i followed kylie jenner’s makeup tutorial *drugstore edition*

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s tutorial I’m doing something a little different for me I’m
following a celebrity makeup tutorial and I’ve been seeing a lot of people try
these out and they look like so much fun and the top person on my list was Kylie
Jenner because she just has really cool makeup and I feel like our makeup
routines are super different and not really something that I’ve tried like
with baking and everything so that is what I’m testing out today and I hope
you guys enjoy it if you are new to my channel and make sure you give this
video a thumbs up and subscribe so that you don’t miss any videos and to switch
it up I am using all drugstore price point products and I’m working with the
brand kiss today on this video and have used their lashes so many times in my
tutorials and they’re my favourite lash brand
so while Kylie has lash extensions these are gonna give that very natural flutter
as well and I’m using at the faux mink effect design collection so you’ll see
how these are applied and how they really complete the look by blending
seamlessly into your natural lashes you can use these up to 10 times and of
course they’re not real mink and then also the other products that you guys
that seem to compliment me on whenever I wear them in videos are the kiss
impress nails so I chose this gorgeous pair love these when I broken a nail or
I’m just trying to grow mine out and fun fact I actually bite my nails
so these help me not bite them and if you’re interested in these lashes or the
kiss nails at then I will have a link down below to their site where you can
check them out or you can also find the products at Walmart so super affordable
so hopefully you like this look and let’s get started so using these impress
press-on manicure gives you a one-step gel manicure in minutes and press-on
nails have come a long way you guys I’ve worn these for four days now that I’m
editing this video and my nails painted are typically chipped in that amount of
time but these are going strong they are ready to use press and go here
I’m organizing the nails by size so it’s easier to pick out which nail fits your
finger best for easy application and my favorite part about these nails is
there’s no glue needed glue is my worst nightmare with press-on nails especially
in a rush so these are my favorite and there’s no damage done to the actual
nail and there’s tons of options for intricate nail art without the pricey
salon and some key tips for using these nails are using the prep pad to cleanse
the natural nail this makes a huge difference with long wear and if your
cuticles need some work push them back gently before aligning the nails at the
table facing downward peel off that little sticker press firmly from the
middle of the nail and then on each side and applied the thumbnails at last
because that’s just super helpful and got them nails on a darker wig and brown
contacts you may have seen these brown contacts in my ariana grande’s tutorial
I did recently and these are so doll-like and we’re gonna start by
following Kylie steps with duped products and then try out some of her
best tips and tricks and Kylie starts with her brows to shape the face just
comb up your natural brow and using a soft black eye brow pencil start to fill
in any sparse areas Kylie has gorgeous brows that really fade from the head to
a deeper filled and tail her brow also has a rounded arch so that’s the look
we’re going for a step I really haven’t tried out is shaping the brows with
concealer you want to take a lighter concealer her has had a bit of a yellowy
base to it and with a more precise brush sharpen underneath the brow and then
fade this concealer over the lid for a base for the shadows you can find lots
of color correcting palettes from the drugstore and we’re going to use this
palette later on for concealing under the eyes
and just patting this concealer in and setting with powder and another
drugstore palette all the products I’m using will be linked down below as well
pretty close to the shades Kylie used all in one palette start with a matte
peach shade through the crease and taper this in a rounded motion fade it into
the inner crease and outer V and you want it deepest in the crease and for a
brow highlight we want a golden sheen I’m taking this gorgeous shadow and
right over where we put that concealer I’m adding that on there and I’m mixing
to medium tone Browns adding this more precisely into the crease still in that
rounded shape to create more definition and a very soft cut crease look if you
have less lid space you can cheat this step by bringing the crease color up a
bit above your natural crease rather than right in that little divot there
and taking a bold coppery gold at this shifty shadow to the lid with your
finger for lots of pigment and then I’m just patting over some of the gold that
we used as a highlight to lighten up the shadow because we’re gonna use that same
copper for the inner corner so here’s where the palette isn’t a complete
perfect match but it’s still pretty close
you can play with mixing in some of the peaches and a little bit of the magenta
for a more vibrant look like Kylie’s inner corner that was something kind of
unique she did for her tutorial next step was skin if you can try to use a
light to medium coverage foundation we still want some of the natural freckles
and skin texture to shine through and plus we will be using lots of powder so
you don’t want to build up too much more coverage than you need
and you can thin this foundation out with a liquid illuminator as well to
give a more of a dewy look here’s me slightly freaking out because flashback
Mary who it’s a little bit light for the skin but a good thing bronzers invented
and blend it with a foundation brush and then just pat over it with a Beauty
Blender to help take away any excess product touching up above the brow now
with brightening concealer and Kylie used a mix of two liquid concealers one
that was more peach and the other that was a bit more brightening in closer to
