How to Use Red Lipstick to Cover Dark Under Eye Circles | Does it Work?

Hey everyone it’s Sara from The Style
Blog thanks so much for tuning in today’s video I want to go over
something I’ve seen a lot of and I’ve tried myself actually but I’m not 100 percent sure that it actually works I want to see if putting red
lipstick underneath your eyes under your concealer will actually help hide the
dark bags if you’re new around my channel welcome my name is Sara and I love
comparing things from side to side mascara, red lipstick, anything I can
compare from one eye to the other eye I will because it’s to me the best way to
compare products you can see them exactly side by side so we’re gonna
apply red lipstick underneath one eye and then apply concealer on top of it
and the other eye we’re just gonna apply concealer only with no red lipstick and
we’ll see if this thing actually works so really all you’ll need for this
tutorial is a red lipstick I have three here we’re gonna try out and I’ll show
you what kind of shade you’re looking for again this tutorial just use things
you have you don’t have to go out and buy new products also you’re gonna need
a concealer here I have Tarte shape tape and then maybelline instant age rewind you
don’t have to spend a lot on this just use what you have I also have a
stippling brush and then a blender sponge but you don’t have to use these
you can use your fingers you can use whatever you have so I don’t have any
makeup on underneath my eyes you can tell I kind of have some darkness
underneath my eyes here so for this a trusty little tutorial we’re going to
bring up the color wheel. Are any of you familiar with the color wheel? so you
know how that they say to use green to cover up red it’s because red and
green are across the color wheel from each other well so underneath my eyes is
normally like a blue purple just like thin skin you can kind of see blood
vessels through it’s kind of just like a purpley blue color so across from that
on the color wheel is like an orange –red so we’re gonna try for a red
lipstick with a little bit of orange in it I don’t typically buy this color so
we’re gonna try three different ones and see if we can get close ok so first
off I’m gonna try this Buxom Provocateur I’m not sure what this is going to look like
that’s a little bit of a pinky red not sure we want that next I’m going to try this
NYX red hot lip pencil better that one’s better and then last
I’m gonna try this NYX liquid suede in kitten heels just used this on my holiday
tutorial did you guys watch that? ok so honestly I don’t like this buxom
it’s too pink this middle one it’s fine and then this kitten heels on the end is
also fine I think I’m gonna try the kitten heels here cuz it leans a little
bit more orange to me ok friends so this one is going to stay the red eye
and then this one I’m just going to put concealer only on so let’s see if we can
tell the difference after we do it ok so I’m literally putting red lipstick
underneath my eye and this seems crazy and it frightens me but we’re gonna do
it for the sake of research for this video all right
whoo ok so I’m just gonna apply this like I would a concealer ah I don’t want
to do it oka I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it ok that looks insane but I just
applied it like I would a concealer kind of in a V and so I’m just going to take
my makeup sponge here that I wet beforehand and I’m just going to kind of
blend it in well can we say general consensus here
is I look insane? it’s okay we’re gonna fix it…
hopefully ok so I’m gonna take my Tarte shape tape and I’m basically just
gonna do the same thing on the other side with the red ok and the next
thing I’m gonna do here just gonna take my stippling brush and then just pat
this all in ok and I would say that covered my dark circles pretty well you
can still see a little bit up in here next to my eye but overall pretty good
job now I don’t necessarily want this to stay red forever and ever and ever so
I’m just going to apply this to my stippling brush and I’m just gonna start
covering this up oh goodness we got a lot of cover-up to do okay and then to
keep from staining everything I’m just gonna apply to my hand first and then
apply it to my eye here so you’re definitely gonna need a really full
coverage concealer or foundation to cover the super dark red lipstick but I feel
like I finally got it covered I don’t know I do feel like this eye
looks a little bit brighter and I don’t see the dark circles as much as I do on
this eye I don’t know what do you guys think? so I am going to go put some
foundation on just kind of like around this to blend it in so we’re not like
distracted by this huge line here of like red lipstick and concealer etc and
so I’ll be right back I’m just gonna apply this around and sort of blend it
in but I’m not gonna touch underneath my eyes all right and I am back I just
applied my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation all over my face I didn’t
mess with underneath my eyes and I just applied my Anastasia powder just
like a light powder all over my face didn’t mess with the coloring underneath
my eyes at all so what do you all think this is the one with the red lipstick
and this is the one with just the shape tape I think honestly that the red lipstick one
looks a little bit better I can see less purple and blue underneath there like we
wanted the red to cancel out those colors
this one I still see a little bit of dark circle underneath here but I don’t
really see much on this one which is awesome so for whatever it’s worth when
I was walking downstairs to put on my foundation I passed my husband & quickly
asked him which under eye looked better which one looked brighter and had less
of a dark circle underneath it and he did say this one which is the one with
the red lipstick I then told him that I put on red lipstick underneath my
concealer and he thought I was lying to him… and told me I was crazy which I probably am!
but I do think it worked I mean this is crazy and I’m not sure that I would do
this every single day it was kind of a lot of work to get it all blended and
concealed but I mean if you’re like extra tired and you have extra dark bags
and you need to go to like a special event or you need to look really put
together or well slept I think this is a good option again you don’t need to go
out and buy new products find a red lipstick that you have somewhere in your
collection or go buy a really inexpensive one at Walmart Target Amazon
whatever it is and then just use your concealer that you have or your full
coverage foundation and then just use your blending sponge or your brush or
even your fingers so I hope this little test was fun for you it was fun for me I
know let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried this trick make
sure you’re subscribed to me for more fun videos I post videos twice a week
and thank you all so much for tuning in and having a great time with me I always
enjoy making these videos for you and interacting with all of you so I hope
you all have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time Bye!

9 thoughts on “How to Use Red Lipstick to Cover Dark Under Eye Circles | Does it Work?

  1. We have BIngo where I live, and I won some Estee Lauder samples, I didn't know what they were for. That's amazing, I didn't know you could do that with red lipstick, I was so skeptical. I don't get bags under my eyes, I'm lucky.

  2. I’m naturally ginger so I’m so scared to put anymore red into my skin 😂 my foundation is almost too light for it to cover bright red too. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  3. I'm conflicted about this, because it totally seems to have worked. However, it also seems like you had to use a whole lot more concealer to cover up the red. Personally I'd be concerned about staining or causing irritation when you go to take it off.

  4. The make up tutorials have to stop no,,,,, no more plz post routines, day in the life, challenges, organising, friends and family, holiday abroad ect vids not this no more

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