I did a ‘Editorial’ Makeup Look (and it came out amazing)

Like, do I want to do the most, or do the
least? I don’t know, we gon find out. Hey everybody it’s Sereena here welcome back to
my channel so today I am getting out of my comfort zone because today I am attempting
to do an editorial makeup look which should be really fun but I’m kinda nervous because
ya know I’m not really the best at eye shadow and eyeliner and just extravagant makeup like
that, and it’s really out of my comfort zone but you know it should be fun and if it goes
well then that’s great, and if it doesn’t then oh well I did it anyways but it should
be fun though so if you wanna keep watching me go from this, to whatever I look like at
the end of this video, then keep on watching and I hope you enjoy! So I always forget to
say this in the start of my videos but please give this video a like because a lot of you
tend to watch my videos but you never give it a like and that would be great if you did
because you know, youtubes algorithm is ridiculous so please give this video a like, please and
thank you. But besides that, hi! My eyebrows were done off camera because I don’t really
have the patience to do it on camera, and cause I’m focusing on my eye shadow and not
my brows. So right now I’m just putting concealer on my eyelid so I can um, so mainly the eye
shadow could just stick onto my eyelid the most and such. I’m excited for this eye look
and for the video but I’m also not excited but I am because I don’t want to mess it up
but I don’t want to um get too confident in this? Also I just been really into makeup
lately cause of my last video, which if you haven’t seen I will put it somewhere on the
screen right here for you to watch, ever since that video I’ve just been really into makeup
and wanting to like, do makeup looks on here and to see how it goes, which is probably
a bad idea because once again I am not the best at eye shadow, but it’s fun and I like
it. So if I start pumping out makeup videos left and right, then you know why. But I’m
also kind of inspired by this one Youtuber, makeup artist, amazing person, her name is
Alissa Ashley she did a makeup look um before I will put a picture of it somewhere right
here and ever since then I’ve been wanting to um do a look like that so mainly, this
inspiration is from her honestly. I’m tryna copy her- I”m tryna copy her look basically
but in different color honestly. So hopefully this comes out well and I do her justice,
and if I don’t then um, oh well. So I was tryna pick a color for this video a few days
ago and my friends said either do orange or blue, and I was like okay awesome, imma go
ahead and do gray! Cause I wanted a color to match with my outfit, and none of these
colors match with any of my clothes cause all my clothes are like mainly like neutral
colors and not any of these colors. So I chose gray cause I’m wearing a white shirt and my
hair is like white and black, and such. It looks gray but it’s not and the um gray color
in this shadow box, pallet it um comes off white for some reason so I’m using it. Hopefully
it does not look too bad honestly cause on, cause what, in the mirror the color looks
white even though it’s gray? But we’re just gonna try and work with that. Also I think
I might just go ahead and do this eye on camera and do the other eye off camera I’m not entirely
sure yet I just wanna make sure that this color is on my eyelid and packed on because
in the picture that I’m tryna recreate they never blend out the eye shadow so it’s kinda
just packed on and really bright and pigmented so I’m just tryna make it as bright as possible
and I didn’t set my um concealer either to make sure the eye shadow like really sticks
onto my lid. Also- I keep stuttering- I keep saying also. Also, they keep um they tend
to… what’s the word, make the eye um, shadow go out like eyeliner they give like uh pointy
end so I’m tryna do that as well but like I have a really fluffy brush so I might have
to use one of my um smaller more angled brushes. But I’m just trying to really just pack on
the color right now to make sure it’s like really there and just really pigmented. So
I might just speed this part up and I might not, we’ll see. Ow! That really hurt. ow!
I hope you guys know that as I’m putting on this eye shadow, it is currently coating my
eyelashes so bad. Like all of them are just coated with gray eye shadow and it’s so…
ugly. Ew. But so far it looks pigmented, it looks nice so far honestly, imma keep on packing
it on there until I’m satisfied with how big it is because in the picture, how she did
her eye shadow, she did it really high up like, maybe this high honestly, it’s perfectly
fine, but I wanted it to be maybe a little bit higher, I’m not entirely sure, I mean
I kinda am sure but like I still don’t really know yet. I kinda wanna just make sure that
the lines are like really um perfect and like just perfect basically. Because with um editorial
makeup it looks completely perfect the one thing that I’m kinda iffy bout with editorial
makeup though is the eyebrows. Because personally I like my eyebrows to be completely done I
don’t want my eyebrows sparse or with no filled in or just completely bare I don’t like that
look, but I mean it’s just makeup so it’s not really a big deal, but to me it is so.
