hello you guys! and welcome back to my
channel unless you’re new here – so nice to meet you my name is list if you would
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button below I would love to have you here and I know everyone else would love
to have you here as well for today’s video I am so so excited you guys I
receive new extensions it’s what I have my hair right now these are from glam
seamless I’ll be showing you today how I style them and how freaking gorgeous
they are and how I have new hair for this new year I’m so excited I literally
I’m freaking out so I’m gonna stop talking right now and we’re gonna get
straight to the video I have my new glam seamless hair extensions here today this
comes with one two three four two clip and whips then a five clip a four clip
in a three clip you guys can see the seams at the top are literally seamless
they’re not bulky also you guys are probably like oh there’s dark in that I
have roots in my hair that are starting to run out long so I wanted to see what
it would be like to be able to pull that through because eventually this blending
is going to come down more as if my hair grows so this will be perfect for my
hair to grow along with and we’re gonna blend these out I’m so excited
these are 100% real remy human hair they are literally so soft you know when you
get a new set of extensions and they’re the best and the soft this also glam
seamless was so sweet and added to my box this beautiful brush look at the
bristles on this thing and it came with this little bag yes well there was a
ultra luxe shampoo and conditioner which is great there is also a prepped and
primed blow-dry prep detangler which is great a glam / restorative mask which we
love and these little hair ties I love these ones these are like the invisible
ring want and they’re pink they’re cute so excited about that I’m gonna start
off with the bottom layer here I really want to fit as much as I can into my
hair today so it really blends in because the ends of my hair are still
like fully blonde but most of my hair has the mix of my natural hair and my
blonde in it so it was important for me to be able to get that mix in there and
at first at my colony I was a little nervous I was like is this even gonna
work so I’m actually going to in the nape of my neck I’ll turn on and show
you right here down here I’m gonna start off with a two clipper start off like
this see how it’s seamless I’ve never used extensions that are seamless like
this either so I’m very sad about that they’re so smooth with the new year
coming up are you kidding new hair new me hello the color that I use is I think
this I believe this is to shave 18 egg they have it so many variety
this is high-quality here you guys and they have so many varieties of different
hair color I think it’s important to when it comes to extensions like you
want something that you can’t see you want people to be like oh my gosh your
hair is so beautiful on your neck I know you know what I mean but really you’re
like it’s not all my I always like search for the middle part with my
fingers down these are literally laying so so nicely which I really appreciate
I’m gonna take this brush this gold brush just makes me feel like a glamour
girl Oh kind of matches my hopes you guys I’m so excited
also glam seamless they ship the same day high-quality these are literally
insane I won’t lie to you guys I’m a little picky I’m a picky girl with my
hair extensions – oh yes are you okay the amount of colors they have on their
website I was searching their website obviously I was looking at everything
they have they have such a good variety for hair extensions it’s insane I am so
excited to see what this looks like when it’s all finished you guys have no idea
wrap around my head I didn’t turn around this time so you could see how this
wraps around till about here I fun fact about me I rarely brush my hair I
usually just come through it like I’m not letting my hair just be like tangled
for life but I usually use a comb and this brush
is top quality I’m not even just saying that because they’re sponsoring this
video like genuinely doesn’t saw the brush I’m gonna use the valar such
move extensions and I love that they’re still full at the ends because sometimes
when you get extensions they can get really thin towards the bottom it can
look a little scraggly and you can really tell that you have extensions in
but these are full all the way through which I love also or any of you like me
like when I have my hair extensions into my hair is long and flowy I feel like I
can take home world nothing can stop me I am gonna rule the world
I am Beyonce do you know what do you mean it’s like when you get your new
hair and you’re just like what I can do it all I’m unstoppable okay this next
some we’re gonna do one a little higher I wish you guys could stick your hands
through the screen and truly feel how soft these extensions are they feel like
silk they’re truly silky and fresh and beautiful they feel so healthy I want my
natural hair to feel like this all the time you guys I’m literally getting so
excited I noticed about 40 times when I’m genuinely so excited of course I
will have everything linked below by the way I’ll link my exact color
below and everything so you guys can check these out it’s always so important
to in my mind to invest in a nice set of hair extensions especially if we’re
going to wear them all the time when you get something that’s high quality and
you know that they were well manufactured and they’re real human hair
and all of these things because they are going to last you so much longer so I
truly suggest getting something higher quality it will last you longer they’ll
look nicer longer alrighty now on both sides here we’re getting close to being
done look at my buns who do you think I am what is this bun oh my gosh I can’t
wait to style these like when I straighten my hair for the first thing
with them new hair new me literally I’ll be going into 2018 with new hair because
of these extensions oh my gosh the bristles on this are truly helping like
sleek my hair out oh my gosh this is insane
wrap it around as you guys can see too by the way I curl everything away from
my face you guys can truly see like look at my roots and the hair the blonde and
that my natural tone are really blending in right there
so as my hair grows like that Lisa tensions will be perfect to have because
they’re going to be able to mimic that look and I really really needed that now
what we’re going to do is I’m gonna back up a little okay now run my fingers
through kind of oh my gosh you guys these are so pretty
I am going to a little trick of mine I am actually gonna go in with this
restorative mask this is just a little hack that I have and I’m gonna take a
little bit of my fingers oh my gosh oh this smells amazing for my front pieces
that are a little damaged I’m gonna kind of pull it through that pull it through
because he’s gonna help kind of sleek everything out and my dry natural hair
is going to soak it up blam seamless hello it’s your new favorite girl I mean
you’re my new favorite hair extensions okay let me go change my outfit and
we’re going to do a little hair montage did you like this video I hope you did
let me know in the comments below if you have worn glam seamless hair extensions
before and if not are you gonna get them what color are you what are you gonna
get I want to know I love these you guys will be seeing
these on my channel all the time now with every hair of it these are
literally stunning the my new favorite they’re so great all links to glam
seamless will be below in the description box don’t forget to follow
me on and share them because I spend a lot of time over there when I’m not on
here on YouTube and yeah I think that’s all I have here eyes today thank you so
much for watching I love you so much and I will see the next video bye you guys

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