the economy,

  43. A hurricane is a act of hod, a dude eating a bat in China and getting sick followed by a lack of transparency from a communist country and global travel is not a act of God. This was totally avoidable. Chinese scientists warned years ago to stop eating bat's but evidently it fell on deaf ears

  44. Spot on! What the heck is going on with our governments? They seem to forget they have to work for us!

  45. I was laid off on March 13th and the Democrat leadership is playing political games. The government over reaction is way worse than the virus. They are killing the economy. This will be the 2nd Great Depression that will be worse than the 1930's.

  46. I'm an addict recently into recovery. I starved and had nothing while I was addicted. I got clean and my life was getting better. Now I fear starvation and poverty again. I feel cheated and angry. There is absolutely nothing for me right now and I'm isolated . This game the powers that be are playing is affecting millions of people as well. Nobody is that dense to suggest a total shutdown of the economy. This is being done for reasons aside from the obvious. Because the obvious reason makes no sense whatsoever

  47. HELL, it's even WORSE than I thought. I just read that the hangup in the Senate is TRUMP. Trump has told Republican Senators that he wants A HALF TRILLION DOLLARS that he can spend ANY WAY HE WANTS, no restrictions. This is your criminal president's reaction to YOUR needs. This CRIMINAL is trying to rip off A HALF TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!

  48. The virus travels with people; if the US doesn't completely shut down it's cities, you will end up like in Italy, with hundreds or maybe thousands of deaths every day.

  49. We are at war get that stinking demon out of the way she don't care she enjoy people to die like she has been doing with obammer.

  50. I think he has a good idea about supporting the insurance companies, as they can get money to the small companies faster and without putting them in debt. Still need help for those small independent operations, like tree trimmers, etc, who may not have insurance.

  51. God bless you, Mr. Hilton! I've been feeling nearly alone, in my concern for the economic devastation that will likely ensue, as a leftist-media-triggered public skews its priorities to the point that people are hoarding toilet paper, of all things! Absurd! It's so encouraging to have you state so persuasively what needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Absolutely averting an economic depression should be no less a priority than combating COVID-19. Like its viral predecessors, it will likely run its course in relatively short time and vanish quickly. But the economic devastation and accompanying misery that will almost surely be inflicted, by overzealous efforts to suppress the virus’ impact, will adversely effect us for years. Therein lies the key distinction.

  52. This guy is a MOROn, if you listen to him you are putting your life at risk. Don't even think about doing what he says, listen to Dr Fauci or other health professionals, this Hilto jerk is a talking head with no facts. NO FACTS.

  53. The UK has adopted the complete opposite approach, isolating those most vulnerable to the virus, the aged and those with weakened immune systems, and letting everyone else go about their normal business with no businesses shut down. This model makes more sense and does less harm to their economy.

  54. This moron is not qualified to assert authority on medical matters, and yet FOX NEWS has him on anyways. He's a political commentator, not a doctor. Pathetic.

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