Okay um I actually like that, it’s actually perfect that was actually exactly what I was
going for, wow I am a beauty guru, a makeup artist if you will. I’m coming for everybodys
spot, beware, i’m coming for you, sorry. That was stupid, anyways I really like how this
came out, actually quite perfect. I think I might wanna bring it up just a little bit
more, just a little bit, just a little bit, but I like it, I like it, maybe just needs
a little bit more, I don’t want to mess it up too much, but like, it looks nice. I think
I might um, clean it up with a bit of concealer like right here cause of the fallout but other
than that it’s just perfect, now the real big test is eyeliner, cause with the makeup
look they trace um it around with eyeliner and we all know how much I hate eyeliner.
So… that should be fun. But anyways now I have to put on the eyeliner and I am not
excited but anyways we’re gonna keep going through with this whole look cause I am determined
to actually make this look decent to take pictures in. So, I’m gonna go ahead and use
my eyeliner, it’s just the wet and wild breakup poof, proof, waterproof eyeliner, okay I’m
not excited but we’re gonna do this okay, wait hold on, wait wait wait wait, I might
just speed this part up honestly so, cause i’m just I’m gonna be stressed out and I’m
not gonna talk so. Okay so, that looks a bit, um, ew, but we’re gonna fix that. Okay, it
doesn’t look too bad, I mean if you look really close into my eyeball you can see the imperfections,
but like I got what I was looking for or trying for, in this. Oh, see, now I fucked it up.
Awesome, okay. uhhhh. Okay so, I got what I was trying for it doesn’t look too bad but
I do have to fix it like around here so I’m probably gonna fix that with some eye shadow
obviously and probably retrace it again but like, I’m not mad at it, it looks fine, I’m
actually pretty satisfied I just need to fix that but I will come back after I fix that.
Okay hello, I am back, um I, hold on, I fixed the eyeliner around the eye shadow, and it
looks pretty decent all I have to do now is just put on some mascara and I actually bought
this I think maybe two weeks ago and I love it a lot. It is the maybelline the rocket
volume express, um mascara and it is so good. I like it a lot, I think I might get a new
one whenever it runs out or whenever I have the chance honestly. But it’s really good,
I love it but i’m just gonna go ahead and just do my eye…..lashes I forgot the word
for a minute, but imma just do my eyelashes, hopefully I don’t get any of the eye- no-
I can’t speak, hopefully I don’t get any of the mascara on the eye shadow because that
would suck a lot. But I’m just gonna go ahead and do that oh and once again, you can never
look cute while doing this, imma keep saying that until yall get annoyed with me, yall
can never look cute trying to ow. That burns, trying to put on mascara, but imma just coat
that on and im gonna do my next eye and probably speed that up as well honestly. Bro, i literally
bodied this, hold on let me put on my mascara on this eye. Like I literally did so good
on this it looks so good. All that is left is that I have to do my lips do I wanna keep
it glossy, or do I wanna out on lip liner? Cause we already have a lot going on with
my eyes right here, if you can’t tell! But like, do I want to do the most, or do the
least? I don’t know, we gon find out. But like, I seriously did so good, like, wow,
wow, I am a beauty guru and you can’t tell me otherwise! Literally just wow, wow. So
for lips, I’m not sure what I wanna do cause like I like to do my usual gloss, but like
I think I wanna do a liner or maybe not a liner I’m not entirely sure. I think I might
do a liner. I don’t know. I think maybe just gloss we’re gonna try that, just gloss. Where
is my gloss actually I need to buy new lip gloss, oh here it is, I need to buy new lip
gloss, I’m not sure how this is gonna look though. It’s not as poppin as I want it to
be, I want more, something more though, but my eyes are so like, in yo face I think imma
just leave it like this honestly. Or not I don’t know, I’ll see but any who this is the
end of the video actually, I- i guess cause I’m actually just done actually. I keep saying
actually. I did this so good, I look so- I did this so good! Literally editorial makeup
it’s not the most like professional editorial makeup but like it’s the best that I’ve ever
done, and I personally like it, I think I did really well, I literally did what I was
trying to do this ones a lot better, this- the lines a lot thinner than this one but
like overall it looks so good, I’m so happy imma go ahead and take some pictures soon,
but this is the end of the video, I am so sorry, if you liked it please give it a like,
PLEASE give it a like, I did not do all of this for you to not like this video, give
it a like, comment, and subscribe and if you want to see any other videos of me, then I
will put two right here for you to watch, and I will see you on the next video, which
might be another makeup video I don’t know we’ll see. buh bye!!

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