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Today I’m going to show you some super easy tips and tricks I use to recreate
Bella Hadid’s signature hair and makeup look. If you want to find me on Instagram
at TikTok my @ is lilcbaksi. All the products I use will be listed in the
description box below. I hope you guys like this video and if you want to see
more then just keep on watching. Ok, let’s get started. You pressed it didn’t you. Oh my God now I’m getting nervous and I’m like- Ok what even shade is this, I don’t know
what shade it is… Oh tan honey oh that’s cute
Ok I’m taking this Tarte foundation and tan honey Just absolutely beat it into your face as
if it’s your second layer of skin. Now I’m gonna go in with some concealer
and my clean-ish finger ish yeah it’s clean. Wait [burps].
Now with a lighter concealer, even lighter, I’m gonna do like what you would
do with your highlighter. I’m just gonna do here at the top of my nose. I’m also
gonna take this light concealer and go over here up on my cheekbone. I’m going to
now cover up this humongous pimple that’s absolutely ready to just storm out
into the world. Now I’m going to take the Milk Makeup bronzing stick. Ok don’t do that much… if you have a
smaller one I guarantee you’ll get better results. Now I’m gonna do my forehead
and under my chin. And we’ll do the nose after cuz the nose is the most
important part. Now I’m going to take a Beauty Blender and really just blend it
until everything’s seamless. I’m now gonna take 20 fucking thousand
billion hours to blend this bitch because it’s so thick.
Okay so Beautyblender was not working so we’re going in with one of these. And
it’s – we’re just – yeah that’s doing a lot more I don’t even have to look to know what’s- I just I- yep. Yeahhh, wow that’s significantly better.
Okay so, now that I’m alive again with this brush instead of using that goddamn
Beauty Blender that was absolutely fucking horrible, we’re just gonna oh
yeah really blend we’re just gonna go H.A.M. You don’t even have to look in a mirror, you
just kind of have to, just swirl and just think chiseled, SpongeBob… no what’s his…
just think chiseled and just keep going, just… So this is how – ah my eyeball – don’t
do that. Kind of use your warm fingers to smush the brown stuff in. This is what I really wanted to be using when I was using the Milk Makeup stuff but I actually have negative
product, literally negative product, I’ve scooped it out and there is actually none.
That would have been way easier than this fat bitch cuz this is fucking huge.
But let’s try, let’s try. So I’m taking a Q-Tip and I’m trying to get the product
out, but see if you actually aren’t lazy and you buy a new one
you will just have to roll the stick up and you’ll be able to use it. And now I’m
gonna do my nose. Bella Hadid has that nose – that freaking nose. So we’re gonna do that. We’re going to go down the center on each side because we want to look snatched now
we’re gonna get a little bit more see this really technical thing I’m doing
this is the most important part we’re gonna do a little triangle here and now
we are gonna complete it by doing that see what we did there see that little
circle now you can go back with your beauty blender and blend okay so we’re going back in with the
gutter q-tip little pot things so aware that this isn’t blended but that’s okay
because we’re a cute oh okay buy this fuck milk makeup buy
this shit okay so we’re going back in cute now we’re gonna blend in more okay
now when you’re blending this in kind of roll up a bit because if you blend it
down it was just your face will sag down oh
my gosh don’t get layers this is the first time doing makeup in a month
because hashtag covet 19 and I haven’t gone out and I’m feeling a little
antisocial and my magnin not really do I miss the social interaction not really I
kind of miss my friends who are all in quarantine because they all traveled okay I’m now gonna bake my face to
really give the effect of plastic surgery we’ve been taking some
translucent powder and a wet Beauty Blender and I’m going to town
bring it all the way up here even though that’s like not a place people big
unless it is then I’ve been living under a rock and then do the other side cuz
symmetry dip bring it up to where we con to it on the side of her nose and then we’re going to do up here
here’s the most important part dip it in create your own create your own
cheekbone create it
see that nice little thick layer and transfer and then don’t forget down here
do the tip of your nose don’t do the line we did before the next step is to
actually brush yourself off while we’re waiting for this to bake
like a cupcake we’re gonna curl eyelashes well the bake is still on go in with a
bronze ax and go ham on your eyelids in the little crease here now I do lightly
underneath my lash line I think it’s time to take this cake out
of the oven if you don’t I’m staying in fluffy brush I would say got a clean one
so that you don’t ruin your makeup but mine is never clean so who am i judging
I how do we look snatched I mean no but we’re looking better than the baby face
I started with and we’re gonna go in and blend any bits that we have forgotten of
stock okay we’re taking a bronzer super dark bronzer angled brush and we are
contouring again I’m going to contour my nose again with the powder bronzer so
I’m just gonna use an eyeshadow brush the same when I was using my eyelids and
