11 thoughts on “How to make the Foundation Double Crochet Left Hand Free Online YouTube Live Video Class

  1. this is so helpful when your doing long chain projects or need a little extra stretch in a project. love it. thank you!

  2. Thank you! I was trying to teach myself how to do this stitch from a diagram and I was capital C Confused. (The part about working into the chain after making the initial stitch).

  3. Thank you for the mirroring for lefties. This is one stitch I don't do often enough to remember. I keep coming back to your tutorial every time I need the stitch because it is the best one on YouTube!!!! TY again.

  4. Oh My! I'm left handed and was taught by a right handed person to crochet since the 70's. I just do the opposite of what is being done. I just looked at your video to do the chainless foundation and was able to grasp it with your right-hand tutorial. I just saw this one and it's amazing that you are able to teach both hands so well. You are truly gifted. Thanks for sharing your gift.

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