How a Group of High School Students Put the NRA in the Hot Seat | “NRA Under Fire” | FRONTLINE

>>For about two decades, Democrats were running scared of the NRA. And I think Parkland changed that.>>Trying to get so many people registered to vote.>>When the kids of Parkland started this incredible grassroots movement…>>This does not just lie in the city of Parkland.>>It captivated constituents. Democratic lawmakers started hearing from people back home, “Hey, why aren’t you doing anything?”>>NARRATOR: The Parkland students had helped put gun control on the agenda of the 2018 midterms. The NRA was under fire.>>I’ll take on the NRA, ban assault rifles, ban bump stocks.>>One out of five guns are obtained without a background check.>>(bleep) the NRA.>>NARRATOR: For the first time…>>These weapons have no place…>>NARRATOR: Hundreds of Democrats were taking on the NRA.>>I’ll fight the gun lobby.>>Because the NRA is an embarrassment, and weapons I used in Iraq have no business on our streets.>>We had had a moment. We had had a chance to turn the tides, and we fundamentally did.>>This is CNN breaking news.>>This is a very significant defeat for Mr. Trump, a historic accomplishment for the Democrats.>>NARRATOR: And on Election Night, a big victory for those Democrats who challenged the NRA.>>Democrats picked up more than two dozen House seats to take control for the first time in eight years.>>Many of them are from red districts, some of whom represent districts that haven’t been in Democratic hands since the early 1960s. Those people are not NRA supporters.>>Let me hear you scream!>>♪ I’m all the way up, oh All the way up, all the way up All the way up I’m all the way up… ♪>>NARRATOR: One candidate who won was Letitia James…>>New York now has a new state attorney general.>>NARRATOR: …the New York attorney general.>>New York State’s top legal official, and Tish James made history today.>>Democrat Letitia “Tish” James, and…>>And our nation is at a pivotal moment in history, and we are careening…>>NARRATOR: She immediately turned her sights on the NRA.>>We need an attorney general who will go after gun manufacturers and the NRA.>>NARRATOR: As attorney general, James would go after the NRA from a new angle, to try and weaken it from the inside.>>The New York Attorney General has a lot of power. She can subpoena their records, and she can look into precisely how they are raising and spending money.>>She was going to dig in and see what exactly were they doing, how were they spending their money.>>The National Rifle Association is under investigation by New York State’s attorney general..>>The NRA in crisis, with the New York attorney general launching an investigation…>>New York’s Attorney General’s Office has opened an investigation…>>And so, that became a really significant threat to the NRA.>>$200,000 in NRA…>>NARRATOR: Then, a big break that would feed the investigation.>>Wayne LaPierre looting the coffers.>>Complaint about the NRA’s tax-exempt status…>>NARRATOR: Leaks from inside the NRA.>>…extracted hundreds of millions of dollars…>>NARRATOR: Allegations of lavish spending and financial misconduct by LaPierre.>>The NRA spent more than $200,000 of its members’ donations…>>NARRATOR: There were bills for nearly $300,000 from a Beverly Hills clothing store, private jets to the Bahamas, and plans for a $6 million mansion on a Dallas golf course.>>There were a lot of people around NRA looking to be rich. Can’t imagine any other nonprofit in the entire country that has a similar mission where people are making so much money.>>NARRATOR: Aaron Davis spent a decade as an NRA fundraiser. This is the first time he has spoken on camera.>>The hypocrisy of it all is that the membership who gives $25 doesn’t, they don’t know where their money’s going.>>NARRATOR: To date, Attorney General James has issued subpoenas to nearly 100 former and current NRA officials. LaPierre has denied any wrongdoing, but the investigation has thrown the NRA and its leadership into crisis.>>Now you see a Wayne LaPierre who’s under siege and backed into a corner. And the NRA is vulnerable to these investigations into its finances that are ongoing. So, it’s just mired in internal problems and, you know, dysfunction.

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  1. Thankfully these vapid brats & their AstroTurf "movement" have been completely forgotten. That little weasel Hogg will end up a junkie, Ivy League dropout with an "E" true Hollywood style story within this decade. Bank on it.

  2. 393 million guns in the United States give or take nobody’s going to give them up and hand them over…. Second amendment!!!…

  3. I mean I disagree but I can already see the responses about how I don’t care about the kids who died so I’m not even gonna try to explain myself

  4. As police departments around the country are right now telling people they will no longer be enforcing laws that put citizens directly in danger, and that's with just a little bit of pressure on the system – it's only been days to weeks, the citizens of the US are realizing their safety is in their hands. What happened to these kids is tragic and we need to protect them. I am alive today because of my gun and there are millions like me. The mainstream narrative hides that information from you, and much more, as they build their narrative. So what about my life, what about their lives, does that not matter?

    When seconds matter the police are minutes away. You guys are so ignorant you don't even understand how you are hurting people and not even addressing the real problem. You probably aren't even aware that over 2 times more people are killed every year by a persons bare hands than rifles – the AR15 is the most popular rifle in America. You probably aren't even aware that according to the CDC between 500k and 3 million people defend themselves with guns every year. Take Jamey Closs for example, remember her? She's a tale of 2 families. Her parents knew in advance that a threat was coming, the wife and daughter sheltered in the bathroom while the husband confronted him at the door – they were all unarmed and look what happened. Fast forward to her escape. The family she ran to also knew in advance that a threat was coming, but they were armed. The wife put Jamie behind her, got her gun and posted up, while the husband got his gun and posted up at the door. She was protected and if he came it that house there was going to be a fight. Now in the end they didn't need their guns and the police caught him one block away head toward their house, but Jamie's parents did need guns and they didn't have any – and where were the police? Also remember, it was illegal for the murderer to have a gun.