we’re doing the same pattern so we want to go down other side and then do a little v-shape
and then we’re gonna cross her nose now we have to blend a lot because it is
way too pigmented I’m now going to go into the liquid
highlighter I know we’ve done powder this is just this is just the method you
have to do and then I hear here do the little circle thing and then under I
take a finger tap it in I’m gonna go in with some blush now you want to focus it
kind of up here I know that’s not usually where it’s put but this is how
you do the Bella Hadid look this is one of my favorite bran this is why we don’t
do that this is live you know I’m trying to talk about what products were using
because that’s what happens go over your nose a little bit because we want to
spice it up we want to look cute we’re not just doing red here we want to maybe
maybe just like do a little like like fair like whoa too much just a little
bit we’re taking the blush and we’re going on top of the bronzer that we did
in our eyelid before then the Bulge above my foot actually has some meaning
to own it I’m gonna take a brush like this this is important everyone listen
up you want to brush this like this because we are doing a cut a bitch
eyeliner look but not really a kind of bitch eyeliner look because we’re not
using real eyeliner we’re doing a soft cut a bitch eyeliner and a little this
brush like a dark brown take this one my little guy is gonna follow it up this
show I’m gonna take this color the second darkest I’m gonna go with
this angled brush and we are going to stamp it in to the upper lash one we’re
now going to do the wing part so just create your own version of a wing okay we’re taking the same brown keep it
close to your line the lifeline I’m going to do the inner corners with
just a light color and take the same color and go over the
brow bone doesn’t really matter what color you use to be honest that’s why
I’m not showing you what color it is it just has to be a light shimmery vibe now
I’m gonna go in with some mascara and I’m focusing it on the outer edges of my
eyelashes I’m not gonna darken up and blend my
mascaras bunches yeah with this brush if you feel like you need to darken up with
your eyeshadow win then go right ahead I’m now gonna do my eyebrows so I’m
gonna take some self a bar of soap that I used to take to camp with you and then
I’m going to take a spoolie I’m gonna put a little dot of my my rosewater
I’m gonna take my spoolie and I’m going to create just slight paste froth it up
not too much though and then I’m going to brush my eyebrows completely up I’m gonna re wet my soap and do the next
brow pray to Jesus while I’m mixing I’m gonna go in with a highlighter going to
do the tip of the nose where we did that little circle and then I’m going to skip
over it where we contoured that little line and go up here now when you’re
doing your highlighter you’re going to want to bring it almost on the apple of
your cheek not low but more inwards versus staying right on the bone we want
to bring it just underneath the eye and then if you want to Pat some up here go
right ahead I’m now gonna go in with the Too Faced
lip injection lip gloss and I’m going to do a light coat of that just to give my
lips some moisture I’m gonna let that sit for just a little bit and then I’m
going to go in with a liner after I’ve let the lip injection juice and I’m now
gonna go in with a nude pinky liner don’t forget to over line you have to
over line you just have to is now I’m going to go in with a slightly darker
nude I’m now going to take my bag of colors
no stay I’m taking velvet teddy by Mac now I’m gonna go in with a little
shimmery gloss and vibe I’m gonna take up a lack eyeliner and give you my
waterline and should we do a little bottom lash
just a tiny little weasel amount of bottom lash focusing on the outer
corners and now for the final touch setting spray I’m gonna go do my hair now and I’m
gonna do a voiceover for this part but this is gonna be the ponytail side-swept
look and you’ll see it right now all right so I’m fluffing my hair up getting
ready to start I’m taking a very wide tooth comb brushing it back and then
giving myself a very heavy side part I’m going to section off the front piece of
my hair and then take an elastic secure that bad boy and we’re going to go back
to it later now I’m going to take a big paddle brush and scoop all my hair into
a ponytail taking out all the tangles and then going in with a round brush to
really get a sleek look don’t forget to secure the back of your head and as many
of the little flyaways as you can and hairspray just go ham on the hairspray
and then back with the brush and smooth it down don’t forget the back and then
we’re gonna secure with an elastic on the crown of our head super tight and
super high now I’m taking more hairspray we’re taking that section piece from
earlier we’re going to take out the elastic and just start shaping it to be
as flat as possible I’m tucky behind my ear now taking two bobby pins and really
securing it as best as I can I’m taking more hairspray and I’m gonna slick down
any other baby hairs and that’s it that’s the final look now that the hair
is done if you really want you can curl the end pieces to go in or the like of
that and it will give you an even more Bella Hadid ponytail look but this is it
for now now gonna show you the outfits to really pull off this whole


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