her undertone over top and for more of a highlighted look I’m bringing in a
brighter liquid concealer to the cheekbones and nose and chin but we’re
not gonna do the forehead tip from Kylie is to skip out on the forehead highlight
as it can easily take up and show a lot of texture on the skin and I totally
agree with this tip and I even do this for foundation as well
less is more you can always camouflage a bit of discoloration with a bit of
bronzer especially around the hairline rather than layering up too many thick
products and alright it is time to bake now I rarely bake I tend to do more
natural makeup looks but baking it looks amazing on camera and with flash
photography so let’s give this drugstore option to try
Kylie seemed to blend this away pretty quickly but then left her jawline to
bake much longer but even after sweeping away the excess under the eyes it really
did leave a brightened matte effect and let’s use that bronzing half to sculpt
out the face and deepen up the complexion as I went a little bit too
pale on the skin this is actually a really great bronzer and contour
products because it doesn’t appear oranjee at all and I find you have to be
very precise with putting on the brightening tone for this palette
because when I tried to blend the bronzer for a glow all over it kind of
did cling to the baked section so that’s something that I noticed with trial and
error here but overall working with this bronzer and highlight duo it was
definitely workable and amazing for the price it is bringing in that bronzer to
the forehead and then I’m defining the nose bridge and the tip
I’m used to really slimming down at my nose bridge but here I left the width a
little bit more natural like Kylie and I actually really liked how this looked
and now let’s bake that jawline and now we’re using the gorgeous kiss lash
Couture faux mink lashes I was deciding between boudoir and little black dress
from the mink effect design collection and to apply you want to measure the
lash to the eye and cut it if it’s too long we want this to have a very natural
fit I like to just trim the edges and I decided to go with little black dress
and some lash application tips bend the lash or wrap it around your finger to
ensure the bend and then using the kiss strip lash adhesive with a low apply to
the band and wait about 30 seconds for the adhesive to become slightly tacky
this blue is long-lasting with a gentle non-irritant soothing aloe infused
formula which is great I then apply the center of the lash as close as I can to
my natural lash line wait a couple seconds and then im pressing in the outer
corner and then inner corner and really hold this in the inner corner this is
where I have the most struggles when I don’t hold this long enough I love
applying lashes before mascara or even with no mascara at all this way if you
do make a mistake gluing it on it isn’t a big mess and the exclusive not free
lash band allows for layering of lashes and it blends seamlessly with your
natural lashes which is definitely the look were going for this liner was a bit
on the mobile side and I could have went with a little bit more of a brown base
but like Kylie we are lining the lip fully with the liner as a matte base and
she went wild with lining her top lip with her eyes closed so I tried that for
a hot second and quickly realized I was not a lip lineing Queen and continued
with an open dyed over line with the softer Cupid’s bow the lipstick I chose
also a little bit too rose but very similar to Kylie’s og lip looks patting in the lipstick adding in a bold
copper under the lash line halfway if this tutorial seems like what we’re
doing like lips and eyes and cheeks so random I’m just using her order so
that’s why a hand to Kylie loves blush take a peachy pink and apply to the
apples of the cheeks and kind of brush this all over for a sweet blushed look blending away that Baek got that
structured jawline and to complete the eye it go in with a touch of brown
mascara to the bottom lash line or just very minimally with a black mascara time
for a highlight use a precise brush and pop on a golden pop to the cheekbone tip
of nose and downwards on the bridge and a makeup tip that I love and I sometimes
forget to do is blending in that powder highlight with your finger to get rid of
any powdery look and I experimented with a little gloss even though to me that
generally isn’t really a Kylie staple but overall after using her tutorial
with a mix of only drugstore items I think this looks pretty awesome if you
know a lipstick that was more similar to Kylie’s that’s a little bit more Brown
based comment down below I actually love this whole look together and I think the
slightly more move tone looks really nice with a rosy blush so it was kind of
a happy mistake I hope you’ll try oh this Kylie look or
maybe got some new makeup tips to try or products and if you enjoyed as always
make sure you give this a thumbs up and if you ever try out any of my tutorials
like character recreations or hair looks be sure to tag me on Instagram I’d love
to see you guys switching it up and here are a couple of my favorite Sophie looks
that you guys sent over how cute do these girls look and thanks again to
kiss for partnering with me on today’s video guys I love their lashes love
their nails and they actually have a full makeup range so you should
definitely check it out if you are unfamiliar with the brand or if you love
the lashes and nails and go get some more you can never have enough comment
down below if you have any requests for me and follow my insta if you want to
stay updated with the tutorials coming up as well as just where I am because oh
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go catch a flight after this like Dee Kylie myself but anyways if you want to
stay updated yeah follow my blog channel check out my Instagram because I
definitely have been all over the place for a while just trying to move and
everything so anyway hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you next time

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