    I understand that the media narrative has gotten you beating the anti-gun drums, but you have been manipulated. And I know you guys need a boogyman, but anyone who knows what they are actually talking about laughs when you attack the NRA, you guys really don't get it lol, but keep attacking your boogyman. Or, get educated and stop letting your emotions guide you.

  5. If you need a gun for anything other than hunting or protecting your family……..
    With the way the world is, big guns are only used for murder, I pray for this world 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Children have no clue of how important the 2nd amendment. Their parents have raised in a world with no sharp objects and guns are bad. These children will wake up one day and realize that this world is indeed a bad place. The Democratic party has been trying to abolish the 2nd amendment and they will never succeed! I thank God for the NRA.. "Frontline" and their sad attempt to make a documentary that makes the NRA look bad is not going to work.. Guns are not the problem. Why aren't they going after knives, there are just as many if not more deaths with knives than there are with guns??

  7. What sensible solutions do NRA supporters propose for stopping mass shootings where AR-15 style assault rifles are the preferred choice of weapon.

    Please don't advocate arming even more people or arming the teachers. What other sensible ideas do you propose?

  8. Yo yo yo Trump supporters I heard all cell phones are contaminated with the coronavirus, the solution is to microwave your cell phone for 10 minutes, mine works so much better now since I did that

  9. The second amendment isn't debatable SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED every American should own a machine gun and stop hiding behind the children come out and say you want to completely get rid of the second amendment

  10. Youtube is predominantly males. In terms of ideology, it is also predominantly conservative. There's nothing wrong with males or conservatives, but it's important to keep that in mind when looking at video like/dislike ratio and comment sections.

  11. "One out of five" is a singular noun, lady.

    Um, it might have something to do with that "one" in there, doncha think?

  12. Because of the NRA and the supporters of weapons of mass destruction on the street, and in the home, considering the violence they have incubated with this support, I believe 16 year olds should have the right to vote in America, because they have no voice, and they are now Targets of the insanity the NRA and its supporters have Unleashed on the public

  13. NRA on the hot seat by the ignorant masses brainwashed offspring. Would that be "The Future Morons of America"?

  14. Are you kidding??? how a group of HS Students put the NRA in the hot seat??? The title should read how Democrats/leftists/progressives propped up funded children to further their leftist ideas and how law enforcement failed to protect these students.
    Frontline is just another great news program that has been taken over by leftists who attempt to push their leftists' ideas. Frontline you should be absolutely ashamed with yourselves for pumping out propaganda like this.

  15. if mental issue is the real reason why so many school shootings happen,
    why don't they pass mental health reform?
    and they get to keep their guns.
    that's the easiest no brainer.

    or maybe they really do believe that guns are the problem.

  16. Wanting to own a device specifically designed to kill another human being betrays multiple mental issues. That more effort is spent rationalizing and arguing FOR keeping these weapons for anyone takes away from ensuring health, happiness and security for everyone.

  17. Why would we listen to kids on this subject? BTW Lot's-o-libs are buying guns now. Oh an 90% of the crime is hand guns. No one wants to do anything about that apparently.

  18. This is ridiculous. Once again, a group of selfish, self glorifying politicians pursuing an agenda that does nothing to address an actual problem.
    Guns aren't the problem. They're a symptom of the actual problem which lies with the sick ducks pulling the trigger.
    Guns save way more lives than they take and prevent more crime than they are actually utilized in.
    Once we lose our right to bear arms, the rest will shortly follow…. which is exactly why we won't let them be taken.

  19. All those CT , Trump loving , gun toters think the gun sales control is taking away their rights to own guns ..every mass shooter were all law abiding gun buyers that decided to practice their 2nd amendment right to purchase the ammunition that would kill as many innocent citizens as quickly with their weapons of mass destruction that should be band because some NRA suicidal love to take as many innocent victims with them !

  20. This is why PBS needs to be defunded. They are clearly biased against the NRA and the 2nd amendment. The NRA will be fine and they have plenty of other civil liberty organizations that protect the 2nd. Remember the NRA exist because of groups like PBS trying to take away 2nd amendment rights rights. PS gun sales are soaring lol

  21. Desperate situations call for Drastic measures…in frontline (aka the left/dnc)
    is spreading Propaganda..👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺

  22. Recent gun sales prove Americans overwhelmingly support the 2nd Am. PBS Frontline PC / WOKE talking points evaporate one by one. The previous anti-Amazon Alexa piece just proves they prefer China to lead in AI.

  23. Americans, never give up your 2nd amendment. The nra problems has nothing to do with your right to protect yourself and loved ones. Maybe the demorats should be more involed in confiscating illegal guns from places like chicago, detroit, atlanta……….

  24. All dem gun haters need do is simple. Name a gun control law that only affects criminals. It is clear dem gun haters cannot name one! There is one reason and only one reason to own a so called assault weapon. It is my right!

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